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Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Something shifted today.  A school bus passed us during our walk this morning in addition to joggers.  The brisk air resulting from the cold front which blew through last night stirred up the scents in the neighborhood.     Mom referred to J.J. and me as Mr. and Ms. Sniffy a few times because we lingered on many lawns taking it all in.

We watched Mom prepare lunch for Rachel and herself.  She didn’t even give us a tidbit of turkey from Rachel’s sandwich.  Jet, her turkey has too much salt for you.  Mom… Jet… I gave you two cream cheese (J.J.’s had her anti-biotic in it… shhhh…) Mom, that’s not the same.  Best I can do for now, Jetty.

I heard Mom tell Rachel that today, everyone goes back to school or work.  I’m not exactly sure I understand that, except Rachel already disappeared from the house.  Armando, my friend who visits us now and then and holds this wand-like thing (he’s our exterminator), met J.J. and petted me a little while ago.  He plays hide and go seek inside and outside.

Will Mom disappear soon?  I have a funny feeling she will.  Most days, she pets us, gives us kisses on the head and says, “Guys, time to go earn the biscuits.”  The words don’t compute, however, her tone means she’s headed for the door and then big noises and then QUIET.

Guess that means back to wrestling, toys, bones, and napping for J.J. and me.

Another great daily routine kind of day.