Sympawny #14

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

Since I felt the need to report on the Westminster show in a timely fashion, I fell behind on the last Valentines occurrence this week.  When Mom, JJ and I went for our morning constitutional at 6:15 a.m., on Valentines Day, the sky was still dark.  Mom carries a flashlight in case we need to see something along the way.  Unexpectedly, we encountered the following:

  • Buddy, the Golden Retriever, barking a baritone staccato Valentines greeting.
  • We rounded the corner to catch a sonorous bay from Max, the beagle.
  • Lola and her new schnauzer sister contributed a frantic mid range duet.
  • Dixie, the mini Doxie, performed her rhythmic soprano bursts of barking.
  • Abby, the Border collie, must have had laryngitis or slept in.
  • Cody tried to conduct (small hint of Napoleon complex with this guy, but, he’s too cute, so, we cut him some slack.) and finally agreed to a protracted barking segment.
  • Freddy the poodle, the elder statesman, made sure everyone stayed on key.
  • Pebbles, the Kathleen Turner voiced boxer, gave her whoa, whoa, whoa solo and tried to purloin my attention from Freddy, Cody, JJ, Mom and Mr. Richard. (No luck this time.)
  • Lola the chocolate lab gave a far away bark from the back part of her house.
  • Vance, Vilda, and Rex, (the Westies and … not sure what heritage Rex has) flew out their doggie door and added a percussion component like a washboard from the wire mesh covering their metal gate.  They became so excited as we passed, they created a three-part fast paced harmony in a loud, slightly squeaky tone.
  • Simba slept in as far as we could tell, as did Neve.

By the time we reached our lawn again, I realized we spontaneously created SYMPAWNY #14, an ode to Valentines Day.  I never realized the vast array of musical talent we have on one oblong block.  Now, if we had just recorded the piece for posterity.  Darn.  Guess we’ll have to go for a future jam session.

Another great and symphonic day.

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14 thoughts on “Sympawny #14

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Sugar. I woke Mom at 3:38 a.m. today because I was too scared to empty my tank and walk last night. I’m napping already, I hope Mom can squeeze one in before going out with Auntie Liz.

      Mom says to enjoy your late morning walks, they’re decadent and wonderful! Have a great day, Sugar!

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – loved your post – what a fun and musically talented neighborhood you live in! I really enjoyed how you described how each dog creates music – we have a hound mix fellow behind us that can bay/howl with the best of them! and so true about doxies and their little yappy type bursts of barking!! we have a lovely girl Golden who attacks her fence with a ferocious sounding bark when we pass by as well as a cute fluffy shizu who makes little tiny barks!!

    I hope you all had a nice day enjoying this beautiful weather and I really hope Rachel is feeling better!

    sending goodnight kisses to you sweet Jet and hugs to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Thanks so much, you always make me do “shy face” with your compliments.

      Maybe, you humans can do that “recording” stuff and we can put out a CD for GRSF!

      Mom has lots to share about today, except she signed this thingie called a confidentiality agreement!

      Rachel is coming around, thanks for asking… her (and my) grandpa didn’t feel well, though. That’s why mom is soooo late responsing.

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

  2. Wow. You sure have a lot of friends in your neighborhood. How fun. This was a very creative post, and it made us laugh. Love the photo, too. We also get up early for our walks. We’re out the door by 6 a.m. and that way we get a walk in before the 2 legged children say good-bye to us to go to school. x Moxie and the Berner Girls

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi guys (Mom taught me this term – she’s from New Jersey!). Thanks for the compliments. Mom and I work really hard to provide creative posts. If only you were nearby, we’d have morning walking partners! Exactly, we’re done with our morning walk before Rachel rolls out of bed!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Rocco. Mom is really friendly. When she began walking Koko in 2005, she began learning the K9 distribution in the neighborhood. More and more K9s joined families in the neighborhood and by the time I joined the family, Mom proactively asked if anyone wanted to walk with her. Soon, we had a group of four humans that Mom could call. Nothing is formal, if it works, it works. Add humans and K9s that pass us and voila, we learned who’s who on the block! Also, Mom takes us on about 4 different routes so, the K9 names add up!

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