Thursday Reading Results

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Since Mom works from home on Thursdays, she plows through an average of 500-600 emails during the day.  Some she can automatically delete, some she saves for quality reading later, and the rest she skims right then and there. Just like JJ, who organizes her toys by room, Mom organizes many of her emails in Outlook folders. Two emails made it to the K9 folder yesterday for sharing today.

Last Sunday, Blog the Change for Animals held their quarterly posting day.  Several posts covered the subject of dogs left in cars during warm months. We visited a great link from one of the blogs and decided to post the yellow badge you will see on the right side of our blog now.  Living in the tropics, most humans “get it”, however, every now and then you will see a K9 trapped in the oven car.

Mom read about this great Dog Safety thermometer tool which makes the point even more OBVIOUS for those humans who aren’t exactly sure when the temperature = DANGEROUS!

The next item Mom read to JJ and I, ok, then we watched the video for a minute or so, will provide your awww, so cute moment for the day.  You can watch Holly’s Half Dozen (6 golden puppies) puppy cam 24/7 for 8-10 weeks to see the evolution of this group of puppies as they train for their future as service dogs for Veterans with PTSD.  Warrior Canine Connection bridges patients from Walter Reed Military Medical Center and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence provide with the puppies to provide social interaction training.  Win-Win all around!

Another great, glad Mom reads so much, day.


Mom Messed Up

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, for the first time, Mom disappointed me.  I’ll chalk it up to an honest oversight, because I know how much she loved my sister and how much she loves me.  In fact, from what I’ve observed, she loves all K-9s.  Here’s what happened.

We had our usual great day, as you read in my Spa Day post.  We took an extra long nap, a nice walk, Mom brushed me while I dozed in the evening, you get the picture.  She did this TIVO thing for one of her favorite shows, NOT ON ANIMAL PLANET (not that I’m judging her), called Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  They asked humans to call in to support the humans who serve (d) our great country.  She went on line instead to this Rise and Honor place and gave as much money as she could.  So far, so good.  Except… that was IT.

Now Mom knows better.  She and my sister, Koko, were a therapy dog

team with Therapy Dogs, Inc. for 4 ½ years at Miami Children’s Hospital and 1 year at S. Miami Hospital.  She knows about Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International.  So many of my fellow K-9s serve humans in the military as well as after the humans come home.

Yesterday, on 11/11/11, our post should have focused on my K-9 brethren that help active duty military personnel and returning veterans.  Over twenty-eight groups help veterans and always need more funding.  (We eat a lot of food learning how to help you know.)  Mom’s including a link so you can read about many groups and how they help.   Mom told me that CNN published an article and Hallmark (again… NOT ANIMAL PLANET, just saying…) had a program on last night honoring military K-9s.   If you have a little extra biscuit money, please consider helping those groups, too.

Jet, I deeply apologize for my error.  You bring such an important subject to light, thank you.  I certainly did not mean to overlook your brethren and their incredible accomplishments and contributions to our active military and our veterans.  I honor their service with equal measure and will donate an equal amount to a group you and I select together.   I accept your apology Mom.

Another great and conflict resolved day.