Black Friday, I Can Woof With That

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Did you have a fun Thanksgiving?  I watched my human sister bake A LOT… Did she share with me?  NO!  She said stuff like, Jetty, you can’t have this thing called chocolate.  Excuses, excuses…  Oh, and while I’m at it, Mom watched the National Dog Show.  The golden made it into the final sporting group selection, but, not the top 4.  Hmph.  The flat coat retriever and the border collie didn’t even make it into their groups’ final choices.  Double hmph. Jet, let’s remember good sportsmanship.  Yes, Mom.

Anyway, I digress.  So, Mom told me that today is this thing called Black Friday.  How nice of the world to commemorate the fetching color of my fur!  Not all black dogs have luck like me.  Have you ever heard of Black Dog Syndrome?   “Well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation, black dogs are much more difficult to find homes for. They are the last dogs to find homes and often among the first to be euthanized.”

The following thoughts contribute to BDS:

  • Some people have the crazy idea that us black pearls bring bad luck like that whole silly black cat thing.
  • We may not photograph as well as other fur colors making us less eye catching on websites. Second Chance Photos can teach you how to make us look our best.
  • Now I like movies like the next K9 (Marley and Me? Inspired!), however, that Hollywood place often selects black dogs for scary movies.
  • Our most beautiful selves do not shine in shelter cages.

I’m super lucky, Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida loved my face (what can I say?) and broke me out of the shelter with four days to spare.  They help flat coat retrievers now-a-days, too.  (thank you, thank you, thank you.)

So, when you shop ‘til you drop today and if you’re thinking of adding a furry member to your family this holiday season, remember – Black is beautiful.

Another great black pearl day.


12 thoughts on “Black Friday, I Can Woof With That

    • Hey, it’s Jet here… My human sister, Rachel, adopted a black cat 2 years ago named Bella. She has the most beautiful tail according to Mom. hmpf… I thought my tail was the most beautiful…

      Your words are perfect Miss Wendy…

  1. My Peanut says “Thank you, Jet, for telling people how wonderful we black dogs are. I’m a little black dachshund who was shuffled around from one house to another after having been tossed out of a car by my first owners. I was finally taken into foster care and then my foster mom and dad found me so irresistible they adopted me! I have two dachshund “siblings”, one is black and tan and the other is an old red girl with a frosty white face. Keep up the good work, Jet. We have to spread the word about adopting black dogs! “

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Phoebe and Peanut. I’m so sorry to hear of your story beginnings, the end is great though! My story beginning has words that I can’t bear to dictate to Mom and she doesn’t even want me to see them EVER AGAIN. I’m so happy Mom, my human sister, Puffy, Fluffy and You Know Who share their lives with me.

      I agree Peanut, will you help me get the word out? If you can think of any days we can slip in a reminder on my blog, let me know. I hope you’ll have Miss Phoebe read you more of my posts, Mom says it makes a lot of human mouths turn up in the corners and high paws from my K9 bretheren!

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  5. My Flat Coat Bruno was a victim of BDS also…He spent almost a year in a tiny shelter in Wisconsin. The staff loved him so they made him their pet project. He was quite large (esp for a Flat Coat – weighing in at about 100#) and young and most visitors were afraid of him. When I went there to pick up a dog I was going to foster for our Labrador Retriever rescue they begged me to take him too. He came out into the play yard and it was mutual love at first sight (although I’d had no intention of adopting another dog myself). I mumbled something about finding him a home, knowing full well he and I were made for each other. Bruno shared my life for 8 years, then I lost him all too soon. I’ve told Gizmo all about Bruno and we often visit a spot I call “Bruno’s Bench”.

    • Hey Gizmo, Jet here. Hi Miss JG.

      Mom had a little sniffle in her voice as she read me the last part of your comment. What a beautiful gift Miss JG gave to Bruno. I’m glad you get to visit his bench and share memories. We’d love to see a photo if Miss JG wants to share. 🙂

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