Mom Messed Up

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, for the first time, Mom disappointed me.  I’ll chalk it up to an honest oversight, because I know how much she loved my sister and how much she loves me.  In fact, from what I’ve observed, she loves all K-9s.  Here’s what happened.

We had our usual great day, as you read in my Spa Day post.  We took an extra long nap, a nice walk, Mom brushed me while I dozed in the evening, you get the picture.  She did this TIVO thing for one of her favorite shows, NOT ON ANIMAL PLANET (not that I’m judging her), called Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  They asked humans to call in to support the humans who serve (d) our great country.  She went on line instead to this Rise and Honor place and gave as much money as she could.  So far, so good.  Except… that was IT.

Now Mom knows better.  She and my sister, Koko, were a therapy dog

team with Therapy Dogs, Inc. for 4 ½ years at Miami Children’s Hospital and 1 year at S. Miami Hospital.  She knows about Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International.  So many of my fellow K-9s serve humans in the military as well as after the humans come home.

Yesterday, on 11/11/11, our post should have focused on my K-9 brethren that help active duty military personnel and returning veterans.  Over twenty-eight groups help veterans and always need more funding.  (We eat a lot of food learning how to help you know.)  Mom’s including a link so you can read about many groups and how they help.   Mom told me that CNN published an article and Hallmark (again… NOT ANIMAL PLANET, just saying…) had a program on last night honoring military K-9s.   If you have a little extra biscuit money, please consider helping those groups, too.

Jet, I deeply apologize for my error.  You bring such an important subject to light, thank you.  I certainly did not mean to overlook your brethren and their incredible accomplishments and contributions to our active military and our veterans.  I honor their service with equal measure and will donate an equal amount to a group you and I select together.   I accept your apology Mom.

Another great and conflict resolved day.


4 thoughts on “Mom Messed Up

  1. Hi Jet – therapy dogs are amazing and perform such valuable services. It is my dream to someday have a therapy dog and help autistic children . lets forgive your sweet Mom as she is so very special and even us Moms make mistakes! Have a great daY!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. I agree Wendy, it’s another great day and already forgiven. We, of the K-9 variety live in the moment… another great thing about us! Sounds like you would be a great therapy team with any of your pups! I want to volunteer, too… right now, Mom needs to earn more biscuit money. Koko helped an autistic boy at Miami Children’s Hospital once. When Mom and Koko entered the room, this little boy started chatting with my sister. His Mom looked at my Mom with big water drops rolling down her face. Mom worried that she did something wrong. When the boy’s Mom collected herself, she told my Mom that her son had not uttered a word in 4 weeks. Mom got something called goosebumps.

  2. Wow that is an lovely-story – the power of dogs never cease to amaze me – my son has Aspergers Syndrome a very mild form of autism and he is very high funtioning but I have seen some very sick little ones through the years at his schools and hospitals etc, and I just feel in my heart that exposure to a dog would help them – hopefully someday I;ll get to do it. Good night sweet Jet – kisses to you!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Morning Wendy, thanks for sharing your thoughts, slept well because of your words…
      Mom here. I agree Wendy, the power of dogs never cease to amaze me as well. I originally tried to take part in reading programs with Koko because the strides made by students who otherwise struggle blew me away. Our area did not have any reading programs at the time, so, that’s how I ended up taking Koko to Childrens Hospital. If I did not personally witness certain shifts and occurrences that Koko helped, triggered, inspired, or all of the above, I would have been skeptical. You know what they say: dog spelled backwards is…..

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