Little Miss Pouncerator

Hey It’s Jet Here.

pizap-com13579540599831_ipad-searchGuess what?  We’re very excited at Casa Jet this week because a mystery of the fun kind is brewing.  Follow along if you’re curious beginning with my BFF, Savannah’s post today.

Mom had another full weekend.  She actually asked for Saturday off… no post, no commenting, just resting and some work that needed attending.  I gave her time off for good behavior.  Of course we had spa day!

um basketballSunday, she visited Nana and Poppi, from early morning until late afternoon (4 hours of driving).  She told us she needed to lie down for thirty minutes before feeding us a slightly early dinner, taking us on a slightly early constitutional, grabbing a quick shower and then off to her first UMiami Basketball game of the season. (Thanks to Grandpa who shared his tickets!)

Halfway into our snuggle time, the bell rang and rang and rang, which means Ruby wants to visit!  Little Miss Door Greeter pouncing dalmationjumped off the bed with so much energy, enthusiasm, verve (VBP) and voice.   The only hitch?  She used Mom as her springboard!  Mom uttered a huge “OUCH” as Little Miss Rocket Launcher planted four paws and 60 lbs. of forward motion on various tender spots of her body.  Mom didn’t answer the door, so JJ returned within a minute or two and excitedly leapt into bed landing on Mom in almost the exact same places, causing another loud “OUCH” from poor Mom.

Later when Ruby and Mom walked us, Ruby told us that she thought an old woman had shouted “GET OUT” and ran home to her dad worried that something was wrong.  Mom explained what had happened and they discussed how Little Miss Pouncerator didn’t mean to hurt Mom.  As you can imagine, we do not have photos from this event… however, I’m calling unintended mischief on JJ!  (again!)

Another great golden launch day.

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37 thoughts on “Little Miss Pouncerator

  1. Oooh, Jetty. What is brewing?! I went over to Savannah’s post and all the letters are leaping off the pages! The suspense is killing me.

    It sounds like you, JJ and mom had a very busy weekend. I’m glad you gave mom some down time to rest, even if JJ became a Mexican jumping bean in the bed.

    Say hello to JJ and mom for me!!

  2. My 80 lb sister Katie loved jumping on people and almost knocked a few over but then when she got to be 3 or 4 mom said she stopped doing that. Mom was always worried someone would get seriously hurt.

    • Hey Emma, Jet here. Hi Katie.

      I gently sit on Mom’s middle, and wiggle my 82 lbs among areas. Mom tries to adjust and gently encourage me to shift my weight distribution! I never was a pouncer!

  3. Hi Jetty, Gizmo here shouting out a big “GO CANES” Hope Miss L is recovered and had a good time at the game…*MondaySnoogles* to you all, even Little Miss Mischief

  4. Poor mom, I sure hope she is feeling better soon!! Jetty, can you please tell mom that Delilah once left a bruise on my arm from stepping on it. PINCH!!

  5. aw JJ…how much is her weight, Jet?
    None of my turtle ever jump on me…although they often climb on my back when I was lying on the floor…but they all weight less than 1 kilo

  6. Oh you guys,

    Your poor Mom, I hope she’s ok? You have to try super hard to just pause for a moment and check where you are before you leap into action when you hear the doorbell, yep I know it’s hard, all the instincts kick in, but I’m sure your mum will appreciate it 🙂

    I hope your Mom had a great time on sunday night 🙂

    Big wags

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hey Litchi, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Lady Litchi??? Hard to imagine a Royal would even contemplate launching herself instead of her humble servants lifting her gently and placing her at her next roost!!!! 🙂

    • Hey Dalton, Jet here.

      Dude, Mom’s really been under the weather for a while now, so when she has a bit of time to rest, she takes it. She has these sleeping wedges that cradle her to keep her back happy by maintaining good sleep/resting position. (Her back is find, just describing the bed set up.) We sleep on the other side of the bed. She was minding her business… so… not sure if she’s to blame this time… I think Little Miss Launch Pad deserves the mischief sticker!

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