Follow Up Friday: Lots of Tidbits

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Our friend, Miss Jodi, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea.

Forever Fluffy:

We have been inundated with kindness!  Mom and I continue to dig out of our comment pile.  We deeply apologize for tardy replies; we’re up to 50 something… bear with us we will answer every thoughtful soul who so graciously stopped by to offer condolences.  Also, thanks to our bestest feline friend, Savvy, and Miss Linda for commissioning such a beautiful badge from Miss Ann @ Zoolatry. We smile every time we scroll past it.

Speaking of Miss Ann, check out the auction going on to help her family’s medical situation.  Mom donated a $150 Sessions with the Kitchen Counselor gift certificate. Also, Savvy and Miss Linda, are looking for three good K9s!  (couldn’t resist writing that…)  In case you’ve missed it, my sweet Savannah hosts a monthly series, Life Changing Interviews with Savannah: Real Cat and Dog Rescues Are Talking…“, and while her feline slots filled up swiftly, three K9 slots remain. 

Blustery Mr. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac:

Once again, the pet blogging community left Mom with her jaw hanging open.  The outpouring of genuine care, good wishes, concern, prayers, and support before AND after the storm passed us and deluged (vocab building project VBP) the Gulf Coast was extraordinary.  We passed on some preparation suggestions to Rumpy and family, who moved into the “H” zone the week before.  We tried to check on those blog families in the area as well.  Here’s what we know from our connections:

  • Miss Wendy, one of our bff’s from Golden Rescue S. Florida – everyone’s ok.
  • Miss Rebecca – our other bff from GRSF – took on water, wet vacced the inside of the house; waited for the water to drain and was planning to clean the debris in the backyard yesterday, before Jack did another drop and roll!
  • Miss Beverly and Neve’s daughter/human sister, husband and family – all ok, not sure if daughter’s house took on water yet, they’re still at another family member’s home.
  • My Grandma’s niece-in-law (she sent in name and now Mom cannot find it… darn) and Gus, the 120 lb K9 evacuated from their houseboat before the storm hit… so far, no further updates.
  • Miss Mary Ann’s friend, “Louisiana Lori” – everyone’s ok, (attending LSU game this weekend – good sign!) – fence down in parts, a few more house issues and some other family members yet to check in.


Remember we worried about seeing only one blue macaw?  Miss Mary Ann first shared with us and then we saw for ourselves the duo flying magnificently overhead.  We hope they found cover during Mr. Blustery Tropical Storm Isaac.

Speaking of avians, we neglected to mention that during the few weeks of daily sightings, Miss Mary Ann named the arrogant persistent peacock! For those of you familiar with the TV show, M*A*S*H, Charles Winchester joined the unit after a few seasons.  He was a haughty (VBP) arrogant, know-it-all, who thought he was above everyone else, just like you know who!  So, may we present, Winchester the Peacock!

Another great catch up day.


Avian Avalanche

Hey It’s Jet Here.

When Mom grew up in Northern New Jersey, the birds that most commonly crossed her path had names like: sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, orioles and robins.  Cute specimens with brown, blue, red, black and gold, brown and red feathers, these birds measured about one to two adult female fists side by side.

Flip the calendar a couple decades and Mom finds herself living in the tropics.  She becomes more mindful of her neighborhood species first as a result of taking baby Rachel around in her stroller, then while walking Koko, (may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge), then Koko and me, then me, and now JJ and me.

As Mom named some of our local avian varieties aloud this morning, she noted that wingspans ranges from cute to mini-pterodactyl!  Here goes:

The morning whisper-quiet whir of the ibis fly-by and lawn landing.

The cacophony of squawking/chirping green parrots at sunset.

A solitary great blue heron taking flight.

The vibrant macaw high in the sky.  (We are pleased and relieved to share that after quite some time of only seeing one (they mate for life), we’ve seen our couple reunited this week.)

The repetitive pecking from the red headed woodpecker on our telephone poles.

The circling turkey vultures, notifying us that a creature has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Chatty crows flying in large flocks, then settling on yards to feast.

Evidence of golden eagles via their huge nests resting on telephone poles.

Screech owls justifying their name with their calls.

And of course, our arrogant uh, I mean handsome peacock, who Miss Mary Ann named Winchester, after the character from the TV show M*A*S*H.

Another great, bird watching, day.

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The Owl and the … JJ?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last night’s thunderstorms, which kept Casa Jet awake into the wee hours, left many grey clouds in the sky this morning. On first blush, I could not muster up the courage to take my morning constitutional. Mom and JJ tried to encourage me; however, I made a U-turn back into the garage and subsequently (vocab builder), the kitchen. Mom took “Little Miss Hop, Skip and a Jump” for an exit right, sharp right route short walk, hoping to return and convince yours truly to try emptying the tank at least.

According to Mom, she and JJ heard lots of avian discussions taking place at the house next to Neve’s. They saw three typical birds and then noticed a wider bird on the lawn. As a result of my human sister, Rachel, having her 4th birthday at the Museum of Science, which has a wildlife rescue center, she recognized the creature as a baby screech owl. Mom and JJ stood stock still, watching little Screech take three mini-flights: two landing on the grass and the third placing the owl in the hedge. Mom’s heard owls in the trees, but, never saw one on the ground. She and JJ admired the owl and then went about their walk.  (She did not have her phone, so pics are as close as she can find.)

When they returned, I felt more confident and joined them for an abridged (vocab builder) exit left route. Well, wouldn’t you know, when we crossed the big street, we began hearing an odd, loud, dominant birdcall you could tell originated in a larger species. If you’ve been reading our posts lately, you’ll know where this is heading.

Yup! About two thirds through our route, we spotted Mr. Peacock perched high up in a tree. Not wanting to wake the neighbors (at 6:45 a.m.) Mom altered our route a little. JJ and I exhibited impressive, yet silent bird instincts. Mom praised us and we trotted home before the next band of storms passed through.

Another great, avian, day.

Mischief Monday – Lord of the Peacocks

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Oh this guy earned the Monday Mischief title, yes he did. (Thanks to Miss Mary Ann and her I-Phone for all the pictures.)

Since Thursday, when Miss Mary Ann and Mom decided to take a new evening constitutional route which included part of our weekend morning route in reverse order, this guy required a lesson from the Jetster.

Here’s how the situation went down for three consecutive (vocab builder) nights.

At about ¾ through the route, Mom and Miss Mary Ann scout Mr. Peacock on the lawn at 2:00 (if you look at a dial watch.)  Dixie, JJ and I notice too and stand attentively, focusing on Mr. Fancy Feathers.

Mom readies her body for the upcoming lunges from JJ and me.  Mr. Peacock stands there indifferent to my demands (which I deliver with barking while lunging for emphasis.)  Instead of standing down or Mom allowing me to herd him to show my leadership, what does he do?  THIS!

Oh yeah, can you believe it?  He looks down on us like a President in a dictatorship (vocab builder)! Seriously? To make matters more infuriating (vocab builder) he proudly poses for photos.  Hmpf… supreme mischief maker I say!

Another great, except for Mr. Fancy Feathers, day.

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Bits and Pieces – JJ Update

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Remember last Saturday when Mom cancelled JJ’s checkup due to inclement (vocab builder) weather?  Well, she went to see Dr. Shaffer yesterday.  Along with JJ, Mom carted an extra item to Dr. Shaffer – double wrapped solid waste provided by yours truly!  EWWWWW!  Well, better the waste than ol’ Jetty boy having a certain long item stuck into the back part of said K9 looking for hookworms!  (Great news: No wigglers lurking … I’m WORM FREE!)

According to Mom, the office hopped with K9s and felines entering the Paradise Animal Center B & B, allowing their humans to gallivant (vocab builder) on vacation.  A few semi-emergency cases popped in added to the regular schedule of appointments.

Good News/Bad News on Little Miss Waxy Ear:  Good NewsNO HOOKWORMS – Yippee!  Bad News: That darned half a waxy plug is still lodged against JJ’s eardrum.  No infection, however, Dr. Shaffer said eventually, two bad possibilities can arise and we HAVE TO get that blob OUT.  JJ endured another ear flush session and medicine insertion with courage and patience.  She returns on Tuesday for a final decision: plug removal via flush or via sedation and mechanical scooper.  Cross your paws for the first option!

Jet’s note to ear wax plug:

  • Wax belongs in candles.
  • Wax gets rubbed on cars.
  • Wax seals old fashioned envelopes.
  • Wax protects vegetables.
  • SCRAM and leave my sister’s ear ALONE!

Another great, scram ear wax, day.

He looked mostly like this.

P.S. Way back in November, when we were young bloggers, Mom and I shared an incident with a peacock.  Last night, Miss Mary Ann, Dixie, JJ, Mom and yours truly took a newish evening route which includes the reverse order of a section of our weekend route.  Their in the EXACT same spot almost 7 months later was a peacock, tail down.  I didn’t want to frighten Dixie, so, I stared down that colorful guy and left him with tail down – Jet 2, Peacock 1/2 (gave him credit for not running away!)

Jet One, Peacock Zero or Tail Talk Pt. 2

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Now that you understand Tail Talk, Mom thought you would get a kick out of this story.  On weekends and national holidays, Mom takes/took Koko and me on a different morning walking route.  Let’s call it “crossing 112” because we bisect SW 112 ST, a busy, exciting road normally filled with lots of whizzing cars.  I like this way because I find so many new spots to empty my tank and let everyone know… Hey, Jet Was Here!  I digress.

The house on the corner with two nosy, “think they know it all, jumping bean, big dogs” was a favorite “business” spot for Koko.  I always empty my tank a little just to show them who’s boss.   The abode which sits catty-corner with the canal in the backyard houses a snippy, barky dog, which has no sense of humor when we pass by.  Again… I digress.

Jet, I think I better help you out a little here.  At times, when walking Jet and Koko, I looked like a crazed ballerina turning, bending, and crossing body parts and leashes to avoid entanglements.  One Sunday morning around 6:15 a.m., I detangled in between the corner house and the catty corner house Jet mentioned above.  Next thing I knew, Jet stood stock still with the stretch and ‘cue tail for what felt like a few minutes. 

As my gaze followed his body from tail to nose, standing on snippy dog’s lawn was a Peacock, with tail feathers in full fan mode.  Mom, I got it from here.  My tail curled to full ‘cue mode and I barked like a crazy boy.  Mom wasn’t sure whether I wanted to chase (yes), dominate (yes) or flee (no way, Jose!).

That avian showoff, tried to run away, however, that fan tail impeded his efforts.  He quickly folded that fan …Mr. “I’m the most handsome creature on the block” and high-tailed it toward the canal.

Whose tail reigned supreme?  Next thing I heard, Mom laughing and saying this utterance thing you will understand, Jet One, Peacock Zero!

Another great day.