Most Inconvenient

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday morning, Mom and I set out for my morning constitutional on our weekend route.   Mom budgeted our usual time allotment keeping in mind she had to leave to pick up my Auntie Liz and set up for a holiday bazaar super early.  I leisurely emptied my tank in scenic spots along the way.  As we approached our corner, I pulled to signal Mom I wasn’t finished.  Mom succumbed, hoping I would feel more comfortable for the day if I got the job done (solid business).  Well, I sauntered through the extra mileage without completing the task.

Mom returned later than usual for my afternoon mini-walk.  I jumped and chatted and rolled over for a quick belly rub before allowing Mom to put on my harness.  A bit distracted, the tank emptying took longer than usual.

After dinner, I pulled, suggested we diverge from our recent evening route and took Mom to Mary Ann’s porch.  Mom said since Miss Dixie needed a bath, we weren’t walking together.  I sat gentlemanly like and wouldn’t move.  So, Mom rang the bell and Mary Ann and Dixie came out for a few minutes to share the day’s events.  I tried to listen, I really did, but, I pointed to the door and leaned in.  Mom figured out that Mr. Jim was on my mind.  Mary Ann called her dad, he came out, petted me, and shared a few male bonding minutes.  Satisfied all was well, I insisted on returning the way we came instead of walking around the block.

Even though Mom was something called exhausted, I thought she would benefit from the extra evening constitutional and took her on a 2nd route; I’m most considerate.

Jet, thanks for the extra exercise.  You reminded me of the early days of parenting.  Frequently, parents run late leaving their houses.  We must change diapers or encourage bathroom visits, dress or change clothes, and pack up all the necessary items for the excursion.  It never fails, you complete the “leaving the house checklist”, get in the car, and OH NO! they need another diaper change, or they have to go potty.  It’s like the children know just when parents feel pressure to adhere to a schedule.  MOST INCONVENIENT… and that’s the nicest way to express parental frustration at the moment… see the connection Jetty?  Uh, sort of Mom…

Another great and on my own timetable day.

3 thoughts on “Most Inconvenient

  1. Hi Jet – boy you crack me up because your just like my Cassie – She;ll suggest (pull!!) for us to go a certain way and I find myself saying out loud to her (I;m convinced she does understand me) NO this way Cassie – I’m super busy or not that way today Cassie please just go I;ve got things to do. Cassie is kinda special – she was a puppy mill dog and has alot of issue – for example – I have to walk her many times a day – she will not do her business in the backyard she needs to be walked to poop/pee so sometimes I walk her 6-7 times a day!!! And most often I have all these walks neatly scheduled into my day but every so often I am in a rush, or tired etc and I find myself being suggested (pulled) to go a different way. Often like you sweet Jet it is to visit a neighbor or play with a child she sees or also like you she really enjoys an upside down wiggle on her back in the grass – complete with belly rub! . you dogs are just so full of love! So I try to convince her otherwise but then I look into her soulful bog brown eyes and say ok sweet girl we;ll go whatever way you want. I think you have us wrapped around your paws!!!!

    kisses and hugs goodnight sweet Jet! xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Oh Miss Wendy, Cassie is obviously my kind of gal… smart, soulful with a sad beginning until she met YOU. Yes, we do have you and Mom wrapped around our paws, and you are wrapped around our hearts! Jetty kisses to you to, Miss Wendy.

      Hey, it’s Jet’s Mom here. Miss Wendy, you describe the experience even better than we did… 6-7 times a day requires dedication, Cassie definitely knew the right human to pick the second time around.

      Have a wonderful day, hugs and kisses to your K9 crew.

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