My First Blogspondent Assignment – Part II

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom and I posted our first interview.  Thanks again to Ledy Vankavage, Senior Legislative Attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, for taking the time to educate us on such timely and important issues.

Back to the interview…

MOM:  Can you help us educate people on breed profiling/discrimination, since our legislation is up for a vote on MONDAY!

LV:  I recommend that people visit The National Canine Resource Council as a source of reliable information and in particular the Pit bull Placebo.     Pit Bulls are the new landsharks thanks in large part to the media. Pit Bull Misidentification: Did you know that Animal Control workers and police officers misidentify pit bulls 75% of the time?  We know this from DNA testing.

MOM:  Wow!  I (Mom) remember when Dobermans were considered vicious, child eaters, inbred to promote their aggressive aspects.   Then, the hype moved on to Shepherds, then to Rottweilers, now Pitbulls.  How do the power breeds segue from perceived landsharks to pets?

LV:  When people realize breed profiling does not work.  Of course, if a breed increases in popularity, more incidents will occur.  Any dog can bite or become aggressive.

MOM:  What approach would you prefer legislators to pursue?  

LV:  I favor Reckless Owner Ordinances.  This type of law punishes the human for inappropriate behavior and prohibits the person from owning an animal for a substantial amount of time after a conviction of abuse, neglect, etc…

MOM:  Since you worked with pet adoptions, on Jet’s behalf, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on black pearls (black dogs). 

LV:  Of course.  You’re correct, black dogs have about a 40% lower adoption rate and if the black dog has a blocky head, forget it, they’re toast.  (meaning 90% lower adoption rate.) As you know, black dogs make wonderful pets, color discrimination has no scientific data behind it.

MOM:  Can I check in with you in a few months see what’s going on?

LV:  Sure, let’s hope we speak on Monday, when the Miami Dade breed ban hopefully fails…

MOM:  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat and all you do to protect those without a voice.

Another great, educational, newsy day.

Thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume for sponsoring today’s Hop.

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