Prezzies? For Me? The Ultimate Gotcha Day Stretch

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Apparently, a secret zipped around the virtual highway between: Savannah and Miss Linda, Mollie, Alfie and Miss Stella (of Hannukatizing fame) and MOM.  Mom, clued in as a last resort, kept the secret until 4:36 a.m.  I’ll catch you up.

Savannah and Miss Linda sweetly decided to celebrate my Gotcha Day and my first Blogiversary.



They teamed up with Mollie, Alfie and Miss Stella to send a pawesome package of Mollie’s treats, PLUS Hannukah bandanas (specially made by Miss Stella after Miss Linda explained that we did not celebrate Christmas.)


Miss Stella, Mollie, and Alfie worked their fingers and paws to the bone to make beautiful treats.






They packaged them for safe travel.



The box flew over the big pond thingie…


And landed in the tropics at this place called CUSTOMS.


Here’s what we THINK happened next.

Barnie the Beagle, (that’s the only Custom’s K9 Mom has personally met), and his friends inspected said package.  Huh?  Something smells pawesome… *goes into alert mode*… not the usual naughty sniffs of that drug stuff… oh no… this could be… CHEESE? TREATS?  Better set this aside forever and hope my handler shares with me… weeks pass…Barnie to Custom’s human… What? The frenzy of ants mean it’s not cocaine? I made a mistake? (snickering inside… thinking… mistake? pshaw, I wanted the good stuff for myself!) Customs human…  Let’s send to designated recipient…

By this time, Miss Linda told Mom about my surprise and Miss Stella said NOT to eat said treats if we ever received them as they were no longer fresh.  Mom called Miss Linda immediately upon receipt last night. She opened the package for us this morning.


Even though we cannot review Mollie’s special treats, we know they were made with Vitamin L (love) and we deeply appreciate her kindness.  To my BFF (best feline friend, Savvy) and Miss Linda “the Thoughtful” thank you, thank you for all your kindness, generosity, and perseverance to mark our wonderful milestones.  We’ll model the bandannas during Hannukah.

Another great Gotcha Day/1st Blogiversary it takes a village to send Jetty boy a gift day!

We joined the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog (formerly by Cokie the Cat!)



66 thoughts on “Prezzies? For Me? The Ultimate Gotcha Day Stretch

    • Hey DogDaz Crew, Jet here.

      Mom gives us treats every night after our evening constitutional, so, no complaints here. Also, Dr. Schaffer has ‘ol Jetty boy on a gentle trim down prescription…

  1. Oh darn that silly customs K9…you missed out on all those totally nommy treats 😦 but it must make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside to know that so much love was sent your way…and you’re gonna look pawsome in those bandanas.

    Miss Lori might want to check out the Chanukah Blog Crawl here

    • Hey Giz, Jet here. Hi Miss JG.

      Nah… it’s the HUMANS… they should have read DOG TREATS on the label, which was clear as day. Oh yes, we’re so very lucky… we got… verklempt! BOL! Aww shucks, Giz, thanks dude… we’ll show them off next week. 🙂

      Yeah, we’re all in for the crawl… we thought of you, too. 🙂

    • Hey Mollie, Hey Alfie, Jet here. Hi Miss Stella.

      We are heart broken for you, since you worked your paws/fingers to the bone making such beautiful, artisan treats for us. No, no… you’ve done too much already. 🙂 Mom says that in 18 days they could have sailed the pond… silly customs humans… 😦

      We cannot thank you enough. Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs and hugs from Mom xoxoxoxoxo

    • Hey Doggy, Jet here.

      I know, Dude, especially knowing how hard Mollie, Alfie and Miss Stella worked on them. 😦 Thanks for saying about the bandannas. 🙂 We’ll show them off next week when Hannukah starts.

  2. Hi Jet! Hi Miss Lori! Mistletoe and Hitch here. We wanted to wish you a Happy Gottcha Day/ 1st Blogiversery Day! You are blessed with good friends which are the worlds most precious gift? We wish you a wonderful day followed by your happiest year ever.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe and Hitch

    • Hey Mistletoe, Hey Hitch, Jet here. Hi Miss Dorothy.

      Thank you, thank you… you didn’t know us back then… it was at the end of October and Mom took her only day off of the whole year and went away for the weekend. So, my celebration got this thingie called postponed. I believe in the birthday/gotcha day stretch… but, this was PAWESOME… because Savvy and Miss Linda, with the help of Mollie, Alfie and Miss Stella stretched it until this morning! whoo hoo!

      We cannot agree more… and thank you… we count you among them now. 🙂

  3. Oh thanks a ton Barnie the Beagle! Way to mess up my Gotcha Day surprise for my Champion Jetty! Anywho, thank you Jetty and Miss Lori for the delightful post. And I never saw the letter but I can see Miss Stella did a bang up job making it special! Nose rubs and paw pats, Savvy

    • Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

      We can’t actually blame Barnie, Savvy, because we do not have evidence… we’re guessing. We really blame the HUMANS, who probably did not read the CLEAR DECLARATION which said DOG TREATS… perhaps meriendas del perros would have helped! It’s the tropics, we’re bi/trilingual here, sort of kind of…

      • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

        Wowee wow wow, No sabemos que ustedes comprenden Espanol! Mom says we have about 1st grade knowledge, however, we LOVE IT.

        BOL… Es perfecto… no es peligros, no hay drogas, es para el feliz cumpleanos de mi amigo Jetty, mi CHAMPION!!!

        Savvy, your talents never end…

  4. Hello Jet. Ranger here. So cool that you got an overseas package. Happy blog Anniversary and Gotta day. I am very impressed that you know how to swim. Do you swim across the pond? I only have a little pool and then Mom takes me to the beach… but I haven’t tried swimming yet. I can see I can learn a lot from you.

    • Hey Ranger, Jet here.

      I know, how pawesome is that… my first ROYAL MAIL!

      You cutie pup… swim across the pond… BOL! I prefer to swim in the swampy canal behind the house! That only happens when I get “off leash”… which freaks Mom out and she cries as she watches me swim back and forth happily chasing ducks and who knows what else. Can you believe the woman has not yet taken us to the beach? Huh? We live in the tropics!!! I think I can learn a great deal from you, too! 🙂

    • Hey FOW, Jet here.

      Barnie and/or his mates were doing their job (in our imagination)… they have good taste! The HUMANS should have read the package slip which clearly said DOG TREATS!!!

    • Hey Maggie, Jet here.

      Exactly, you beagles know good stuff when you sniff it… Barnie the Beagle is/was (not sure if he’s still here or *OTRB* by now) a K9 legend at Miami International Airport!

  5. Awww, that was so nice of your bloggy friends to do that for you sweet Jet. We are sorry about the treats though. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hey Chancy, Jet here. Hi Miss Mag.

      We’re most sorry for Miss Stella, Mollie and Alfie who worked so diligently (VBP) to make everything perfect… which it was until said package arrived in MIAMI!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Flea.

      So glad we can see your site today, we’re visiting in a second.

      Boy is that an understatement… we feel so fortunate to have joined such a wonderful world called Blogville. 🙂

  6. What amazing goodies amazing cards and more!!!!!! You lucky guys! Happy 1 year blogging Jet, and thanks for being such a amazing friend to meet and inspiration to me and kirby!!! You guys enjoy!

    • Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss LInda.

      Oh, say it isn’t so… how many wonderful acts can you bestow on me? My Gotcha day/Blogiversary package and now this? I’m … Mom says, Verklempt!

      • why didn’t Mom put (VBP) after that work Jetty???? Seriously…like we are gonna get that one???? It is, after all, now officially ‘cocktail’ hour here…heh…heh…and AT&T has been here, not pawsitive visit, and well, you get the tech stuff, na’ mean??

      • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

        Whoops… hold on… here’s the edited version… verklempt (VBP)

        Uh oh… Mr. AT&T… not good. Hope it improves speedy quick… pretzels on us! You make the cocktails!

      • Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

        Savvy, you’re not going to believe this, but… Mom… she’s a lightweight… mostly loves water… agua, BORING… she loves the cocktail process being the KC and all, but… finds most alcoholic beverages bitter.

      • would you believe, no vino? She LOVES to visit the vineyards and watch how it’s made. She will politely take a sip… however, bitter, bitter, bitter! I’ve heard her tell other humans that she would rather use her calories on chocolate! Does that make sense to you??? Me neither!

  7. How fun getting such a package – the bandanas are super cool! Mom does not like US customs – she was a flight attendant and saw way too many things get taken away, so that Beagle was definitely naughty!

    • Hey Emma, Jet here. Hi Katie.

      Fun, cool, exciting… I could go on… We thought the bandannas were super cool too. Mom says we can finally wear them tomorrow night!

      Emma, I don’t think we can blame ‘ol Barnie… we think that the culprits (VBP) were really the silly humans in Customs.

      Ahhh… your Mom has such wisdom…

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  9. Hey Jet,

    What pawsome friends to organize that for you buddy!! Too bad Barnie the Beagle messed it up and you didn’t get to taste the treats though – doh!! Me thinks he may be a Mischief Master?

    Big wags and I hope you enjoy wearing your bandana!! 🙂

    Hugs to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Snoopy, Jet here. Hi Miss Annette.

      Dude, we could not have said it any better! We don’t think it was actually Barnie, we think it was the goofy humans at Customs. If it was Barnie, for real, then, oh yeah, he would be Master worthy!

      I’ll let you know about the bandanna tomorrow.

      Hugs to all in Casa Snoops, too! 🙂

    • Hey Hiro, Hey Suki, Jet here. Hi Miss Dianda.

      It does, however, we felt the Vitamin L (love) in all the treats, even though we could not eat them. 🙂

      Thanks so much, we’ve had such a pawesome blogging experience so far.

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