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Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Something shifted today.  A school bus passed us during our walk this morning in addition to joggers.  The brisk air resulting from the cold front which blew through last night stirred up the scents in the neighborhood.     Mom referred to J.J. and me as Mr. and Ms. Sniffy a few times because we lingered on many lawns taking it all in.

We watched Mom prepare lunch for Rachel and herself.  She didn’t even give us a tidbit of turkey from Rachel’s sandwich.  Jet, her turkey has too much salt for you.  Mom… Jet… I gave you two cream cheese (J.J.’s had her anti-biotic in it… shhhh…) Mom, that’s not the same.  Best I can do for now, Jetty.

I heard Mom tell Rachel that today, everyone goes back to school or work.  I’m not exactly sure I understand that, except Rachel already disappeared from the house.  Armando, my friend who visits us now and then and holds this wand-like thing (he’s our exterminator), met J.J. and petted me a little while ago.  He plays hide and go seek inside and outside.

Will Mom disappear soon?  I have a funny feeling she will.  Most days, she pets us, gives us kisses on the head and says, “Guys, time to go earn the biscuits.”  The words don’t compute, however, her tone means she’s headed for the door and then big noises and then QUIET.

Guess that means back to wrestling, toys, bones, and napping for J.J. and me.

Another great daily routine kind of day.


11 thoughts on “Back to…

  1. Hi sweet Jet – are you staying warm? Sure is chilly! I was up super early today because my back tire had a silly nail in it and I had to get it fixed. YUCK I hate car stuff!!!

    Yes I think your right – things are quieter in my development too, I saw the buses this a,m ,also, and the large groups of kids on their bikes are all gone – no more laughter and yelling from all the kids – guess they are in school. My son doesnt go back until thursday – so hes still enjoying sleeping late and video games galore!! What grade is your sister in?

    It’s funny that your Mom calls you and JJ M/M Sniiffy…… I call Cassie Mrs. Sniffington!!! She has enjoyed sniffing all the Christmas trees that are waiting for the chipper as well as the recycle bins with faint smells of holiday treats on them!

    I hope you and your family have a lovely day – stay warm!

    sending lotsa hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Sorry I’m writing so late, Mom’s had a busy day.

      Oh no, tire trouble… we do, too… Mom just told me she has had many a nail in many a tire, it’s no fun.

      My human sister, Rachel, probably wishes she didn’t have school until Thursday, too. She’s in 11th grade, although, I’m not sure what that means.

      Really, Mrs. Sniffington, that’s very funny, Miss Wendy. (Wendy, I think it’s great… sounds like a book or movie title… The Cousin Sniffington visits Mr. & Ms. Sniffy!) Oh, did you read Cassie my post on the pine smell in the morning???

      Miss Wendy, I was too afraid to go out tonight. Mom tried 3 different times, two different exits from the house. I will have to wake up extra early to do business.

      Please tell Cassie, Rex and Barkley to snuggle up and keep you warm… Jetty kisses…

  2. Good night sweet Boy – I hope you and JJ had a fun day without your sweet Mom, Did you wrestle? chew? or just rest after all the holiday hoopla?? I;m off to bed – snuggle up tonight it;s gonna be super cold!

    sending lotsa warm hugs and kisses xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Good Night Miss Wendy. Yes, we did a little of everything and maybe a thing or two I must keep to myself or get “you know who” in trouble.” Mom learned tonight that JJ is quite attracted to yarn, not in the peaceful, admiring way… in the I’d like to chew and unravel it way. Mom was NOT amused.

      Keep toasty warm too, Miss Wendy… sending warm Jetty kisses right back. JJ is the hugger, she mentioned during the second she stayed still that she sends hugs…

  3. Hi Jet – been such a busy day – doing what – I don;t know! every time I sat down at the computer – pool guy came to try to fix pool pump, phone rang, door bell rang, mail came, my son needed something, dogs had to go out, had errands etc!

    Even though it’s not good that JJ chewed/,unraveled Moms yarn – it did make me smile a tiny bit (don;t tell your mom) . That JJ is just full of energy! and a little mischief too!!! Love her joyful spirit!

    Love you both xo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Wow, sounds like you need a nap like I had today. (Actually, I napped a few times.)

      Yes, we think it’s funny too, maybe not so much at the moment, but later for sure! My new sister is quite the character! She brings spunk into the house.

      We love you too, Miss Wendy. Jetty kisses.

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