How Did This Happen?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday started out pretty well.  Yeah, I’ve been wearing my Elizabethan Collar for a few weeks now and have YET to be asked to trot the Runway.  We did the usual breakfast, morning constitutional, Mom gets-ready-for-work routine.  Then, Mom harnessed me again, gave JJ a bone, while Mom and I slipped out into the garage.  Well, slipped is kind of relative, since I make a bit of a racket with the cone thingie hitting everything.

Mom brought me around to the back door passenger side of the car and I couldn’t believe my luck.  She opened the door, I bounded inside, she put on my seatbelt and off we went.  Windows down, wind blowing through my fur as I looked out the windows, life rocked!  After a long ride, Mom shut the car, came around to my side door and out I sprung.  Until I saw this:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I Love Dr. Shaffer, Miss Judy, Mr. Victor and the crew, however, my birthday/annual visit does NOT fall at this time of year.  Uh oh… Mom gave me lots of kisses as she checked me in for the day and left for work.

Well, what they did when she left, should not be placed in writing.  Sure, I made a little boo boo on my tail into a BIG problem by fussing to the MAX.  Yup, I’m the one who thought I could “Nurse Jetty” my way out of an irritation near my private areas.  Apparently, I need some more skills because for the second year in a row, I made a fine mess of things.  Dr. Shaffer had to shave some VERY tender areas on my tail and manly man areas so he could put helping medicine there.  Now Mom has to put medicine there for about 2 weeks.  HMPH.

As soon as Mom arrived, I knew, even though I was in this kennel place.  Mom told Miss Judy she could hear me barking.  She gave me tons of lovies and helped me get comfy in the car.  We made a stop at this funny place called the bank drive through before going home.  We had time for a quick nap.  I felt so tired, I overslept dinner time and let Mom and JJ do the same. We caught up and even had time to walk with Miss Mary Ann and Dixie and catch a quick visit with Miss Beverly and Neve.  Giovanni joined us for a few minutes.  I told him all about my manly man issues.  He replied his understanding in Italian, which of course, made me feel better.

Another great, except for the personal area stuff, day.

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Friday Night Fun

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After a wacky week, tonight’s constitutional felt like a breath of fresh air.  Mom called Mary Ann to see if she and Dixie could join us.  We happily waited on their stoop for about 10 minutes until they finished dinner.  Miss Stephanie and Cody turned the corner just about the time we readied ourselves to go to the right, not my favorite evening direction.  Cody showed off his spiffy haircut, prancing with head held high.  We dropped Miss Stephanie and Cody off halfway around our oval route and continued towards our house.

We saw two women caring for Nate, Lola’s little human brother.  He made smiley faces, giggle noises and woof noises for a few minutes.  He wanted to touch us.  Mom recommended using his feet, as she used to in the hospital when babies wanted to touch Koko.  The ladies politely said no.

About 5 houses down, we saw Miss Beverly and Neve headed our way.  Miss Beverly, Miss Mary Ann and Mom chatted as JJ, Dixie and I visited with Neve, commenting on her snazzy haircut.  We looped around our short block and tolerated the Moms chatting while we sat down in the middle of the street in front of our house.

In the final moments of twighlight, we saw the front lights of a car slowly approaching.  Neve could barely hold herself in a sitting position.  Mom asked Miss Beverly if she thought Giovanni could be the driver.  Her smile answered the question while she began to unharness Neve.  The car stopped, the door opened and Neve flew down the length of our front yard like she was going for the game winning pass down the field.  We heard the dulcet tones of Giovanni speaking to her in Italian.

Of course, Giovanni came over to properly greet JJ, Dixie, and me in Italian too, asking if we were enjoying time with our friends.  (Miss Beverly translated.)  He almost forgot to greet Miss Beverly!  Giovanni permitted Neve to join him in the car for the 2 house ride.  While the ladies concluded their conversations, Mom noticed that Dixie, JJ and I all assumed the same angle sitting position facing Giovanni’s front door where he was disembarking.  Wishing they had more light to snap a photo, the women chuckled that Giovanni has magical powers that make all of us K9s forget our Moms!

Another great day in the neighborhood.

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Afternoon Action

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Wow, my house hopped yesterday afternoon.  I loved it!  Usually, JJ and I patiently wait for Mom and my human sister, Rachel, to return to the house in the afternoon.  We enthusiastically greet each other, visit a bit and then the house returns to a routine hum.  Not yesterday.

Rachel’s rehearsal got cancelled allowing her to return home earlier than anticipated.  We learned that Mom stopped by the grocery store on her way home from one job to purchase the few items remaining for her University of Miami Authentic Northern Italian cooking class.  Oh did those grocery bags smell divine, nice and fishy! Jet, may I share something?  Sure Mom.  We prepared tilapia with an orange sage sauce topped with toasted almonds.  Thanks for filling in the details for our readers, Mom.  Welcome Jetty.

Next, the bell rang and Rachel unlocked the front door for one of my favorite humans, my neighbor, Ruby.  She’s 6 ¾ and gives JJ and I hugs, belly rubs, gets in my day bed with me, pretends to dress us and other stuff!

Rachel rocks with young children; she played with Ruby and then they baked sugar cookies.  Over the weekend, they baked dozens of cheesy rolls and homemade yeasted crescent rolls from Rachel’s new cookbook below.

As Mom prepared to leave for class, Ruby chatted with her a lot. Mom somehow answered her questions and loaded her car simultaneously.  All of a sudden, Mom saw another golden feathery tail in the garage; Simba pulled his human sister so hard, she let go.  Of course, he wanted to join the festivities, so Mom invited another super wagger into the house with his human sister.

Oh, while this next item gets a little personal, I’ll share to convey the essence of the activity level in the kitchen.  Turns out, while everyone told Mom JJ was this thing called spayed, whoops, they made a mistake.  Angela and Rachel fashioned a hind-quarter cover-up with this pad thing inserted out of an old t-shirt to keep the surfaces below JJ stain free.  (Mom said you can read between the lines!)

K9s, kids, Angela, Mom – happy energy…

Another really great day.