Vocabulary Building Project Blog Hop! Mystery Solved.

Hey It’s Jet, Savannah and Texas Here.

By now, you probably figured out that Texas, Savannah and I have put our collective fur together, (ok, our Moms helped, too), to make the Vocabulary Building Project an official Blog Hop!

We enjoyed giving you hints all week: click here for here for Texas’ post, here for Savannah’s post, and here for my post in case you missed them..

How did we begin? Texas and Savannah turn to Jet…you better tell this part, Jet…

Oh, Ok…Jet Here… let me tell you how Mom and I started this a long time ago on our blog:

Mom’s Papa always asked his children and grandchildren to keep pen and paper beside their beds so when they read their books and came upon an unknown word they could jot it down to look up later. When the family got together they played lots of vocabulary building games. So, when Mom and I began blogging, she wanted to avoid word ruts.

Last spring, Mom inquired whether Savannah and Miss Linda might like to collaborate (VBP) on making VBP a hop… Savannah and Miss Linda introduced us to Texas and Miss Carine creating the VBP Planning Committee.

We’ve been working diligently (VBP) ever since! Miss Ann, Zoey and Maggie from Zoolatry created a pawsome badge, which Miss Carine did really high tech thingies to! Check out Zoey, Prop Mistress extraordinaire, helping with badge arrangements.

First, she made sure the dictionary was sitting properly (VBP) on the table… (notice it is our very special dictionary with all our initials on it)…

Then she had to hop up to make sure it was going to stay straight for the photo shoot and she wanted to see if she could get the bookmark stuck in too…

Great job Zoey, thanks for the help!… as you can see, our VBP Badge is pawfect!

So let’s all talk about what to do now…

How to pawticipate

The Vocab Building Project, or VBP, is a blog hop that invites you to

learn new vocabulary and how to use it,

have fun in the process, using new words in a weekly blog post,

discover new blogs and make new friends.

What do you have to do? It is very simple.

  1. Every Thursday, Jet, Savannah, and Texas will write a blog post containing 2 to 3 words or expressions that are not often used in their blog posts (see examples here, here, and here),
  2. If you decide to join us in the fun, you have one week (you can pick any day you wish, from Thursday to the next Wednesday, that’s how flexible this blog hop is!) to write a blog post containing 2 to 3 words or expressions that you do not use often – it does not have to be the same as the hosts’, this is your choice,
  3. Pick one of the following badges by copying its code below (select the text in the box, right-click on selected code and copy), paste the code in your post (you have to paste it in the Text/HTML section when you write your post), write your post and don’t forget to add (VBP) after each new word you are using. We strongly suggest you only use 2-3 just to keep it easy and interesting,
  4. When your post is online, enter its URL/permalink by clicking on the Inlinkz image that you will find at the bottom of our Thursday VBP post,
  5. The following Thursday, at the end of our VBP posts, we will link to all the participating blogs, so that we can all visit participating blogs.

Any question? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as pawsible!

Jet Savannah Texas
VBT-Badge-V3-Savannah_150 VBT-Badge-V2-Texas_150

<a href="https://heyitsjethere.wordpress.com" target="_blank"><img src="https://heyitsjethere.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/vbt-badge-v2-jet_150.jpg" border="0" height="150" width="182"></a>

<a href="http://savannahspawtracks.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://savannahspawtracks.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/vbt-badge-v3-savannah_150.jpg" border="0" height="150" width="182"></a>

<a href="http://texascatny.wordpress.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://texascatny.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/vbt-badge-v2-texas_150.jpg" border="0" height="150" width="182"></a>

Another great Vocab Building Project Blog Hop day!


24 thoughts on “Vocabulary Building Project Blog Hop! Mystery Solved.

  1. What a phantasmagorical (VBP) idea this is Jetty…and so much work from you, Savannah and Texas….*highpaws* to you and your pals…Momz promises we will pawticipate and try to use some great new words..*ThursdaySnoogles* for JJ and Miss L

  2. This is such a cool idea Jetty, Savannah, and Texas! I have always wondered about VBP’s background. I will have to bookmark this post so I can remember to add to your hop. I love the badges too! Great work.

  3. Mowzers, how cool is that! We figured you guys were up to something – although for a while there we thought you’d figured out a way to play scrabble in a blog hop! MOL! Tres cool (do fancy french words count as VBP?)

    We’re looking forward to seeing the words you guys choose each Thursday!

  4. I have to say the puzzle has come together…had no clue! Love the badge, nice looking! We will have to think of some new words and do some posting from time to time. I think you have put a ton of work and effort into this and I hope it is a success.

  5. Well I had no idea!! Good for you Jetty, and Savannah and Texas, it sounds like fun and always a great way to meet new people. Best of luck with your blog hop and we will participate when we can!

  6. Jet, Savannah and Texas – what a creative team you are! I can always use a little vocabulary building! I always have to stop reading and look up a word if I don’t know what it means 🙂 Count me in!!

  7. Jetty, et al (VBP), have done an amazing job thinking this up and putting this together. I was in immediately. Mom wasn’t quite sure because she thought it might take q lot of time. I told her I would help and finally she capitulated (VBP) and agreed. So, we’re in. Any day except Saturday.

  8. Hey Jet! Hi JJ and Miss Lori!
    Oh, thank goodness the truth is finally revealed! This blog hop sounds interesting but it will require a lot of thinking for me to come up with new words. Dear dawg…I need to get my thinkin’ cap out!

    Have a great weekend!!

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