Booms, Pops, and now FIRE?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Can I just recap the week?  Tough stuff I tell ya…How much is a guy supposed to endure?

Saturday: Booms, pops, streaky lights and smoke for hours on end with lots of screaming.  Go out? You must be kidding!

Sunday: A few booms, good amount of pops, can’t trick me into going out, uh uh.

Monday: Pops sprinkled throughout the afternoon and evening.  Mom tries to strategically take me out.  Mary Ann and Dixie come over for extra support.  We walk down the block 3 houses, I hear a pop and that’s the end of that.

Tuesday:  Less pops, my human sister, Rachel, tries to work her magic with me.  Even she can’t convince me to leave the garage.

Wednesday:  Random pops, I make it to the canal in the backyard for a quick tank emptying and scurry back into the house.

Thursday: Mary Ann and Dixie visit again.  I join the pack for about 5 minutes, empty my tank quickly, hear the pop before the humans and Mom brings me back to the house and continues the walk with the girls.

Last night:  I make it to the stop sign at the corner of my yard, empty the tank, pause, and then signal to go home.  When Mom and JJ continue to walk, Mom notices fireplace smells.  She realizes that’s why I continue my reluctance to walk.  You see, the border collie part of me instinctively knows fire equals danger for my herd.  (herd in the loosest sense here.) Why would I put any of us in danger?  So, I go from fearful to protective and smart as a whip in one night!  Jetty, I think you’re putting a spin on things, to a degree.  I’ll give you the border collie instinct if you admit to working on your fear.  Well… Ok, Mom, I can do that.  I’m proud of you, Jet. 

Another great, when will this stuff end? day.


6 thoughts on “Booms, Pops, and now FIRE?

  1. Good Morning sweet Jet – guess what – I took Cassie out around 3ish and she sniffed left and right and wouldn;t budge! She gets scared of he fire smells too! I was going to tell you about the fire smells this a.m. – I think it’s coming from fire in the everglades – our town Weston sits right on the border of the glades so we get ash and lotsa fire smells. Boy you and her are so similiar! You are so brave and wonderful for protecting your “herd” from the chance of fire!!

    I ;m so sorry you’e had such a tough time of it sweet boy – did JJ mind the smell? How is her cold? I was at the doctor with my son last night he has a sinus infection – I hope you have a fun and restful day!

    Sending lotsa kisses and hugs xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet Here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh no, you’re ok, right, right Miss Wendy? If you smell fire, remember, STOP, DROP, and ROLL. I get a little hypersensitive about fire, Miss Wendy, it’s in the genes. Please tell Cassie, I empathize with her… Thank you Miss Wendy, it’s in the job description… Boy of the house/herding captain!

      Miss Wendy, I made it to my friend Dixie’s house around the corner tonight and then I heard bad things. Mom tried to explain it was a ladder and a saw cutting tile, next door to Mary Ann’s house. I didn’t care. I pulled to Dixie’s house and sat down right at her front door, period. Luckily they were home and we played in backyard for a minute or two and then my BFF, Mary Ann, gave me a HUGE rawhide. (Mom stashes a bunch over there for just such an occasion.) When we left, I went home the short way, phew, safe and sound.

      Jetty kisses to you Miss Wendy.

  2. Sweet dreams Jet, JJ, Mom Rachel. Fluff and Puffy – hope you had a good day! sending goodnight hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Same to you Miss Wendy from all of us. JJ’s distracting us with yet another toy. I had to leave my spot under the desk to wrestle that girl away from Mom’s dancing fingers on her keyboard! Empty the tank time – gotta go…

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