Spa Day

Hey, It’s Jet Here…

Unlike my sister, Koko, Spa Day does not bring the zen feeling of bliss into my world.  When I joined the family, Mom could not brush the back half of me;  can’t share details, too painful.  After a few attempts, I found a brush (at Marshall’s) that Jet tolerated, made by Paul Mitchell for Pets.  The comb slid into the body of the brush, which allowed for quick brush cleaning, since you know who sheds more than Koko ever did.  Recently, I found another brush Jet likes for a first go round, and then I use a flea comb.  Mom listens to this noise called NPR while she brushes us me from nose to tail before my spa treatment, since I do not like to get combed wet like Koko used to.

Since I have chemical sensitivities, safe shampoo matters.  Koko and I enjoyed Buddy Wash Lavender I purchased Buddy Wash Green Tea and Rosemary for Jet.  Ahem, Mom, my blog, remember?  Like a gentleman, I always let Koko go first, laying down as close to the shower door hoping Mom would forget I existed.  No luck.  Somehow, delectable treats appear when Spa Day rolls around.  Mom sets our my special towels out, removes our my collar and in I go.  As soon as I sit down in the shower, my first yummy treat passes from her hand to my mouth!

Mom sits on the floor with the shampoo bottle, wets me down, I shake as hard as I can and the spa treatment begins.  I trot around the small perimeter of the shower, making sure Mom gets her flexibility training in for the day.  The hose and I … well, we’re not the best of friends, even though the setting says gentle spray.  Mom tells me how handsome and good smelling I am as she soaps my back first, then each leg, then my belly, then my tail, and last and hoping she forgets, my head, ears, chin and neck.  Even though I try to distract her by shaking, each time the shake feeling happens, she tells me I’m a good boy.  She even shampoos my collar, which she calls my necklace.  After shampooing and rinsing, those tasty treats appear in her hand again.

No matter how many times I tell her toweling is unnecessary, she insists.  I prefer to dry off by combining three techniques: shaking, strategically leaning in so that each side rubs all the available wall space in the house and finally air drying for four hours (nap included).  Environmentally friendly, right?  11-20-11 Mom found great pictures of more pups and a deer? who know how to shake dry, too.

Another great and handsomely clean day.


13 thoughts on “Spa Day

  1. Hey Jet – sounds like the same routine I do with my Cassie right down tot he medicated shampoo and treats in the shower – too funny! I bet you are so handsome and smell great after a spa day!

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  3. Good Morning Jet – Cassie has to use a medicated shampoo cuz she has bad skin allergies and for treats she gets some of her special food she gets from the vet. Poor girl she has a host of issues but she is my heart ! my other 2 rescues a Pom and a Husky/malamute go to the groomer cuz the little one is to squimy for me to bath and the big one just hates it and is too big!

    • Hey it’s Jet here. I bet Cassie likes hanging out with you for Spa Day… the groomers are ok for sure… but… Cassie knows you’re her heart too. I’ve heard about some pups needing special food and treats, Mom and my human sister, Rachel, were wheat and dairy free for a long, long time…Thanks for sharing, means a lot to us. 🙂

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  5. Hey Jet, Jack here. My favorite way of drying off is to run into the formal living room, or any where there is the light cream colored carpet and roll and wiggle and rub until I am dry, or until Mom stops me. Try it. It feels great

    • Hey It’s Jet Here… oooh, sounds like a hoot… Mom only has this tile stuff. My sister, Koko, used to go into Mom’s bed and do what you describe. Mom was not so happy about that! Thanks for sharing…

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