Riddle Me This…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

JJ, Mom and I just returned from our predawn walk in the fresh, crisp, day 1 of cold front air.  Remember how much I love the scent of pine?  If not, no worries, read this.  To my utter delight and surprise, five houses along our path this morning graced their lawns with Christmas trees ready for Monday’s garbage pickup. Ahhh… to smell the limbs… to empty my tank… good stuff for a Saturday morning!

On the subject of walking routes, Riddle Me This:  What is the difference between walking clockwise on our morning route in the predawn darkness versus the post sunset darkness?

Here’s the back-story to help you.  Almost every weekday morning we journey in a clockwise rectangular route passing: my friend, Dixie’s house, my non-friend, Abby the border collie’s house (I’ve tried, really.) Pebbles, the boxer with the deep bark’s house, Freddie’s house, Lola the chocolate lab’s house, Pepper the medium sized poodle’s house, Vance & Vilda the Westies’ house, Simba’s house, Neve’s house, Sammy’s house and finally back home.  We pass other houses, too, however, it’s easier for me to remember the houses with other K9s in them.

At night, depending on who we walk with, if anyone, the weather, the time, and/or my personal curiosity, we head out one of three ways.  If we choose to copy our morning path, we usually stop and either pick Dixie and Mary Ann up or at least say hello.  For some reason, after that I will NOT continue in a clockwise fashion.  Mom tries:

  • “Jet” therapy techniques,
  • her “I’m serious” voice,
  • encouragement from Mary Ann,
  • “snap out of it” techniques from Caesar and
  • anything else she can think of at the moment.

A clue:  If we can somehow travel by two or three houses, I eventually get back into normal rhythm.

Another great and enigmatic day.


4 thoughts on “Riddle Me This…

  1. Hi Hi Sweet Jet!!! OMG Jet I swear you and Cassie must be somehow related! Her afternoon walks are always to the right when it gets dusk/dark she only goes left. MIddle of the night walks can go either way depending on where she smells my neighbors cats! Then there are the some very specific, exact spots that she won;t budge from unless I cross the street – this happens each and every time!

    Much like your Mom I try many different things what sometimes works is if I really am in a hurry and have to walk a certain direction and she won;t budge – I walk her in a little circle and try to confuse her and raise my voice and try to to her going in the desired direction that I want. sometimes works sometimes doesn;t!!

    You dogs never cease to amaze me!

    sending lotsa kisses and hugs!

    p.s. hoping Rachel’s Grandma is feeling better xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I think I’m going to marry that girl. Cassie and I are like peas in the pod. Oh, by the way, Mom says thank heavens you understand. She said she likes that circle idea, they do that with horses, too, she told me to tell you! Only 1 week until I meet you in person Miss Wendy, whoo hoo. Mom will have to sleep well the night before, it’s a Looonnnggg drive.

      Mom and Rachel visited Rachel’s Grandma again today… she will have surgery next week. Rachel stayed to keep her company for the afternoon. She was going to do this girlie stuff called a manicure. Jet… Yes Mom? You know… Fine. Rachel told Mom that her Grandma was snoring by the time she asked her to pick out a color!

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you Miss Wendy.

      P.S. Mom just got home, so, we had a late dinner and will take her for a walk in a few minutes. 🙂

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