More De”tails”…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom told my Auntie Liz more about the GRSF reunion last night.  I heard Auntie Liz laugh when Mom shared about the agility course.  You see, the park had agility toys for us.  Mom thought I would just love to walk up this climbing thing and run down the other side.  Since I only wore my collar, she held it firmly to keep my attention and sweetly spoke encouraging words with her “You can do it, Jetty” attitude.  Ok, I figured I would climb the first section to give Mom some pawsitive reinforcement.  As expected, she praised my success and encouraged me to continue.  Judiciously (vocabulary expansion), I walked up sections 2-4 until I reached the apex.  Mom congratulated me big time.  She and I were on top of the world… until I layed down and began to do the backwards slide.  Mom tried to slow me down with no luck; I slid right back down onto the dirt.

JJ happened to pass by so Mom figured she would attempt the climb with her.  Little Miss Show Off barely needed Mom’s guidance, she trotted to the apex and posed for pictures.  JJ must have had gymnastic training before joining us because she jumped right off hitting the ground trotting like “no big deal!”  hmpf… She didn’t make dirt angels!  Jetty, each being finds activities right for them; I was so proud of you for trying while the park bustled with K9s and people.

Miss Sharon from the Rescue sold beautiful Golden Greeting cards to Mom.  The proceeds help GRSF with their vet bills.  Ask her to write you a letter so you can see the cards.

Lots of humans wanted to meet Boozer and his family.  His dad puts really cool pictures and stories of Boo on the GRSF facebook page.  I heard lots of clicks from Boozer’s dad’s camera; can’t wait to see the results online.

Oh, two of the Christmas puppies attended the reunion.  I watched one of the puppies play with some pals in the dirt.  He ended up looking like a Dalmatian instead of a golden!  Bet he took a long bath Saturday night.  JJ and I deferred Spa Day until yesterday because of the late return home and subsequent nap.  Mom wanted me to let you know that it took double the shampoo on my back and belly from my artistic dirt expressions.

Another great day.


2 thoughts on “More De”tails”…

  1. HI sweet Jetty – I did really love your dirt angels – I was cracking up -you looked so happy while on your side digging away! you are so full of personalty!!

    Whilest JJ did do a lovely job on the agility course you gave it a great try and like I tell Jacob, no one is good at everything! I think you were terrific running, playing, talking with the other dogs and socializing!!!

    I bet poor Mom had to scrub extra to get all that dirt out of your beuatiful long fur! I heard someone say maybe next year they should have a mobile groomer come toward the end of the renuion – probably would make a fortune! We have alot of those mobile groomers in our area – but I;m always nervous they would just take off with my dog – our course if it was Rex our Pom, they would return him because he;s a yippy barker! (only kidding we love Rex alot!!!)

    I bought those lovely handpainted dog notes also – me and Mom should write to each other

    Well good night sweet boy sending so many kisses to you and hugs to JJ, and warm hugs to Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo
    p.s. How is Rachels Grandma feeling? I hope better

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I’m glad you appreciated my creative expression! Mom says stuff like that all the time, are you sure you two didn’t grow up together???

      Mom really likes spa day, she says it’s something called a bonding experience. All I know is she says how handsome I am, how good I smell, and what a good boy I am the whole time. I don’t think the groomer would do that, do you?

      You are funny about Rex, Miss Wendy.

      How fun would that be to write to each other like pen pals, Miss Sharon has such talent.

      Jetty Kisses, JJ hugs, Puffy “I may let you pet me”, and Fluffy meows and purrs.

      Thanks for asking, they were unable to do surgery today, will learn more tomorrow.

      PS. Mom says to congratulate your team for it’s victory yesterday. Unfortunately, our house will root for the Giants in what is it called? Oh yeah, the Superbowl.

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