Don’t Forget to Howl at the Moon

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Earlier in the week, Dixie’s Mom, Mary Ann left us a voice mail to look at the beautiful moon when we walked. As K9s, we excel at mindfulness and living in the moment, however, you humans could use practice.

When people ask Mom whether she minds walking us so much, she often replies that walking allows her to reconnect with her surroundings and take time to “appreciate the flowers.” Imagine missing out on:

  • Rainbows, Sunsets, Moon phases.and Constellations (we even saw the International Space Station).
  • Suburban “wildlife” – i.e. birds (macaws, parrots, crows, ibis, herons, woodpeckers, owls, peacocks,) iguanas, possums, snakes, fish, mice, rats, geckos, (bugs, ewwwwww).
  • The weather for the day.
  • Flowers in bloom, Greenery.
  • Home Improvements.
  • Sounds and scents in the neighborhood.
  • Houses preparing for the day or preparing to rest.
  • Rhythms like: garbage recycling days, grass cutting, Holiday décor.

You get the idea. If you promise not to tell, I’ll share an inside scoop – we  howl at the full moon and then Mom and Mary Ann laugh.

Another great day and moonlit night.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Howl at the Moon

  1. Greetings from a fellow collie owner. Here’s a question for you: is OCD short for “obsessive compulsive disorder” or “ordinary collie dog”?
    Good post!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Morning Mr. Rob. Since I speak K9, not sure how to answer, however, Mom is laughing, so, you must be on to something. Thank you for your compliment. What type of collie do you have? I’m a flat coat retriever/border collie blend. Mom says my collie side seems dominant.

  2. Hi Jet,
    My collie is pure bred border, six years old, shaggy coat, called Smudge. She’s as mad as a hatter, as quick as a whippet, and cleverer than me. My wife and I have to speak in code to stop her understanding things and even then she generally guesses right. She knows all of her toys by name and will play hide and seek for hours.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Mr. Rob. Wow, Smudge sounds like my kind of gal! I think my sister JJ knows the name of her toys, too. I’m more laid back. Please tell Smudge to have a fun weekend from Jet.

  3. Hi Jet – how is Rachel’s Grandma today? Better I hope – sending her feel better soon wishes!

    I saw that full moon – it was awesome wasn;t it!!

    I also get asked the same question as your Mom because I am always walking one of the dogs – and like you and your Mom it is my favorite part of the day – I get to see so many birds, nests, squirrlels,other dogs, ducks etc plus I can really see the seasons change because I go by the same bushes/flowers and I notice how they change. I notice how 4 times a year the gardeners change the flowers in the community areas according to weather, I get to see see amazing rainbows, chat with neighbors and the many children in the area, and just enjoy the beautiful weather!

    I guess that is just another bonus of sharing your life with a dog (or 2 or 3)!!!

    I saw on the GRSF page that MOM put JJ can hold 3 toys in her mouth?? she is a riot – I just love her playfulness – she makes me smile when I read about her!

    sweet dreams sweet Jet – sending you lotsa kisses and hugs xoxoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Sorry I didn’t write back last night, but, Mom fell asleep. She and Rachel visited Rachel’s Grandma in the hospital all afternoon and early evening. By the time they came back and Mom fed us, walked us, cleaned up JJs “accident” (Mom said not her fault, Mom returned too late.) ate a bit, relaxed a bit, she fell asleep. Mom woke up at 2:45 a.m. took JJ out to avoid another you know what and we’ve been catching up ever since. We’re asking Mom for breakfast already and preventing her from taking dictation on today’s post. (I will have a riddle for you Miss Wendy.) So see ya later this morning.

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs.

      As always, Miss Wendy, “you get the WHOLE picture.”

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