My First Blogspondent Assignment – Part II

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom and I posted our first interview.  Thanks again to Ledy Vankavage, Senior Legislative Attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, for taking the time to educate us on such timely and important issues.

Back to the interview…

MOM:  Can you help us educate people on breed profiling/discrimination, since our legislation is up for a vote on MONDAY!

LV:  I recommend that people visit The National Canine Resource Council as a source of reliable information and in particular the Pit bull Placebo.     Pit Bulls are the new landsharks thanks in large part to the media. Pit Bull Misidentification: Did you know that Animal Control workers and police officers misidentify pit bulls 75% of the time?  We know this from DNA testing.

MOM:  Wow!  I (Mom) remember when Dobermans were considered vicious, child eaters, inbred to promote their aggressive aspects.   Then, the hype moved on to Shepherds, then to Rottweilers, now Pitbulls.  How do the power breeds segue from perceived landsharks to pets?

LV:  When people realize breed profiling does not work.  Of course, if a breed increases in popularity, more incidents will occur.  Any dog can bite or become aggressive.

MOM:  What approach would you prefer legislators to pursue?  

LV:  I favor Reckless Owner Ordinances.  This type of law punishes the human for inappropriate behavior and prohibits the person from owning an animal for a substantial amount of time after a conviction of abuse, neglect, etc…

MOM:  Since you worked with pet adoptions, on Jet’s behalf, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on black pearls (black dogs). 

LV:  Of course.  You’re correct, black dogs have about a 40% lower adoption rate and if the black dog has a blocky head, forget it, they’re toast.  (meaning 90% lower adoption rate.) As you know, black dogs make wonderful pets, color discrimination has no scientific data behind it.

MOM:  Can I check in with you in a few months see what’s going on?

LV:  Sure, let’s hope we speak on Monday, when the Miami Dade breed ban hopefully fails…

MOM:  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat and all you do to protect those without a voice.

Another great, educational, newsy day.

Thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume for sponsoring today’s Hop.

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28 thoughts on “My First Blogspondent Assignment – Part II

    • Hey Bongo, Jet here. Exactly, if and when the humans do not treat us K9s right and that is all we learn, then we pay the price… Let the human “owners” take responsibility and receive the consequences I say!

  1. YES YES YES!!!!!!! Wonderful interview and post. This issue is so important to me and I wish more people would see that a breed does not make a dog dangerous…people train dogs to be dangerous. Pit Bulls (or dogs merely resembling Pits) get a bad rap, especially in our community in MDC. The BSL law needs to be repealed– I support HB 997 and SB 1322 ALL THE WAY!!!!! We need to stop spending taxpayer dollars on euthanizing them by the thousands when many are perfectly good family dogs. It is so absurd, sad and cruel. I favor Reckless Owner Laws because unlike BSL laws, they are effective in reducing dog attacks, dog bites and dangerous dogs.

    GREAT POST– we loved your interview!!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Deanna. Yippee, glad you liked our interview and post. We feel strongly about the subject as well. Go Reckless Owner Laws, woof, woof. We’re crossing paws and fingers that the law is repealed on Monday. Mom said sometimes, our community government humans do silly, silly things.

      We hopped over to your site and LOVED it. Let’s stay connected… Oh, btw, if your pack likes fresh colorful eggs from the farm, let us know… 🙂

  2. Best Friends is my favorite charity. I have donated for over ten years. Perfect example is how they rehabilitated Vick’s pit bulls. 99% of dogs only want to love and be loved (the other 1% have serious issues from breeding, mental illness etc.) If a dog is abused he will try to protect itself and it then pronounced aggressive. If a dog is taught to be aggressive by its owner, it does that to please its owner, either out of fear or love. You are so right Jet and Bongo, it is the human owners that should take responsibility and pay the consequences. I am so jealous that your Mom and Rachel got to go to Best Friends. If I won the lottery, I would give them 1M to keep up the good work.

    Hugs and pets to you and JJ, hugs to Mom for all the great things she does.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. How’s Jack?

      Oh Miss Rebecca, you are so express our feelings to a “J”! We appreciated what they did with the Vick Pit Bull’s too. When many of them went to forever homes after rehabilitation, we had goosebumps.

      Maybe we can all road trip it out there one day to volunteer!!! 🙂

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs right back to you, Mr. Rebecca and Jack.

      Mom says thank you for the compliments.

  3. Hi Y’all,

    My Human always felt that humans are responsible for the reputations of their dogs.

    Just hopped by to catch up on your happenings and say hello! Have a great weekend!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hey Dexter, Jet here. Mom was this thing called dumbfounded when she learned about the black pearl situation. Remember the saying, black is beautiful? Well, if I don’t say so myself… uh… except I would say handsome for beautiful!!!

  4. Hey Jet, Jack here. I am really miserable right now. I still am itchy. Mom just bathed me with a special shampoo and hopefully it will help. She also bought some stuff called witch hazel that Boozer talked about. Don’t know what it is but it doesn’t sound good. To top it all off, my ear infection is still not gone, so every night Mom chases me around the bedroom with Q-tips and medicine. I try to hid but there is no where to go, I am to big to get under the bed. Than Mom makes me lay down and spays my belly and legs with this cortisone spray. I am so tired of it that last night I refused to lay down and Mom had to wrestle me to the floor. I felt bad but enough is enough. Mom says that it doesn’t make her too happy either. My sister Ginger lays on the bed and laughs. Mom says that the only saving grace is that I take my benadryl like a trooper (whatever that means). Thanks for asking though. Hopefully I will have a good report next time.

    • Hey Jack, Jet here. Dude, what’s going on? So sorry to read about your medical stuff. JJ can’t shake her ear infection (s) either. Not to get too personal, but… Jack, she has hairy ears, much more than Koko had. She does not like the cleaning solution (all natural if you want the name) and then wait a bit, then goop. Mom does the 30 second ear massage to make sure it goes doooowwwnnnn the ear canal. Then she kisses JJ and gives her a treat.

      I get the itchies too. Last night was the first night Mom and I got bitten by ??? Mom’s been scratching her left hand and forearm and I’m working on some places. Witch Hazel is all natural, don’t worry about the witch part… Mom used some in her aromatherapy business formulas. We also found some success with Vet’s best spray (all natural, you know Mom)…Did you have an allergic reaction? Mom uses that benedryl stuff when the booms are at their worst.

      Maybe you should get a Woofwide Wrestling Federation nom de plume! Remember, JJ already has dibs on “The Chewminator!”

      Hope you feel more comfortable Jack. And Ginger… BE NICE… Miss Rebecca, hope medicating goes smoothly for you.

  5. Hi sweet Jetty – great post – you are a great Blogspondent! full of useful info! I agree with the other posters – it;s the humans mistreatment that makes the animals act aggresively – and I totally support the Reckless Owner Law.

    If you and Jack’s Mom ever get together to volunteer at Best Friends maybe I could come too?

    sending so many goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy
    (p,s how is JJ doing with getting along with Fluffy and Puffy?)

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Can you say ROAD TRIP!! Thanks for your compliment, I liked being a Blogspondent, may look into that major with Scooby Doo Academy. 🙂

      Sending bunches of Jetty Kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

  6. Hey Jet, this is some great correspondence you have here. I haven’t read the entire two posts yet so I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment that I just dropped by.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. I like that ordinance idea also. That way no breed is singled out, because, as we all know, any dog has the potential for being dangerous if the owner is irresponsible.

    • Hey Sophie, Jet here. You’re most welcome Sophie, exercising my creativity keeps my brain active, Mom says… Oh, also, we LOVE to laugh…best way to get through the day.

  8. Great interview! Love the idea of reckless owner ordinances! It puts the blame where it belongs, not on the animal who is only trying to please his/her companion. We’re going through the same thing with Pitties here in California.

    Jet, you are gorgeous! You look like my sweet Daphne, who we lost last Thanksgiving after 16 great years together. Many of my furkids are black: there’s nothing prettier than a healthy, shiny, obsidian-black coat!

    Love you blog and writing style! Will return for a visit soon. (And thanks for visiting the LAPCATS blog!)

    • Hey Lapcats, Jet here.

      Oh thank you, thank you for your compliments on my first blogspondent effort. I wish the ordinance got repealed last week, alas, it did not. (those goofy humans…) Mr. Caesar helps the pitty effort in your state, right???

      Thank you, I must confess, I do love to be called gorgeous, handsome etc… it makes me feel quite special. I had spa day today, so, now I smell excellent, according to Mom. Mom loves the word obsidian, too! She tried to name me onyx, however, my human sister rejected the name strongly. She said it wasn’t manly enough. Sorry you lost Daphne, perhaps she is frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge with my golden sister, Koko, who passed in October. I wrote a post about black pearls if you wish to read it, just put that in the search box. 🙂

      Mom and I both thank you for the writing compliment, she’s my editor/transcriber. We’d love to have you back. We’ll visit you as well. Oh, tomorrow, 2 felines (won’t mention who) will be featured in our Mischief Monday post!

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