Do I Look Like a Pin Cushion?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Last night, after we returned home from our evening walk, JJ and I enjoyed our Bone-a-Mint treats.  Mom had lots of computer work, so I naturally relaxed in my favorite location under the desk by Mom’s right foot.  She stayed there for hours and hours after she converted my dictation to yesterday’s post.  JJ and I required attention along the way; Mom threw rope toys into the hallway for JJ and gave me some much needed massaging.  When she touched my leg, she exclaimed, “OUCH!”  Mom gently passed her hand through my fur again and extracted this.

While it may look small to you, when you have several poking you like pins, believe me, size doesn’t matter.  Mom said she would comb me out and she kept her promise all the while telling me in her sweet voice that she was sorry those mean needles had the nerve to poke me like that.  My “flea comb” (I don’t have fleas, however, it’s a great tool for sticker and pin removal), caught about 30 of these pins throughout my fur, concentrated mostly on my legs and paws.

Mom ended up sitting on a stray pin as she scooched around the floor to comb my whole body.  Now she REALLY understands my pain!  She told me about the time a few years back when Koko and I found our way into a huge patch of pins and after a Spa Day with pre-combing and post combing, she removed about 200 from each of us.

She also told me that the pins reminded her of her visit to Arizona.  Mom decided to take a trail ride.  The guide warned her about this tree/shrub (she cannot recall the name) which shoots spikes like porcupine quills into the horses if they brush up against it.  YOUCH!

I hope I can remember to be more careful this morning, although we’re not sure what plant to avoid.  After all, do I look like a pin cushion?

Another great non-pin cushion day.


4 thoughts on “Do I Look Like a Pin Cushion?

  1. Oh My Goodness sweet Jet – that is terrible – those nasty pins – poking you in your gorgeous fur the nerve!!!

    I;m sorry that happened to you and sorry also that Mom sat on one – that musta hurt! I was walking Cassie (many times today the weather was so beautiful) and I was looking for a plant/shrub that produces those nasty pins but did not locate one. Please be careful – love you so much xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Thanks for sticking up for me! (get it… sticking up… ha ha).

      So far, today I only have those little green sticky ones on my paws, no big deal. Glad you and Cassie were able to enjoy the great outdoors today.

      Right now, JJ and I are chomping away on hooves, happy, happy, happy.

      Love you too Miss Wendy, lots of Jetty Kisses and JJ Hugs.

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