Bits and Pieces – JJ Update

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Remember last Saturday when Mom cancelled JJ’s checkup due to inclement (vocab builder) weather?  Well, she went to see Dr. Shaffer yesterday.  Along with JJ, Mom carted an extra item to Dr. Shaffer – double wrapped solid waste provided by yours truly!  EWWWWW!  Well, better the waste than ol’ Jetty boy having a certain long item stuck into the back part of said K9 looking for hookworms!  (Great news: No wigglers lurking … I’m WORM FREE!)

According to Mom, the office hopped with K9s and felines entering the Paradise Animal Center B & B, allowing their humans to gallivant (vocab builder) on vacation.  A few semi-emergency cases popped in added to the regular schedule of appointments.

Good News/Bad News on Little Miss Waxy Ear:  Good NewsNO HOOKWORMS – Yippee!  Bad News: That darned half a waxy plug is still lodged against JJ’s eardrum.  No infection, however, Dr. Shaffer said eventually, two bad possibilities can arise and we HAVE TO get that blob OUT.  JJ endured another ear flush session and medicine insertion with courage and patience.  She returns on Tuesday for a final decision: plug removal via flush or via sedation and mechanical scooper.  Cross your paws for the first option!

Jet’s note to ear wax plug:

  • Wax belongs in candles.
  • Wax gets rubbed on cars.
  • Wax seals old fashioned envelopes.
  • Wax protects vegetables.
  • SCRAM and leave my sister’s ear ALONE!

Another great, scram ear wax, day.

He looked mostly like this.

P.S. Way back in November, when we were young bloggers, Mom and I shared an incident with a peacock.  Last night, Miss Mary Ann, Dixie, JJ, Mom and yours truly took a newish evening route which includes the reverse order of a section of our weekend route.  Their in the EXACT same spot almost 7 months later was a peacock, tail down.  I didn’t want to frighten Dixie, so, I stared down that colorful guy and left him with tail down – Jet 2, Peacock 1/2 (gave him credit for not running away!)


20 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces – JJ Update

  1. I’m with you on the ears! I have to go in to get my inner ear hair pulled out every 6-8 weeks and there is lots of wax that comes out too. I hate it so much but it has to get done to prevent infections. Nothin’ worse than havin’ your ears messed with!

    • Hey Emma, Jet here.

      I will tell JJ that you totally understand her predicament (vocab builder). Youchy, that hair pulling sounds painful, hope you get lots of lovies and treats afterwards!

    • Hey Rumpy, Jet here. Hi Miss Jen.

      Mom takes care of my ears too, lickety split… Little Miss Waxy Ears must have arrived on our forever home doorstep with an earful since we’ve tried ourselves, then JJ had an infection, and we’ve been going to Dr. Shaffer ever since! You see Rumpy, you and I have those easy ear shapes compared to JJ’s retriever ears, which are prone to problems. 😦

      Maybe I should take special ear wax removal classes from Scooby Doo Academy!

  2. Hey Jet,

    I can’t believe how brave JJ is!! Yay 🙂

    You’re Mum is also pretty brave carrying around your poop – Tee Hee – Did I tell you about when I was a puppy and Mum forgot to get a sample of mine before we went to the Vets? We were in the exam room when Mum realized her error, so I obliged with a fresh sample right there – 🙂

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jet here.

      You are indeed correct Snoopy, she was brave… probably more so than I would have been!

      Snoop, you didn’t? Right there? Whoops! 🙂 Well, you could say made to order or on demand!!!

      Have a great weekend yourself, dude.

    • Hey Flo, Jet here. Hi Miss Heather.

      So glad you’re enjoying Mango week as much as we are! (Mom scooped a few more from same family last night!)

      Now that’s the best idea for that yucky stuff yet. 🙂

  3. Hi Jetty, Poor JJ, hear’s (get it?) hoping that wax comes out on its own and Miss JJ doesn’t require further medical attention! That’s pretty cool that you have peacocks around where you live. We only have wild turkeys. 😦

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes, we hope so, too! Good one… hear’s!

      My human Great Aunt Harriet lives in NJ near where Mom grew up. She has wild turkeys and deer!

      We have peacocks, which are quite loud and screechy by the by, because they escaped from a tourist destination called Parrot Jungle. (now moved to a more centrally located spot…) We have wild parrots, Macaws and other gorgeous tropical birds for the same reason… 🙂

    • Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

      As K9s with outstanding ears, I know you understand only too well. Thanks for the kind words and yes, we’re all saying a big PHEW! over here regarding those icky wiggly thingies. 🙂

  4. hey Jet,

    Yay! No wiggly worms! That is great news! And Yay! to JJ for not having wiggly worms either! However, I am very sad to read that JJ is still dealing with that dumb wax. My paws are crossed that it comes out the easy way so no sedation is needed. I am furry impressed that JJ handled the treatment so well. Good job JJ and hang in there! You will beat that dumb wax!!

    The Peacock is beautiful! Just stunning!


    • Hey Suka, Jet here. Hi Miss K.

      Thanks for all your support and encouragement for JJ, I promise to share with her right away.

      We have lots of peacocks and peahens (the females) that wonder through our area… they escaped over the years from a place called Parrot Jungle!

  5. Hi sweet Jetty – so happy you had no creepy worms and that JJ is also worm free but I feel bad for poor JJ , she’s had to endure so much ear proding and poking. Please give her some extra kisses from me and I;ll be praying for good news next Tuesday!

    That is so cool that you have peacocks – we have many very pretty birds here but I have never seen a wild peacock – beautiful!

    Very hectic day here – last night Cassie had bad diarhea,(all over oriental rug!) and again this morning and was scooting her bum across the floor, so I rushed her to Vet before I left for work at Coscto (demoing Levar 2000 soap – super busy – sold alot) while Mr. David drove Jacob to his last class at FAU in Boca Raton. The vet expressed her anal gland (ouch poor girl) and sent us home – I was confident she would be ok today but when I arrived home at 5:00 ish the whole downstairs carpets and hard woods were covered in yucky wet diarhea – it seems Cassie still has a bad tummy and the others walked in it and tracked it all over the house! Well several hours of cleaning, steaming, scrubbing, washing, etc later (during which time she went again in the house when we weren;t looking and little Rex spit up!!!!) plus some tears on my part from sheer exhaustion! all was clean and sanitizied and smelled clean!. Called Vet again he said give her some Pepto and in the past I have given some pumpkin mixture that is good for dogs digestion that I get so I gave her that also. She seems comfortable now hopefully she is ok.

    Oh did I forget to mention when I came in and saw the condition of the house I put a hot pizza that I had picked up for supper on our wooden table and hours later when we went pick it up it had stuck to the table leaving a huge mark and the paper from the box was adhered to the wood!!! Thankfully Mr David was able to save the kitchen table with some special polish we have and some elbow grease!!!

    So my sweet friend Jetty I;m off to bed! Hopefully Cassie is ok and I can relax enough to sleep because back to Coscto tomorrow. Sorry for the long post.

    sending tired goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      OH NO! Poor Cassie and subsequently (vocab builder) all of you. Please, please give her Jetty Kisses, JJ hugs, and Mom sends anything and everything you need for support. Keep us posted on how she’s feeling.

      Please take good care of you, too, so sorry that you will be so tired at work today. Perhaps the scent of the soap and the passing people will make the day go faster.

      Thank heavens Mr. David was so clever and strong to fix the pizza problem, mischief if we’ve ever heard of it!

      Oh gosh, oh gosh, we’ll be thinking of Cassie and hold her in our thoughts for feeling way better today.

      Endless supplies of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie (extra extra), Rex (sorry little dude) and Barkley. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. what to respond to first??? Well, for you big guy, whew in the wormy stuff…been there, done that…had tape worms when I came to my furrever home, yuck! And Miss JJ, what a brave girl! Can’t imagine ear wax! Ugh and then there is poor Cassie and all that diarhea!!! total yuck!! You guys are all having quite the time of it. Hope Mom Lori is doing good and that you guys in Florida are staying cool

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

      Well, thank goodness your tape wigglers, JJ’s round wigglers and my non-existent wigglers have wiggled themselves right out of our bodies! Big, fat EWWWWWW

      I’ll tell JJ you think she’s brave, too. 🙂

      I know, poor Cassie, we’ll keep up with Miss Wendy to see how she’s doing.

      Cool is a relative term here in the tropics. When Mom is not around, our human sister lowers the a/c big time which feels great, but, incurs (vocab builder) more biscuit $ for Mom. 😦

  7. Hi sweet Jetty and lovely Savannah – thank you both for your kind words and concern for my beloved Cassie – it really means alot!

    I was working all or I would have written sooner. I was up often checking on her last night but she was ok. She went to the bathroom around 6ish and it was a little firmer (sorry for all the gross details!!) She appears hungry even though all l;ve given her is white rice, Pepto and some Pumpkin. Today Jacob was home with her all day while Mr David and I worked and he said she just slept all day. I;ve had her out several times since I;ve been home and just pp’s so far. So i;m hoping she’s over the worst of it. Again thank you for your support. love you xoxoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Oh thank goodness, we will take that as a “so far, so good.” We’re so glad you stopped by to update us… as you see our blogpals are the best! So kind, caring and thoughtful.

      Get some rest Miss Wendy, you must be beyond tired.

      Restful Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley. xoxoxoxoxo

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