A Drop (Maybe a Cup) of Courage

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Wow, we’re posting late today!  Mom and I had to catch up on Zzzzs because of the last few days.  Since that awful night where the booms started, I cannot seem to muster the courage to go out when the sun goes down.  At some point (very late or extremely early) my tank can’t take it any more and I MUST go empty it.  Mom and I have fallen off schedule; I can sneak in lots of naps, however, she must go earn the biscuits (read this), so, she’s just plain sleepy.

Every time I give Mom the “signal”, which usually looks like me pestering her while she’s working at the computer, she tells me, “Ok, Jetty, let’s try again.”  She puts on my harness or sometimes she leaves my harness on so she can quickly click on my leash before I change my mind.  The process requires three and a half steps:

  • Exit the kitchen/garage door.
  • Exit garage door to outside world.
  • Refrain from making a 180 degree turn back into garage after sniffing the air.
  • (Here’s the half step.) Not hear any pops or booms en route which cause me to pull Mom and JJ really hard all the way home.

Jetty, I know how hard you try.  I can see the wheels turning and the courage meter needle wavering, trying to reach the full line.  You remind me of when I was in 6th grade, playing Dororthy in the Wizard of Oz.  My friend, Bruce, played the Cowardly Lion.  Watching you reminds me of watching his face throughout the play as he gets braver and braver.  Like the Lion, you will get your courage back and find a way to walk at night to empty your tank comfortably.  We go through this every year, you’re a brave boy.  Like I tell you every night when I look in your eyes and kiss you on the nose; I know you can do it.  Thanks Mom.

Another great day and hopefully braver night.


6 thoughts on “A Drop (Maybe a Cup) of Courage

  1. Hi sweet Jet – Guess what – I napped today also! My son finally went back to school, so after cleaning the house, laundery, dog stuff, yardwork etc, I took a nap! I love afternoon naps! I;m glad you and your Mom got to catch up on some zzz’s

    so sorry your still scared of doing you business at night – but like your Mom said you;ll get your courage back soon sweet boy. I know that look you give us when you need to go out, Cassie does it many times day and like you and your Mom sometimes we get ready and she just won;t go – she either smells rain, hears thunder, fireworks etc. So we just try again and soon it works – *sometimes she goes in her safe place on the side of our house if things are just too scary in the neighborhood!’ I know very soon you;ll be back on schedule you brave handsome guy!!

    Sending so many kisses to you xoxoxoxoxox and lotsa hugs to JJ (sorrry can;t hug or kiss Fluffy and Puffy , I;m allergic to cats but tell them I say hi!)

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Another thing you and Mom have in common (naps) and Cassie and I have in common (the scary stuff). Do you dream about us, K9s?

      Mom said I cannot dictate a long response today, she’s something called “behind the 8 ball.” Jetty kisses to you and the gang Miss Wendy, hugs from JJ (she actually napped with us this morning, too.) and I’ll tell Puffy and Fluffy about your allergies. Almost all of Mom’s friends are allergic to cats. Most of them can’t even enter our house. 😦

  2. Jet, maybe it would help if you and Mom sat on the patio or porch (some place where you feel a little safe) and you snuggled close and had a few snacks. Just to install some good feelings sitting outside when it is dark. Then after you are comfortable with that, move to the yard, each day a little farther until you are back to your old self. Hope to finally meet you at the reunion Jetty.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. Wow, you are really smart. I might be willing to try that. My courage meter did not move very much last night. I don’t get how JJ remains her bouncy, chewy self and doesn’t seem to notice the booms except to bark at them.

      I can’t wait to meet you too, Miss Rebecca. Jetty kisses until then.

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