Tug-a-Jug and Other Ideas

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thank you dear readers.  You have taken my posts about the Chewminator to heart. Yesterday, Mom received a link to a blog post about toys for tough chewers. Mom will update the link when her email comes back up. (You do not want to go there with her today on this subject; it’s a really sore one.) Anyway, she read the whole post and looked up several of the items. She even told the story to my human sister, Rachel’s Grandma yesterday at the hospital to do this thing called diverting Grandma’s attention.

The first item that looked Chewminator-worthy is called Tug-a-Jug. I think the three-part construction has a chance to engage JJ, since her teeny tiny limited attention span can keep moving down the toy to get the treats/kibble.  Busy Buddy makes several toys, including dental helpers, which seem like logical choices for JJ.  One unanswered question: does the plastic contain that yucky BPA stuff? If not, we will put  Busy Buddy on the Chewminator’s wish list.

If we save some biscuit money, we may look into stuff from this Nina Ottosson. She makes gizmos that interact with us K9s. Mom liked the one called Tornado, Rachel thinks Mom likes it because of the blue color. No offense to JJ, but… I’m 50/50 about whether this type of interactive stuff will do the trick.

I think JJ would love Vibram’s Chewie Shooey, with the combo rope, rubber shoe; Mom will like the pet-safe materials. According to Rachel, pink and JJ go hand in paw!

Miss Chewminator would probably enjoy the Everlasting Fire Plug, too. When the treats roll around in the Plug, they will drive her wild! (heh, heh…) Again, the materials do not include that dangerous stuff.  By the way, Mom could not resist the golden when choosing the best picture.

Do you have any more suggestions or recommendations? Let us know; Mom’s blanket shrinks daily!

Another great and playful day.


12 thoughts on “Tug-a-Jug and Other Ideas

  1. Lori,

    This is just such a fun blog. You have a real talent for creative writing and I love the way you get into Jet’s “mind”. I’m sure all dog lovers are appreciating this as much as I do!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Gina. Thanks for writing such kind words about my Mom. Feel free to pass along our link, I love new “Pen Pals”! Mom just told me that you cook really well and healthy. Guess I shouldn’t tell you I snatched the remainder of my human sister’s fast food hamburger last night! I promise I eat LOTS of veggies and lean proteins Miss Gina!

  2. Hi sweet Jet – again you (and Mom) cracked me up with stories of JJ the Chewminator! I love “teeny tiny attention span” – but I see Mom made you cross that out!! (still makes me laugh!!)

    I have not had a dog that chews so much so I can;t offer any suggestions for safe toys that might engage her – but I like some of the suggestions from the other folks! I;m sure your wonderful Mom will find her the right thing!

    I read above that you got a little hamburger Jet – was it yummy? last night I made ribs and today I made chix pot pie so all the fur babies got a little taste –

    So sorry Rachel’s Granma has to have surgery – I hope and pray all goes well.

    I am so excited to meet you and your family next week. We are not bringing Miss Cassie – she really does not enjoy being with other dogs – she’s ok with some little ones and some big ones that she knows very well from the neighborhood. I think it;s becuase she was used a breeder and kept in a cage and not at all socialized with other dogs. She is amazing with kids, babies, children and people just doesn’t like her own kind! But we;ll be there and I;ll be looking for your handsome face and can;t wait to hug you!

    sending lotsa hugs and kisses xoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh no, I’m so sorry I will not meet my perfect match. Alas, I understand her predicament and will continue to send her messages through you, Miss Wendy.

      I agree, Mom and I will figure it out, we’re “on the job!” Oh yes, I inhaled that burger while Rachel was in the restroom, gotta act fast sometimes! Mom grilled chicken tonight, so, she uncharacteristically shared a few tidbits while chopping the chicken for her salad.

      Me, too, Miss Wendy, we’re hoping Rachel’s Grandma will experience improvement for her back pain.

      We tried to get in the car today when Mom loaded and later unloaded her items from the Farmers Market. We’re practicing for next week!

      Please send Cassie extra Jetty kisses of understanding, along with the usual for you!

  3. Hey Jetty, Jack here.
    My Mom has bought me every tough chewer toy there is and I can tell you, none and I mean none can withstand my creative chewing. The toughest one lasted 3 days but that was just because I was distracted with other things. I take that back, I have not destroyed my large Kong, and hard tire toy Mom bought me and and hard ball, but that is just because they don’t really interest me, except for the ball. Mom once bought me tennis balls to play with, I popped each one with just one chomp. If you want I can tell you the best technique for stuffed animals. First you perform a squeaklobotamy and remove all the squeakers. Prance around the house teasing everyone and daring them to catch you and take it away. Mom always spoils this game by saying the dreaded words, LEAVE IT and although I am torn, Mom always wins. Then If it has stuffing it I destuff it through the hole left by the squeaker. Mom has not been playing fair lately. She has been buying me toys without stuffing, so half the fun is gone. I play with what Mom calls my skins for a while, sometimes weeks, and then when I get tired of them, I stand, put my paw on them to hold them in place and rip and rip and rip.

    My sister Ginger get so disgusted with me, she has every toy since she was a baby (that is if I haven’t got to them already). Mom puts Ginger on the bed at night and lets her play with her toys (and won’t let me up) so that I won’t take them and rip, rip, rip.

    I’ve tried to be good and not tear them up but I just can’t help myself. (Do you think, I need therapy?) My human Aunt is a shrink and she say it is because I have strong hunting instinct and think of my toys as prey.

    See you Saturday.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Jack. Dude, you sound just like JJ. We really enjoyed your exquisite details, Mom chuckled quite a bit. JJ feels the same way about the no-stuffing fox, she’s definitely at the rip, rip, rip stage. Mom pictured balloons popping as you described the tennis balls!

      Don’t tell anyone, Mom consulted an “animal communicator” about me once. (maybe we’ll post about that soon.)Your Aunt’s opinion resonates with Mom. When we try anything new, we’ll keep you posted.

      We’re looking forward to meeting you, too. I’ll be the one in the black fur coat!

  4. I will be the one in the Jack Daniels bandanna. Look for you there. Have to tell you a funny story about the last reunion. I was still being reward trained for good behavior, so Mom had some treats in her pocket, as soon as we walked in we were mobbed by hundreds (at least it seemed that way) Golden’s that smelled the treats. We Golden’s are very food orientated.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I’m so excited to meet everyone. Mom said I always acted like “Mayor of the Dog Park” when we went. We do not go anymore because something really sad happened there and I seem to injure myself every time. 😦 I’ll try to get some sleep during the long drive so I will be raring to go upon arrival!

      Night Miss Wendy, Jetty Kisses.

  5. Thanks for sharing this post with me, Jet! I didn’t know about these toys and they sure look fun! I like trying out new interactive toys with Bru and learning about which toys are durable and which toys he enjoys most. I’d love to try the Tug-a-Jug and the DogTornado toy by Nina Ottosson. I’d like to help Bru to solve the puzzles and learn new skills. I’ll ordered a Kyjen Hide-a-Squirrel toy that will arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to see if Bru will understand how to pull his squirrels out of the tree. Thanks, again! I’ll keep an eye out for these at the store or order them in my next batch of toys!

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