It’s Like a Regular Zoo Around Here

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Since I had so much to share about the GRSF Reunion the last few days, you don’t know that I solved the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM mysteryJet, who solved the mystery? Ok, Freddy’s Dad filled in the missing pieces when you asked him Sunday at the Farmers Market.  Then… Then you told me after work and I marked it down for my Scooby Doo Academy Coursework.  Good Boy, Jetty, now you can go on with the story.

As I was saying, Mr. Richard told Mom the house behind Vance and Vilda’s house have this thing called a transformer which blew up.  The power company people said that either possums or rats (ewwwww) got into the transformer and… details not fit for reading.

Dixie’s Mom reported seeing several rats on the power lines across the street from her house on Sunday.  (ewwwww)  She screamed. Completely  understandable.  I, Jet, the Bird Dog (or part bird dog from my retriever heritage) spotted three fat birds on the wire parallel to our side yard this morning.  I monitored their conversation carefully before going inside for a nap.

JJ, our creative girl, has recently expanded her animal mimicry skills.  She imitates a gazelle, deer, ibex, antelope (take your pick from that type of creature) when Mom walks down the hall on her way to take us outside.  Her graceful full body leaps really show off previous ballet classes.  Excuse the situation, however, JJ takes a perfect kangaroo posture when doing her solid business.  She can trot like a Budweiser Clydesdale, too.  When we wrestle, Mom says we look like young bucks seeing who will lead the herd.  Finally, when she grips her chewies and shakes her head with reckless abandon, you know she’s watched Jaws a few too many times.

Considering this is dry season, imagine what the rainy season will bring: snakes, frogs, iguanas etc…  Who needs Metrozoo?

Another great creature filled day.


3 thoughts on “It’s Like a Regular Zoo Around Here

  1. Hi sweet Jet – you have me laughing out loud with your descriptions of JJ! She is very animated isn’t she!!

    Unfortunatley I have also seen those brown rats – yuck!! and last night on our 2:30 a.m. walk Cassie and I spotted an opposum – it was kinda cute!

    And guess what I saw on the way to Jacobs school last week??? 2 peacocks!!! YUP – I know crazy! I thought I was seeing things so I double backed and drove past them again – YUP peacocks! I watched them for a few minutes then they flew into someones yard.

    And I saw two green geckos locked in a bloody battle the other day right in front of me on the ground and also 2 squirrels are busy building a lovely nest in the palm tree in our front yard. So you are so right my sweet Jetty – who needs a zoo

    Well off to bed – sending you so many kisses and lotsa hugs to that silly JJ. love you both!!!

    sweet dreams to Mom, Rachel and Fluffy and Puffy also

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Yes, that JJ is a hoot! (get it… owl, hoot!)

      EWWW sorry you have those rat things, too. Peacocks! You know my experience with peacocks Miss Wendy… remember? Yup, we have geckos, too… Puffy and Fluffy chase them and eventually, well… you know…

      Good night Miss Wendy, sending you sweet dream wishes, Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and high paws to Rex, Cassie, Barkley and Jacob too!

      Mom’s trying to catch up on emails, she’s sleepy, too.

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