Referrals from the Office Man Cave

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Many of you have expressed interest, admiration, curiosity about my two man caves.  Mom captured an office man cave moment last night while working on her University of Miami Fall Cooking Class Schedule.  (She cannot reveal the titles yet, however, let’s just say, the Jetster drooled a little!)  Whoops, digressed again.

Anyway, while in my man cave, Mom read aloud an email from this LinkedIn thingie from her Golden Retriever group.  One golden Mom wanted to begin training her golden in waterfowl retrieval and requested resources.

Because of my Scooby Doo Academy Business Networking class, I knew what to do.

  • State the need – Expert waterfowl retrieving source.
  • Brainstorm possible contacts – Mom and I needed only a moment this time to determine a perfect referral.
  • Dictate referral (s) and reason for referral to requester.
  • Sit back in man cave and preen (vocab builder) yourself a little knowing you helped someone.

In this case, the perfect referral directed human to Miss Linda from 2browndawgs.  Yup, the same Miss Linda who saved JJ’s life!  Because of our blogging buddies, we could make a helpful connection, whoo hoo.

Perhaps I should consider a virtual chapter of BNI! (They are international and chapter meetings begin @ 7 a.m., easy peasy for Casa Jet!)

Another great, referral, day.


25 thoughts on “Referrals from the Office Man Cave

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Emily.

      Thanks Miss Emily… my 2.5 man cave in my human sister’s room is a bit cozier because there is ahem… uh… so many things on the floor! 🙂

    • Hey Dalton, Jet here.

      Well, I would say sometimes, when I’m comfy in there and Mom is typing in front of me, good thinking goes on! When I’m in there because I’m frightened by storms, than, not so much! I highly recommend a man cave… Mom could use to spruce my up a bit decorating wise!!!

      • Hey Dalton, Jet here.

        Oh dude, I recommend it! So, I know you have a great human… and… if Mom recalls, she’s a talented, artistic type… I would scope out your home and see where a man cave would best suit you… then, you know how sometimes designers mark items they wish to purchase with a sticky note? I would leave a washable paw print… repeat if needed… 🙂 Then, when your human agrees, give her lots of lovies… then… take one of her artistically created items or two or three and leave them in that spot, so she knows you are requesting her artistic design talents! Then take pics and share!!!!

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – good job with the referral – I;ll bet that Golden will be retreiving waterfowl in no time! I just loved loved loved the pic of you in your man cave!! You are so handsome and dare I say cuddly and huggable!!!

    My demo job went great – I promoted 7 different Dove products – gonna get some sleep to do it all again tomorrow!

    sending storm free goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Miss Wendy, you’re invited to visit my man cave in person ANY TIME! Awww… blushing….

      We think we responded to this comment… hmmmmm…. xoxoxoxo

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