B4TC – Food Banks for Pets

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Texas-buildingBefore we begin, we piqued (VBP) your mystery of the fun kind yesterday with Clue #1 on my BFF, Savannah’s post yesterday.  Today, may we direct your attention to Clue #2 by visiting my buddy, Texas!

Mom disappeared from early morning until late night with a brief return mid afternoon yesterday.  Remember I mentioned she secured another part-time job?  Well, turns out, she’s now part of the Chef/Instructor team of common threads logoCommon Threads in Miami.   From the Common Threads website: “We teach low-income children to cook wholesome and affordable meals because we believe that through our hands-on cooking classes we can help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, while celebrating our cultural differences and the things people all over the world have in common.”  Founded by Chef Art Smith, yes, Oprah’s first personal Chef, Little Miss Kitchen K9 and I are proud Mom will help other human’s eat healthy.

joplin tornadoWe now understand Mom’s “pet peeve” that in an abundant country such as ours, so many humans and animals go hungry.  Multiply by a weather crisis like Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin tornadoes or Superstorm Sandy and lives can change irreparably (VBP) in an instant.

pet food donationDuring the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, Mom’s ex-Mother-in-law gave her leftover pet food coupons from her grocery demo.  Mom and her friend, Ellen, used a bunch to purchase bags of food for delivery to our Animal Rescue for an organized transport to New Orleans.

pongo warehouseWe know from reading, so many of our blogpals help out.  You may or may not have heard about Pet Food Banks or Pet Food Pantries.  During these stressful economic times, when so many families have lost their homes, unexpectedly downsized, or suffered long term job loss, food banks have made an ever increasing impact.  Pet Food Banks and Pet Food Pantries help keep beloved furfamily members in the home instead of surrendered to overcrowded shelters or worse.  We found a great site which differentiates (VBP) between food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens and other similar terms.

To find national Pet Food Banks or Pet Food Pantries in your area, SEARCH either of those terms.

We think  Sugar and Kol will understand our lack of recipe today and still permit us to join the Tasty Tuesday Hop, today is our forty-first participating post!

tasty tuesdays

Another great, thank goodness for food banks/food pantries day.


50 thoughts on “B4TC – Food Banks for Pets

  1. Congratulations to your mom on her new job, sounds like a great deal! We did not know about specific pet food pantries, here I know they have pet food at food pantries, at least we heard that on the news before. Not sure if it varies by location or how it works but we will google it since we are curious.

    • Hey Emma, Jet here. Hi Katie.

      Mom asked me to share a big thank you, she’s quite honored to have been selected for the Team.

      We knew you would feel intrigued, with your food expertise and kind heart!

  2. This is a great post…I had no idea about Pet Food Banks or Pet Food Pantries, so I googled it as you suggested and there’s so much out there…Thank you for teaching me about these…And congrats on your new job…I’ll know you’ll be a great teacher and ti’s a valuable education you’re passing on

    • Hey Giz, Jetty here. Hi Miss JG.

      Our distinct (VBP) pleasure, passing on info is one of the pet blogging community’s biggest strengths we believe!

      Mom asked me to share a big thanks, she’s cobbling together a semester!! She really likes the organization.

  3. Pet Food Banks and Pet Food Pantries are wonderful services that are offered. We hadn’t heard of them ourselves until a month ago, thank you for helping to spread the word about them and congrats to your Mom! Nice #BtC4A post!

    • Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

      Mom asked me to share thanks, she’s quite excited to join the CT team!

      Our pleasure, we know things are really rough out there and keeping our families together, including the fur family members can really make a difference.

  4. I did not know about pet food banks. My former shelter organization has a service called Animeals where we join our county food bank distribution sites and we give dog and cat food to help them keep their furfamily fed. Pawsome post big guy, paw hugs, Savannah

    • Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Wow, we wouldn’t have expected that… we’re so glad we could spread the word to help even one fur family member stay in their homes. Animeals has a great sound to it and we so appreciate you helping… you guys do SO much to help… 🙂

      Awww, shucks, Savvy, now I’m blushing again… xoxoxoxo

  5. Thank you for joining #BtC4A. I’m so glad that you helped bring awareness to the food pantries for pets. Our church has a small food pantry, and it had never occurred to me to bring pet food there until recently. Now when I donate, I remember the pets. Sometimes the pet stores have trial size bags of good quality food on a great sale. Thanks for writing about this.
    Peggy Frezon
    Team BtC4A

  6. Hey Jet! Hi MIss Lori!
    I am so glad you posted about Pet Food Banks and Pet Food Pantries! A lot of people don’t know about them but they are springing up everywhere! They are a wonderful resource for families in need who have pets. So many never think that the family pet may be going hungry too!!
    *high paws*

  7. We first heard of pet food banks about a year ago when we discovered two in Kansas City. And our shelter now donates all food that is given to them to the food bank (we have an arrangement with Hill’s Science Diet – they supply al the shelter’s food for free). Great BTC4A post!! Okay, and WHAT is UP with the LETTERS???? MOL!

    • Hey FaRaDaY, Hey Maxwell, Hey Allie, Jet here. Hi Miss Lisa.

      Wow, that’s amazing Hill’s sponsor’s your shelter. Incredible! We think that options like food pantries and food banks have sprung up because of the longevity (VBP) of the economic hardship years. We’ve watched reports showing people who never needed services like these now regularly find themselves receiving help.

  8. Woof! Woof! WOW! We definitely know Art Smith (mom got some of his cookbooks) and yes a connection to Miss O. Golden Congrats to your mom. A great organization and we can’t wait to hear more about it. We heard the Pet Food Bank on TV, which we are glad that its getting news coverage and publicity. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. We have never heard of pet food banks or pet food pantries. Mumsy will check to see if any are in our area. Thanks for this information. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. What a great post Jetty, I’m googling it too to see if there is a bank in my area. BTW congrats to mom on her new job, we are following the weight loss of three overweight teenagers on this season’s Biggest Loser. It always, always begins with the children. Any real change that is.

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      Yippee, let us know what you find!

      Mom asked me to share a big thank you hug… aligning with organizations putting out the good fits right in with The Kitchen Counselor’s Power of Kitchen! Mom’s not perfect, she’s not at a healthy weight either, sometimes, life happens and you have to work your way back.

  11. Great post! There are no food banks locally here that include pet food and they can’t seem to “get it” that there is a need. (Well, they also claim there are no homeless here.) Sad. Congrats to your mom on the new job!

  12. I had not heard of them before, but it sounds like a wonderful community to be a part of. Thanks for sharing that!

  13. That sounds like an excellent job. We think our Lady needs to take some sort of cooking class cause she doesn’t have a clue how to cook!

    We like that you help other dogs. We agree with you, that in the US and Canada no animal or person should go hungry!

    • Hey Lee, Hey Phod, Jet here.

      Mom asked me to share that she’s quite overwhelmed AND excited! Pshawwww… your Lady is so talented, I bet she’s underestimating her talents. Mom says she works by computer if ever she needs input!

      We try to help where we can. We know all our blogpals do, too, since we have a rocking community!

  14. It’s sad that it’s true, but there are still so many people affected from the economic downturn, in desperate need of essentials just to get by. I’m so grateful for the food banks/pantries – only wish more people knew about them, and that there were more supplies available to those in need.

    You’ve just helped make that more of a reality.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas

  15. Thanks for participating in Blog the Change Day! Two of our local shelters have pet food banks to help people keep their pets rather than be forced to give them up. It’s such an important issue, and I’m glad more people are aware of these programs. Thanks for sharing!

    Vicki Cook
    Team BTC

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Vicki.

      It’s our privilege! 🙂

      Wow, two pet food banks, how fabulous! Hopefully, more families can stay together if they learn about programs such as food pantries and food banks. 🙂

  16. Congrats on your new job!!!

    I love that you are helping out your local pet food bank! It is so important to keep pets with their families. I actually just read an article on Life with Dogs you might like. It’s a group called Fairy Dogparents based in Massachusetts that provides monetary and food support to families in need so they can keep their dogs. It was a great read!

    Happy Friday 🙂


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