Jet One, Peacock Zero or Tail Talk Pt. 2

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Now that you understand Tail Talk, Mom thought you would get a kick out of this story.  On weekends and national holidays, Mom takes/took Koko and me on a different morning walking route.  Let’s call it “crossing 112” because we bisect SW 112 ST, a busy, exciting road normally filled with lots of whizzing cars.  I like this way because I find so many new spots to empty my tank and let everyone know… Hey, Jet Was Here!  I digress.

The house on the corner with two nosy, “think they know it all, jumping bean, big dogs” was a favorite “business” spot for Koko.  I always empty my tank a little just to show them who’s boss.   The abode which sits catty-corner with the canal in the backyard houses a snippy, barky dog, which has no sense of humor when we pass by.  Again… I digress.

Jet, I think I better help you out a little here.  At times, when walking Jet and Koko, I looked like a crazed ballerina turning, bending, and crossing body parts and leashes to avoid entanglements.  One Sunday morning around 6:15 a.m., I detangled in between the corner house and the catty corner house Jet mentioned above.  Next thing I knew, Jet stood stock still with the stretch and ‘cue tail for what felt like a few minutes. 

As my gaze followed his body from tail to nose, standing on snippy dog’s lawn was a Peacock, with tail feathers in full fan mode.  Mom, I got it from here.  My tail curled to full ‘cue mode and I barked like a crazy boy.  Mom wasn’t sure whether I wanted to chase (yes), dominate (yes) or flee (no way, Jose!).

That avian showoff, tried to run away, however, that fan tail impeded his efforts.  He quickly folded that fan …Mr. “I’m the most handsome creature on the block” and high-tailed it toward the canal.

Whose tail reigned supreme?  Next thing I heard, Mom laughing and saying this utterance thing you will understand, Jet One, Peacock Zero!

Another great day.


5 thoughts on “Jet One, Peacock Zero or Tail Talk Pt. 2

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