Follow Up Friday – Hannukatized Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

boty-1starBefore we start our weekly roundup, we’re so excited to share the news that we received an award on Wednesday.  We promised to post about it yesterday, however, we ran out of steam.  (Mom’s fever got the best of her.)  One of our newish blogpals, Miss Ann from My Pawsitively Pets, bestowed the Pawesome Blog of the Year Award on us.  (You MUST read the post with Niblet imitating a Christmas ornament!)

Yippee, yahoo, wowee, wow, wow, fever and all, Mom joined us for a round of the Happy Dance.  We immediately send the award back to Miss Ann and promise to post a proper thank you, following the full rules and such next Thursday.

Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to dig out (and make progress) from our comment box filled with kind words of support and comfort regarding Puffy’s crossing.

Ok, on with FUF!

follow-up-fridayOur friend, Miss Jodi, Heart Like a Dog, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea and has successfully turned her wonderful idea into a robust blog hop!

Saturday – Did You Hear the One About…

mischief master classMy human sister, Rachel, could not believe how many of my pals wished her Happy Birthday.  On her behalf, we send out an 18 year old, like 3 in big K9 years, THANK YOU!

So many of you sent in news that you downloaded the book (great for holiday gifts!), looked forward to the soft cover edition (on its way), complimented my mischief skills, and complimented and thanked Mom for editing that Mom and I stayed permanently blushed the whole day!

Black & White Sunday – Life’s Simple Pleasures 

Many of you wondered how Little Miss I Have A New Toy fit that ball in her mouth.  Mom says she has a case of TMJ brewing!  JJ continues to favor that green ball, falling asleep with it just like that several times as Mom rubbed her belly.  She’s a funny one.  We must thank our young, human neighbor Ruby, for sharing one of her toys with JJ.

2 bw

Monday Mischief – Phew Last Minute Mischief 

password mischiefGreat news!  Mr. Danny “the Wonderful” from Link2City, gave Mr. GoDaddy “the business” during two, 1.5 hour discussions on Monday and by Tuesday morning Mom’s Kitchen Counselor email worked like a charm.  Mr. Danny now manages Mom’s Kitchen Counselor website and Kitchen Counselor blog in addition to her Kitchen Counselor Newsletter eblast (which has been problem free since inception 3 years ago).  He’s almost finished repairing the mess that was the KC blog, so, Mom should be back posting there soon.  Thanks for sending in so many empathetic (VBP – vocab builder project) comments.  We appreciate and we’re sorry so many of you understand.

Tasty Tuesday – realdogs Eat Chicken Jerky Tenders 

5Lots of you commented on how cool it was that realdogs uses real dogs on their packages.  The Urban Hounds particularly enjoyed the photo on our package!  Can you believe we’re now part of Nip and Bones’ Baby Patches Testing Team? Whoo hoo!

The humans wrote to Mom and agreed with the idea of cutting the jerky in small pieces to make it last longer, HMPH… whose side are you on??? Everyone appreciated the all natural, grain free, made in the USA, two ingredient jerky.  Hey Mom? When can we have more?  (When you get a good run in!)

Wordless Wednesday – On Hannukatizing and Meeting Haley 

hannukatizing 2012Mr. Wil from Marking Your Territory, said “Hannukatizing is officially my new favorite holiday verb.”  Whoo hoo!  We received so many compliments on Mollie, Alfie and Miss Stella’s pawesome card.  Do pop over to Mollie’s blog and share your appreciation over there, too!

Haley’s story warmed your hearts as much as it did ours.  A few of the manly men inquired about a date with the lovely K9!


Thankful Thursday – Prezzies for me? The Ultimate Gotcha Day Stretch

17We need to clarify (VBP) that we are NOT blaming Barnie the Beagle! We feel the Customs humans did not take the time to read the CLEAR label stating Dog Treats and left my pawesome, ROYAL, gift box from Mollie’s Dog Treats, ordered by my BFF, Savannah, in a hot tropical corner somewhere for EIGHTEEN days before allowing the USPS to place said box at my door, along with an army of ants!

3We tenderly unwrapped each item to show you how thoughtful Savannah and Miss Linda were in sending me such a great Gotcha Day/1st Blogiversary gift and how special Mollie, Alfie, and Miss Stella’s efforts were in  baking and wrapping their artisan treats.

11Thanks for the advance compliments on how I will look in my Hannukah bandanna.  You may not have realized, Little Miss Always Accessorizing received one, too!  We’ll model for you next week!

Another great everything worked out week.


41 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday – Hannukatized Edition

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Cat.

      Boy did you make us feel special in your post today. You mentioned us with a bunch of our pals, whoo hoo!

      Sending Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and hugs from Mom. xoxoxo

      • 🙂 Good morning 🙂
        That’s the meaning of life xx at least in my heart xx to share JOY xxx 🙂 so glad xxxx
        Hugggggggggggs from a very rainy toronto xxx
        allllove and hugs xx
        C xx

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Cat.

        Morning to you.

        We agree… uh… Miss Cat? It’s about 81 and partly sunny here in the tropics, if you need a break. 🙂

      • WOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        amazing 🙂 81 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s amazing 🙂 🙂 😉
        enjoy enjoy enjoy xxxxxxxxx
        i’ve gone out for a quick walk this morning – grey and foggy ……….. and drizzly but ok x
        just getting out my guitar sounds for Misaki xx
        🙂 and having fun in headphones xxx

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Cat.

        Sorry for the delayed reply, Mom and I are digging out! Hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas yesterday filled with family, friends, joy, abundance, love, laughter, and of course, tasty tidbits!

    • Hey Scout, Hey Teddy, Hey Ash, Jet here. Hi Miss Lisa.

      Thanks so much, we felt so fortunate.

      I think we did not enter because Little Miss Chewminator and I do not do well with plush toys!

  1. Hey Jet! Congratulations on your Blog of 2012 Award! That is sooooooooooooo cool!!! You and your Mom must be pop-your-buttons proud! Speaking of your Mom…Hope she’s feeling better very soon. Again, congrats on your neat award!

    • Hey Y-Bo, Jet here. Hi Miss Loy.

      Thanks so much… I love pop-your-buttons, makes me think of cool suspenders for some reason!

      She’s doing better today than yesterday… I think it’s the carrot fennel soup with turkey fennel burger crumbles she’s been throwing in the soup! Thanks for caring. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mommy, I hope she gets well soon 🙂

    Happy Hanukah Jet and family…although it might be a late wish 😉

    Oh…we haven’t read the book yet because Amazon won’t let us download it 😦

    • Hey Kroten, Hey Papoe, Hey Kurome, Jet here. Hi Miss Novroz.

      She’s getting there… the fever is mostly gone, whoo hoo! Thanks for wishing her well. 🙂

      Thanks so much, you’re perfectly on time… Hannukah starts tomorrow evening! 🙂

      Uh, oh… do you know why Amazon will not permit the download? That’s yucky… Perhaps Snoopy can help.

  3. Hey Jet, Jack here. I can fit 8 soft toys in my mouth at one time especially when I am trying to trade for slippers. I e-mailed your Mom a picture so you could see. Happy Holidays to you and yours, chest bumps to you, kisses to my lovely Golden girl JJ. Mom sends love and hugs to all.

    • Hey Jack, Hey Ginger, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      BOL! Dude, that’s impressive.

      Cool, Mom will look for the pic.

      Likewise, Dude… Chest bumps to you, Jetty kisses to Ginger and Miss Rebecca and JJ hugs to all. Mom sends belly rubs to you and Ginger and hugs to Miss Rebecca.

  4. Thanks for participating in FUF Jetty, it’s a great recap for me since I’m still so far behind. The reader says I have 158 to read, I just signed up for mom’s newsletter and her WP blog. I had a quick conversation with her this afternoon and she is just a really, lovely lady. I think you are all so lucky to have found each other. 🙂 I look forward to catching up with everyone as soon as everything slows down for me. Have a great Jetty weekend and Happy Hannukah!

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Oh, we just LOVE FUF, encapsulates (VBP) everything in a tidy post!

      OMD, we totally understand digging out! We’re doing that right now!!!

      Mom is so honored that you signed up for her KC newsletter and blog… (she’s almost able to post on the KC blog again…)

      She told us she enjoyed chatting with you as well and hope you had a great time with the grandchildren!

      The gratitude circles here at Casa Jetty… we’re all grateful to have found each other! 🙂 We think Sampson and Delilah hit the jackpot with you and Mr. Jodi, too! 🙂

      Thanks so much, Hannukah started our really fun last night with a visit from Miss Mary Ann and Dixie!

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