Lincoln Logger

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Remember my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation Case Study?  (If not, no problem, read this.)  Well, I have observational data to share with you today.   Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed that JJ is a Roller.  What do I mean?  Excellent question.

  • She rolls over at the first sign of attention for belly rubs.
  • She rolls over when playing with toys.  The funniest sight occurs when she plays with a toy in Mom’s bed and rolls right off!  She looks like a log rolling downstream or like one of those log rolling competitions where lumberjacks roll fallen logs back and forth with their feet.
  • She uses the “rollover” move when we wrestle and then springs back really fast.
  • Mom even tried the rollover command as she drew a circle in the air with her pointer finger.  For a first try, JJ rocked!  Neither Koko or I had/have this trick in our repertoire.
  • Oh, when she rolls with a toy in her mouth, you can play freeze tag with her and she will go stock still with the toy clutched in her mouth, four paws in the air, eyes closed, belly rubbed!
  • She can stop drop and roll like they teach humans for fire safety.

Jet, can I share something related with the humans?  Sure Mom.  Thanks Jetty.  For those of you who ever log rolled as a child, especially downhill, you may recall the fun of building up speed while trying to roll straight.  JJ loses her body sense, because her focus lasers in on her toys, it’s hysterical.

I asked Mom to help me research why JJ rolls so much.  She showed me pictures of a human child toy called Lincoln Logs, which she loved as a child.  She suggested I observe the shape of JJ’s torso (log-like).  She mentioned the possibility JJ received rollover training before we met her.  Hmmm… very interesting.  This girl is definitely the right choice for my project!

Another great and roly-poly kind of day.

J Therapy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom disappeared for a really long time. Later, I heard her tell Auntie Liz (Happy Birthday Auntie Liz) she unexpectedly took Rachel’s Grandma to the hospital. I didn’t understand a lot of words, however, they sounded technical and complicated. Our Tia (Aunt in Spanish) Angela kindly fed us our yummy dinner. When Mom returned home, JJ and I gave her a super waggy hello. Jet, can I write the next paragraph? Sure Mom.

Yesterday reminded me that pet therapy starts at home. Upon returning to the house after a mentally draining afternoon/early evening, the moment I transitioned from the garage to my kitchen, my mood pivoted. Koko always greeted me at the door, tail wagging so hard I often wondered how it didn’t fall off. Jet arrives at the door with bed body, since my entrance usually interrupts a nap in his daybed. Sound sleeper JJ, eventually arrives at the door, shaking off the sleep I disturbed. Somehow, Jet and JJ knew yesterday was different.

They had the full-on wag going and behaved as if I returned from a 2 week vacation. They both rolled over for extended belly rubs. Jet emitted his little happy noises, which in cat language would be a purr, in horse language a whinney. The duration of the greeting surprised me. When they both calmed down enough to leash them up for their slightly overdue nightly walk, I realized my emotional equilibrium returned to center. What a gift. Uh Mom… can I continue? Of course, and thank you Jet, sorry I ran long. No worries Mom.

During our walk, while the Booms have disappeared, I still feel something called hypersensitive about noise. I stood stock still two separate times. Mom eventually realized that I heard a plane and helicopter before she did. Mom performed our “Jet” therapy:

  • She asks me to sit,
  • We take a few deep breaths,
  • She tells me in her sweet voice I’m safe and loved and
  • She knows I can do it,
  • She kisses me on the nose and a place called the third eye,
  • We wait (she counts to 10)
  • And then we move on.

Another great and therapeutic day.

Pest Control

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Before I dictate the main post, I must share that I’m cautiously optimistic that the Booms have stopped. Last night I took Mom and JJ on an extra long tour of the neighborhood in reverse order and boy did it smell good. I earned my twistix treat for sure!

ignore the words, the picture says it all!

Ok, now, back to the subject at hand. Years before I joined the family, my human sister, Rachel, and some of her friends used the code words “PEST CONTROL” when they needed relief from annoying younger siblings. Mom and Rachel were doing this thing called reminiscing recently about those days. I listened quite acutely because… I’ve heard Mom say those words to Rachel when JJ will not let her work on the computer after toys, chewies, and attention fail. As soon as Mom utters the words, Rachel calls JJ and she happily joins Rachel until her teeny tiny attention span gets distracted again. Jet, although your description of JJ’s attention span accurately reflects her behavior, the way you said it, well, I think you can use kinder words. But, Mooommmm… Try, Jetty. Ok, how about, … until Rachel fails to keep JJ engaged in fetch, belly rubs, tug or cuddle,etc… Better AND more descriptive, good boy. Thanks Mom.

The thing about Pest Control, you use it after you’ve tried polite ideas or after you’ve given a reasonable amount of attention to the “Would be Pest.” I want to use code words, too, however, they do not translate into K9 very well; see the following situations:

  • I’m minding my own business, curled up somewhere comfy and JJ trots over, puts her muzzle under mine to get my attention. If I do not respond, she moves to a different location and keeps at it until I give in and play with the pooch.
  • I’m sniffing something during our walks, intent to break down the components and there she is, in my face, sniffing the same thing. Sometimes, she passes under my belly as if I’m a bridge to get to my exact spot. Really?
  • Mom’s trying to give me a belly rub and You Know Who starts the muzzle thing with Mom. Hey, it’s MY TURN.

See what I mean… someone, anyone… PEST CONTROL…

Another great and pest free day.

Cold Snap Fashion

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Good Morning from chilly South Florida!  A guy like me who always wears a black fur coat LOVES crisp days like this.  After my morning constitutional, I love to snuggle in Mom’s bed, in my family room day bed, just the right spot on the couch, even in my office man cave.  Life just doesn’t get much better.

When the temperature drops super low (for us… no snippy remarks about Floridians please), Mom breaks out the sweaters.  I think I may have mentioned in past posts that I suffered the indignity of wearing Koko’s purple sweater for years.  To be fair, she tolerated the slightly snug (how’s that for p.c.?)  yellow M & M sweater my human sister, Rachel, thoughtfully bought for her in Times Square during one of her school trips.  After a particularly cold winter last year, Mom PROMISED to buy me a manly man sweater for this season.  Mom kept her word and purchased a handsome sweater I could feel proud trotting in when this store called Borders went out of business.  So, here’s our winter sweater “catwalk…”

Getting fitted

getting comfy...

greeting the director...

waiting for show time!






Another great and fashionable day…

Back to…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Something shifted today.  A school bus passed us during our walk this morning in addition to joggers.  The brisk air resulting from the cold front which blew through last night stirred up the scents in the neighborhood.     Mom referred to J.J. and me as Mr. and Ms. Sniffy a few times because we lingered on many lawns taking it all in.

We watched Mom prepare lunch for Rachel and herself.  She didn’t even give us a tidbit of turkey from Rachel’s sandwich.  Jet, her turkey has too much salt for you.  Mom… Jet… I gave you two cream cheese (J.J.’s had her anti-biotic in it… shhhh…) Mom, that’s not the same.  Best I can do for now, Jetty.

I heard Mom tell Rachel that today, everyone goes back to school or work.  I’m not exactly sure I understand that, except Rachel already disappeared from the house.  Armando, my friend who visits us now and then and holds this wand-like thing (he’s our exterminator), met J.J. and petted me a little while ago.  He plays hide and go seek inside and outside.

Will Mom disappear soon?  I have a funny feeling she will.  Most days, she pets us, gives us kisses on the head and says, “Guys, time to go earn the biscuits.”  The words don’t compute, however, her tone means she’s headed for the door and then big noises and then QUIET.

Guess that means back to wrestling, toys, bones, and napping for J.J. and me.

Another great daily routine kind of day.

NO Resolutions.

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Happy New Year. (Mom said to say that to be polite to human readers.) I cannot tell dates, so, the changing of a year escapes me. Last night, well, let’s just say, I’m glad dawn lands in my view soon, really soon. Mom and J.J. helped me leave the garage @ 6:00 a.m. after an early breakfast. I trotted past two houses, pausing twice then, stopped in my tracks, did a U-turn and briskly trotted home, not budging from the garage door. I love Mom for understanding as she does. She waited about 20 minutes and tried again, because J.J. signaled she HAD business to do. I tried to muster up courage, no luck, so the girls went alone.

Jetty, I really do understand, when you’re ready, I will take you out for a lovely walk. I think the daylight will help as will more time to disburse the leftover fire(cracker) smells. Thanks Mom… sorry for messing up our usual schedule. Oh Jetty, we all face challenges and deserve love and support. I understand this is your challenge and will always try to help the best I know how.

Mom, I wish I could make that human resolution thing, promising to try and overcome my fear, however, we K9s live in the present, so, a future promise does not compute. I can promise to live in the now and set an example daily, will that work? Absolutely my boy, humans sometimes look back or plan forward and forget to enjoy the present, so your promise to set an example will remind me to practice living in the present. Thank you Jet.

Mom, I know you’re tired from helping me through last night, so, let’s keep this short.  Thanks Jetty.

Another great day (as soon as the sun comes up.)

I Love the Smell of Pine in the Morning (And the Evening)

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I love the two weeks after Christmas.  As families begin to take down their holiday lights, remove their lawn adornments, I patiently wait for the Christmas trees to lie at the curb.  I’m a tropical K9, so, I only smell the glorious pine scent at this time.  My air sniffing (read this) skills go on high alert, carefully inspecting the trunk, the branches, sometimes individual needles.  Of course, nothing says “Hey, It’s Jet Here” better than a little tank emptying.  In our area, if you put your tree curbside, the county collects them and grinds them into mulch.  Double good smells!  If I’m lucky, some of this pine mulch ends up back in the neighborhood.

Mom likes the smell of pine, too.  When she used to visit my human sister, Rachel, at summer camp in Maine, she would buy this thing called a pine sachet and put it in our closet.  This is the closet I hunker down in when I’m following the weather peoples’ rules for bad weather.

Jet… Yes Mom?  Tell the truth about the closet.  Do I have to?  I would prefer it.  Ok.  This is the closet I shiver, shake and zone out in and beg for you to sit with me when any bad weather or fireworks happens.  Jet, I’m really proud of you for telling the truth, it’s the first step to overcoming your fears.  Thanks Mom.

Mom used to make pine scented candles from this soy wax stuff with my Tia Maite (that’s Aunt in Spanish), however, she never lit them because she worried either the K9s or felines might knock them over by mistake.  They also made a spray that smelled like Christmas which I think I would have liked, too.  You would have my boy, you would have. 

Since I’m a “live in the moment kind of guy”, I’ll enjoy the smell of pine on my walks.

Another great and pine scented day.