Cold Snap Fashion

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Good Morning from chilly South Florida!  A guy like me who always wears a black fur coat LOVES crisp days like this.  After my morning constitutional, I love to snuggle in Mom’s bed, in my family room day bed, just the right spot on the couch, even in my office man cave.  Life just doesn’t get much better.

When the temperature drops super low (for us… no snippy remarks about Floridians please), Mom breaks out the sweaters.  I think I may have mentioned in past posts that I suffered the indignity of wearing Koko’s purple sweater for years.  To be fair, she tolerated the slightly snug (how’s that for p.c.?)  yellow M & M sweater my human sister, Rachel, thoughtfully bought for her in Times Square during one of her school trips.  After a particularly cold winter last year, Mom PROMISED to buy me a manly man sweater for this season.  Mom kept her word and purchased a handsome sweater I could feel proud trotting in when this store called Borders went out of business.  So, here’s our winter sweater “catwalk…”

Getting fitted

getting comfy...

greeting the director...

waiting for show time!






Another great and fashionable day…

5 thoughts on “Cold Snap Fashion

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Jennifer. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I appreciate having something new of my own. Mom forgot to mention that there are bones quilted into the manly man material. And, Miss Jennifer, guess what? I do NOT have to have anything touching my back legs, no straps, whoo hoo… on/off in a flash.

      Does Miss Madison where sweaters?

  1. Hi Jet – OOHH you are so handsome in your new green sweater – I love it! and the M & M sweater is very cute – made me chuckle!

    I hope you and JJ had a good day and got to enjoy when the sun warmed things up a bit! My Malamute/Husky, Barclay, really enjoys this brisk weather, being an arctic dog and all – he sure had a lot of pep in step for his walk today!

    Sending hugs to JJ and lotsa smootches to you sweet Jet xoxoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh, thank you, thank you for the compliment. I felt hunky and handsome in my sweater. Do you think I’m ready for GQ? Maybe next to that Ryan Reynolds guy… George Clooney? Dwight Howard? Taye Diggs?

      Mom chuckled a bit looking at JJ as an M & M… she thought if we called it a golden M & M it would be even more special entertaining.

      Happy for Barclay… getting a day to celebrate his Artic roots. Does he walk with swagger?

      JJ asked me to send you hugs and definite Jetty smootches from me!

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