Moms Hands Were Busy

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, we’re late posting again and … well… uh… JJ and I must take responsibility.  Here’s what happened.

We’ve had naughty storms the last three days and you KNOW how we feel about storms.

  • Tuesday: I would not leave the edge of the garage to “empty the tank” or anything else from 2 p.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday.  Bless her heart, Mom tried everything and even whispered permission to “do what was necessary to be comfortable” in my ear.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday night: JJ barked, unmade Mom’s bed, whimpered and shook from about 1:30 a.m. until we don’t even remember when. I hunkered down in Mancave #2.
  • Wednesday morning: I made it one block for one quick “empty the tank” and then did a forceful U-turn right back to Casa Jetty as the booms began.  I really should be a Weather K9! (Note to self: look up meteorology at Scooby Doo Academy.)  I remained safely inside while Little Miss “I’ll take my constitutional like the mail carriers, through wind and rain and sleet and snow!” and Mom took an abbreviated walk in mild thunder and occasional lightening.
  • Wednesday afternoon: Ah… brief moment of sunshine, made up for some lost “emptying the tank opportunities.”
  • Wednesday evening: Repeat of Wednesday morning, more or less.
  • Wednesday late night: Desperation hit ‘ol Jetty boy and I allowed Mom to cajole (VBP) me into a super speedy side of the house major “empty the tank” visit after pacing for about five minutes while Mom said encouraging words.
  • Thursday morning: Woke Mom up at 5 a.m. and suggested an earlier than usual breakfast.  Mom gave in (15 min.) because she knew that this meant I was ready to take a walk and knew I had many missed elimination opportunities to make up for. Patient Mom.  I was this thingie called obstinate at the corner by Max’s house.  Mom allowed us to cross the street to see if she could distract me.  We crossed back 3 houses down in order to deliver Miss Mary Ann’s paper.  I planted myself like a sequoia and thought we would 180 back home.  Mom practiced distraction + patience and walked around the next house’s dumpster, and we took refocusing breaks when needed.  Two houses after, I was back to myself and we completed a most fruitful walk, if you know what I mean.

As soon as Mom went to transcribe my post, the sky opened up again.  JJ crawled on top of Mom, I climbed on the CPU and printer at equal intervals and well… Forget the possibility of Mom taking pictures! Mom’s hands were busy!

Another great, please make the weather better, day!


Thinking of All of You – With Gratitude

Hey It’s Jet Here.

With our home’s tech issues, Mom’s work schedule this last week (she edited a 113 pg document in a 24 hour span, wrote her newsletter, in addition to her usual writing, reading, and work responsibilities) and monitoring the possible “H” Isaac “visit” we apologize for not responding to all of your kind thoughts of support, caring, love, and condolence on the passing of our sweet boy, Fluffy.  We promise to answer each comment… bear with us time wise.

Over the last while, my dear Savannah of Savannah’s Paw Tracks, and our newish anipals Mollie and Alfie bestowed a beautiful award on us.   The Rules: To accept the brand new Thinking of You award, one must link back to the one giving you the award, tell seven things you love and think about daily and then pass the award on to seven more blogs.  In honor of Fluffy, we will share seven things about his life.

  1.  He loved to drink water from Mom’s bathroom sink.
  2. He loved to chat with Mom… actually, he enjoyed speaking to everyone all the time!
  3. He loved to peer over Mom’s books with his chin in the spine.
  4. His special spot on the bed was Mom’s tummy.
  5. Even though he was low man on the pack totem pole, he gave Puffy great wrestling match challenges.
  6. He got along with us K9s easily.
  7. He allowed Rachel to dress him up when she was younger.

We’re going to break some rules and pass this award on to all of you who thought of us and our boy:  Please take the award with deepest appreciation and profound gratitude.

*By the way, please take a moment if you can to send your condolences and support to our friends at Dogs N Pawz, on the loss of their sweet girl, Shiloh this week.

** If by chance we drop off or do not hop by as we usually try to, know that we are preparing for that Isaac guy and/or have lost power as a result of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac and we’ll be back as soon as power is restored.  To those in the “Cone of Uncertainty”, prepare and stay safe.  (Mom’s preparing Man Cave #2 for all of us if need be!)

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

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Referrals from the Office Man Cave

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Many of you have expressed interest, admiration, curiosity about my two man caves.  Mom captured an office man cave moment last night while working on her University of Miami Fall Cooking Class Schedule.  (She cannot reveal the titles yet, however, let’s just say, the Jetster drooled a little!)  Whoops, digressed again.

Anyway, while in my man cave, Mom read aloud an email from this LinkedIn thingie from her Golden Retriever group.  One golden Mom wanted to begin training her golden in waterfowl retrieval and requested resources.

Because of my Scooby Doo Academy Business Networking class, I knew what to do.

  • State the need – Expert waterfowl retrieving source.
  • Brainstorm possible contacts – Mom and I needed only a moment this time to determine a perfect referral.
  • Dictate referral (s) and reason for referral to requester.
  • Sit back in man cave and preen (vocab builder) yourself a little knowing you helped someone.

In this case, the perfect referral directed human to Miss Linda from 2browndawgs.  Yup, the same Miss Linda who saved JJ’s life!  Because of our blogging buddies, we could make a helpful connection, whoo hoo.

Perhaps I should consider a virtual chapter of BNI! (They are international and chapter meetings begin @ 7 a.m., easy peasy for Casa Jet!)

Another great, referral, day.

Missed Ya!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom and I look forward to Wordless Wednesdays.  We contemplate (vocab builder) the construction of our post beginning usually around Sunday.  Sometimes, the light bulb goes off as late as Tuesday evening and then Mom transcribes Wednesday morning anywhere from 5 to 7:30 depending on the day’s schedule.

You may recall that we stayed off the virtual highway on Monday over concerns about that virus thingie winging around the world.  JJ had a rough night with storms, barking her way through the wee hours of the morning like a heckler at a comedy club.  Tuesday evening deteriorated further.

Little Miss Barkarooni began her heckling of the thunder/lightening around 3 a.m.  She added pacing, burrowing, and digging to China to her repertoire.  (vocab builder)  By 4:00 a.m., we heard an explosion and a burst of light and then… fade to black!  Living in Hurricane land, we lose our power quite often, sometimes for seconds, sometimes for hours, and sometimes for days.  Mom checked out the windows to make sure it was the neighborhood and not just us.  Across the canal retained (vocab builder) their lights, lucky ducks.

Anyway, the storm continued, JJ continued and Mom became desperate.  Finally, she wondered if JJ would benefit from a lady cave, since my man caves have helped me feel a smidge safer.  So, at 4:20 ish, Mom took her sleeping wedges and phone and trudged through the dark, (no working flashlights… yeah, she knows, restock the hurricane supplies), into her closet.  JJ and I followed without need of request and she shut the door, setting up her sleeping area on the floor.  I nestled into my man cave #2 corner; man cave #1 is in Mom’s office. JJ paced the small rectangle shape until finally settling down beside Mom’s shoe tree about 35 minutes later.  Oh, guess who joined us too?  Fluffy!

Mom snatched about an hour of rest and then woke up in time to serve us breakfast.  She could not go to work since the garage door would not open without the emergency pull, costing $125 to reengage.  Power returned around noon and Mom was so out of sorts that she never did get to write our Wednesday post or participate in the hop.  Don’t worry; we filed our idea away for next week.

Another great, thank goodness for electricity, day.

All Dressed Up and Too Scared to Go

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

New Year’s Eve…I hear that you humans get all gussied up and attend lots of parties. Well, I like to hang out with friends, too. My human sister, Rachel, offered to gussie J.J. and I up. See practice run to the left. Mom says that many humans drink a lot of this stuff called alcohol. I like to drink a lot of this stuff called H20 (nickname for water!) Oh, and you humans have a lot of traditions for when the clock turns 12:00 like, watching something fall (here in the tropics Mom says it’s an orange), kissing, eating certain foods, and making lots of noise.

Some people, (I bet they do not have a K9), do not realize how much the noise part scares many of us who wear fur. In our neighborhood, fireworks go off like crazy, scaring the bejeepers out of me. First my body goes into shiver/shake mode and then I try to dissolve into Mom’s computer tower unit. Considering the unit measures about two feet by six inches and you know what I look like, awkward doesn’t quite cover it. When I can’t melt into the tower, I place my body near some wall and stare at the ceiling praying the noise will stop. Mom says I Iook like I’m in a trance. Basically, I’m a 70 pound fluffy mess.

Mom tries to help me, since this happens with stormy weather and July 4th, too. What’s worse? The silly folks in my neighborhood use those yucky fireworks for a week before and about two weeks after the holiday, so, I stop emptying my tank when it’s dark and Mom has to retrain me. (Sorry Mom. Don’t worry Jetty, I wish I could find something to ease your distress.)

Mom’s list of items/techniques tried alone and in combination:

  • this is the style I have...

    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

  • Homeopathic Thunder Storm Remedy
  • Thunder Shirt
  • Pheromones (with Thunder Shirt)
  • Making me a comfy, cozy, quiet Man Cave
  • Cotton in Ears
  • Giving me my favorite bone to chew
  • Classical music
  • Benadryl (Dr. Schaffer gave her proper dosage.)
  • Sitting with me for 5 hours in our her closet with the other fur siblings (she never wants to do this again, she said she was something called desperate.)

So, looks like I’m staying home, I think I’ll wear the bowtie, though. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years to you all!

Another great and ready for 2012 day.