Tug-a-Jug and Other Ideas

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thank you dear readers.  You have taken my posts about the Chewminator to heart. Yesterday, Mom received a link to a blog post about toys for tough chewers. Mom will update the link when her email comes back up. (You do not want to go there with her today on this subject; it’s a really sore one.) Anyway, she read the whole post and looked up several of the items. She even told the story to my human sister, Rachel’s Grandma yesterday at the hospital to do this thing called diverting Grandma’s attention.

The first item that looked Chewminator-worthy is called Tug-a-Jug. I think the three-part construction has a chance to engage JJ, since her teeny tiny limited attention span can keep moving down the toy to get the treats/kibble.  Busy Buddy makes several toys, including dental helpers, which seem like logical choices for JJ.  One unanswered question: does the plastic contain that yucky BPA stuff? If not, we will put  Busy Buddy on the Chewminator’s wish list.

If we save some biscuit money, we may look into stuff from this Nina Ottosson. She makes gizmos that interact with us K9s. Mom liked the one called Tornado, Rachel thinks Mom likes it because of the blue color. No offense to JJ, but… I’m 50/50 about whether this type of interactive stuff will do the trick.

I think JJ would love Vibram’s Chewie Shooey, with the combo rope, rubber shoe; Mom will like the pet-safe materials. According to Rachel, pink and JJ go hand in paw!

Miss Chewminator would probably enjoy the Everlasting Fire Plug, too. When the treats roll around in the Plug, they will drive her wild! (heh, heh…) Again, the materials do not include that dangerous stuff.  By the way, Mom could not resist the golden when choosing the best picture.

Do you have any more suggestions or recommendations? Let us know; Mom’s blanket shrinks daily!

Another great and playful day.