How Did This Happen?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday started out pretty well.  Yeah, I’ve been wearing my Elizabethan Collar for a few weeks now and have YET to be asked to trot the Runway.  We did the usual breakfast, morning constitutional, Mom gets-ready-for-work routine.  Then, Mom harnessed me again, gave JJ a bone, while Mom and I slipped out into the garage.  Well, slipped is kind of relative, since I make a bit of a racket with the cone thingie hitting everything.

Mom brought me around to the back door passenger side of the car and I couldn’t believe my luck.  She opened the door, I bounded inside, she put on my seatbelt and off we went.  Windows down, wind blowing through my fur as I looked out the windows, life rocked!  After a long ride, Mom shut the car, came around to my side door and out I sprung.  Until I saw this:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I Love Dr. Shaffer, Miss Judy, Mr. Victor and the crew, however, my birthday/annual visit does NOT fall at this time of year.  Uh oh… Mom gave me lots of kisses as she checked me in for the day and left for work.

Well, what they did when she left, should not be placed in writing.  Sure, I made a little boo boo on my tail into a BIG problem by fussing to the MAX.  Yup, I’m the one who thought I could “Nurse Jetty” my way out of an irritation near my private areas.  Apparently, I need some more skills because for the second year in a row, I made a fine mess of things.  Dr. Shaffer had to shave some VERY tender areas on my tail and manly man areas so he could put helping medicine there.  Now Mom has to put medicine there for about 2 weeks.  HMPH.

As soon as Mom arrived, I knew, even though I was in this kennel place.  Mom told Miss Judy she could hear me barking.  She gave me tons of lovies and helped me get comfy in the car.  We made a stop at this funny place called the bank drive through before going home.  We had time for a quick nap.  I felt so tired, I overslept dinner time and let Mom and JJ do the same. We caught up and even had time to walk with Miss Mary Ann and Dixie and catch a quick visit with Miss Beverly and Neve.  Giovanni joined us for a few minutes.  I told him all about my manly man issues.  He replied his understanding in Italian, which of course, made me feel better.

Another great, except for the personal area stuff, day.

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33 thoughts on “How Did This Happen?

    • Hey Sugar, Jet here.

      Mom does not understand Italian and I cannot remember the words exactly, just the feeling behind them. I knew as a manly man himself, Giovanni understood!

  1. Geesh! Jetty, I so sorry to hear about your “personal” areas. I’m sure the medicine will help and all will be well soon! Next time, leave things alone!! 🙂

  2. Hi Jet !,,,Thanks for stopping by. I’m so sorry to hear you’re havin’ problems. I had to go a couple rounds with “the collar” about 6 weeks ago, so I feel for you,,,it’s not fun. Don’t stress out. Mom and the family will help you through it,,,,and shhh !,,,keep this a secret,,,,you may be able to wangle a few extra treats out of them if you take advantage of your situation, and play the sympathy card.

    • Hey Joke Puppy, Jet here.

      Thanks, sorry you had the Elizabethan collar, as well. Mom says I’m a TROOPER about the collar. It’s the “putting the medicine on” part that scares the fur off me!

      Yeah, the thing about the extra treats… I gained 4 lbs according to Dr. Shaffer’s mean scale, so, not sure if treats will be an option… now tidbits of veggies and fruit while Mom’s cooking is a WHOLE ‘nother story! 🙂

  3. Bro, Jack here. I told you to leave them alone. I am so sorry for your manly part irritation. I am still having itchys myself but so far have refrained from out and out self mutilation. However Mom did have to trim my beautiful feathers. Hope you get better soon.

    On a different note. I got a package in the mail yesterday. Mom took it out and assembled it. I now have a cool manly man feeding station. It is so tall I do not have to bend to eat and the bowls are huge. I wanted Mom to fill the food bowl to the top last night to see if I could eat it all but I only got my usual portion. My old feeding station looks so small next to it (wish I could send you a picture). Mom tried to get Ginger to eat from the old one but she would have nothing to do with it. (the princess does not eat from bowls but has to have her food placed on a mat on the floor and will only drink water from a certain bowl). Mom trying to feed her from my old station put her in such a bad mood that she refused to eat and walked around all night giving everyone, including me, who had nothing to do with it, dirty looks and saying bad doggy words. I left her alone all night. Not good to mess with the princess when she is in one of her moods.

    Heal fast Jetty, so your beautiful fur can grow back.

    • Hey Jack, Jet here.

      Dude, congrats on the new feeding station… Mom wants to know what color it is and what it’s made of! (you know Moms…) We have a raised station too, we’ve had it the whole time I’ve lived here. It’s a 3-parter, so, Koko, now JJ gets one bowl for food, we share the water dish in the center and my bowl is on the other side. Mom makes us sit calmly before putting the bowls down (they’re removable). Dude, so true, I wish for the day she fills the whole thing up. Except, I heard her tell Miss Mary Ann yesterday that I’ve gained 4 lbs in 6 months (lack of running with my buddy Samson, who up and moved to Arizona!) so, the likelihood of that happening is slim to NONE!

      Ginger does seem to have some high maintenance tendencies, doesn’t she… I’m with you, dude, give her wide berth!

      Thanks for your well wishes… sorry you’re itchy, too. Mom is quite sad about my shaved feathers, all in the name of healing though! She has to put my medicine on soon… ick.

      Good to hear from you Jack. Give the fam manly man Jetty kisses and JJ hugs!

      • Hey Jets, Jack here. The feeding station is black with grey legs and (huge) metal bowls. It has a big moat type curve around the edges so I do not drip water all over the floor. You sure are right about Ginger, that why we call her the Princess, you know sometimes she makes Mom give her fresh water after I drink. She says that I put slobber in it and won’t drink it. Trying to follow in Gentleman Jet’s paw prints, I now let her drink first.
        If it is the No-See-Ums that are making you and Mom so itchy, there is a Skin So Soft repellent that is safe for dogs (and humans). Avon makes it. I hate the way it smells (all girly) but it does work. We tried it out in Sanabell during No-See-Um season, no bites at all. It doesn’t make you greasy like the regular Skin So Soft.

      • Hey Jack, Jet here.

        Oh wow, sounds quite handsome, with a drool preventer? hmmmm… I think the new girl could use that since she slurps and then drips all over the kitchen floor, unlike me, Gentleman Jetty!!!

      • Hey Jack, Jet here… AGAIN…

        A certain Miss “I’m so helpful, except I’m hungry, so, I’ll change the type to caps and hit some button which posts my answer BEFORE I’m done writing to my buddy, Jack” just got a gasp from Mom.

        Anyway, as I was dictating, I think Ginger and my human sister, Rachel, should spend some time together as Princesses in a castle together!

        Thanks for the No-See-Um recommendation… one BIG problem… Mom is chemically sensitive and can’t use that stuff on herself or us… We use natural options, however, nothing seems to do the trick. 😦

  4. NOOOOO Poor sweet Jetty – I;m so sorry you had go through all that stuff at the vet -it hurt my heart reading about it – I hope your feeling better no ! love you so much!

  5. Jetty – did the vet give you something for the itchies? Cassie had such bad bouts of itchies then hot spots, then infections several years ago that we tried Atopica, which is very pricey, but now they have a generic which is for itchies and that worked ok, but now she is on a small daily dose of prednisone and she still itchies a little, has baths in special shampoo but it has helped alot. Just a thought my favorite sweet Jetty – sending healing hugs and kisses xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Here’s the thing… you know those No-See-Ums? Yeah well they see ‘ol Jetty Boy! Mom and I suffer so, while JJ and Rachel… nothing! It’s always at this certain time of year… Mom and I both scratch even though we know better. Then, you know the progression… Mom will look into some options, thanks for your loving suggestions Miss Wendy…

      Thank you kisses and hugs right back.

  6. Hi y’all!

    Never fear, I know what you went through! I’ve been there, Jet! Only they put me to sleep and packed medicine into me. Ugh! At least my Human didn’t have to mess with my butt! Last time my Human got me back there in time that all I needed was a cleansing and series of antibiotics. My regular vet isn’t too good at fixing series guy problems.

    One thing though, I’ve never ever needed the cone thingy. I leave things alone. That is one thing that you need to learn. It will serve you well.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hey Hawk, Jet here.

      Dude, so sorry to hear that… I do not think my manly man situation is nearly as serious as yours. Mine is on top of the skin, red and sore… my tail is the worst of it… I think…

      Dude, how did you learn not to fuss? I can’t seem to help myself!! My brain is willing… you know the rest!

      So appreciate the manly man feedback, since I live with so many of the female persuasion and the feline guys aren’t speaking…

  7. When I was a pup, Mom used this stuff for fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks on me. Nature’s Guardian. It is made my Sergeant’s. Suppose to be all natural. Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Clove Oil,Thyme Oil, Alcohol, Vanillin and Isopropyl Myristate. Have your Mom check it out, maybe she could use that on you. Vanillin is used as a substitute for vanilla. Isopropyl myristate is an organic combination of isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid

    • Hey Jack, Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Thank you, thank you… that would be much safer for Mom… We will look for it immediately! (Well as soon as Mom has a minute after work tomorrow…

      You guys rock!

      Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to all of you. 🙂

    • Jetty,
      I think they sell it at Walmart. Hope it works for you. BTW Jack hates it. He does his drama queen act when I spray him (of course he does the drama queen act over everything I put on him). It does have a clove/herbal smell to it, which I think is nice but Jack disagrees. But if it can help you with your itchys it may be worth it.
      Have a wonderful Sunday with Mom, JJ, Rachael, and the felines.

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

        Oh thanks for the heads up… we may pass a Walmart on Tuesday… Mom loves the herbal scent and I’m usually pretty good about that stuff, too.

        Jack, Dude, you’re totally missing the point. Think GIRLS! They love scented stuff.

        Thanks Miss Rebecca, I’m still kinda uncomfortable, however, I’m trying to make the best of it. 🙂

        Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. Rebecca, Jack and Ginger xoxoxoxo

    • Hey Bunny, Jet here. Hi Miss Carrie.

      You don’t know the half of it, I cannot even discuss it! I’m totally with you on that, no more visits for this kind of stuff! Thanks for understanding Bunny.

  8. Goodnight sweet Jetty – I hope your itchies and boo-boos are a little better

    sending oodles hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      I feel the need to sit down and paddle like a platypus if you know what I mean… I can’t seem to get comfy, so, I’m moving around alot!

      I love your oodles and send same back to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Oh no! Ichies are no fun, and to have issues with the manly man areas? Just not fair! Hopefully things improve soon.

    • Hey Henry, Hey Zachary, Jet here.

      You know it Dudes… working on it… Mom brushed me for a long time late last night, so, I almost didn’t notice her putting on the medicine! Thanks for your well wishes guys! 🙂

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