The Pack is Back

Hey its Jet here.

Last night, Mom got a last minute text from Beverly asking if we were walking.  Turns out, Mom was in the process of harnessing me up.  Mom told me I had to pick up Neve like a proper gentleman at her door.  When I reached their big tree, I happily ran from the tree to Neve’s door. Neve and Beverly returned from some place called Omaha late Sunday night.  They stayed away too long as far as we’re concerned.  I love Neve; she’s a white, fluffy bijon/poodle (hey Mom, can you verify this heritage?) who let’s me know when it’s time to bark.  Beverly gives me lots of attention and her husband, Giovanni, tells me private manly man stuff in Italian. (Jet, Beverly told me this evening that Neve is a Maltise/Bijon mix… 11-5-11)

Mary Ann and Dixie already agreed to meet us, so as we rounded the corner Dixie and Neve  reacquainted themselves, we doubled back and off we went for a pack walk.  Beverly caught Mary Ann and Mom up on the last month including how she adopted a Malti-poo for her Dad and almost convinced Giovanni that Maggie should become another member of their family!  The girls and I enjoyed the scents and pace of walking together too.  Mom and I returned home in a great mood.

Oh, another member of the pack returned last week from his summer in the Carolinas.  Freddie, a fourteen year old poodle, ranks as the elder statesman of the group.  His Dad, Richard, usually visits with us around 6:30 a.m. when Mom and I run a little behind schedule.  Freddie’s Mom, Stephie, sometimes joins the evening pack for a walk and visit with the humans.   The only team still enjoying time away is Denise and Samson, the golden doodle.  Sam loved my sister, Koko, and will probably miss her for a long while when we resume chase time in his backyard.  Sam’s hiking daily in Sedona and Denise will show the humans gorgeous photos of their hikes when they come back.

Mom and I treasure our pack.  Spending time with our friends makes the day brighter and connects us to more parts of our world.  We sniff, bark, walk, trot, (do our business), laugh, chat, give advice, take advice meet other teams walking in the neighborhood enriching our lives.  Pack time’s importance is even greater now that Koko has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Mom and I have empty space to adjust to.

Another Great Day!


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