Constitutional Aborted

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Sorry for the late post, however, we arrived home completely waterlogged this morning and have not felt quite right all day.  We had good intentions.  We let Mom sleep a bit extra today since we stayed up late waiting to join today’s blog hop at midnight. Mom then feels the need to write some comments.  This stuff called adrenaline shoots into her system and she cannot go to sleep, so, nice K9s that we are, we keep her company as she reads in bed.  Well, actually, JJ kept her company until she began to snore as Mom petted her to sleep!

Anyway, I digress.  Since the forecasters said rain all weekend, we sucked it up, geared up and braved the light rain for our morning walk because Mom and JJ needed to go to an early appt. at Dr. Shaffer’s for another ear/worm check.  Remember, this is the visit Mom needed to bring my solid waste sample to see if I had the creepy crawlies, too. EWWWWW!

Well, we went on our exit left, cross the big street weekend route dealing with the strengthening rain band.  About one third through our journey, the sky opened up and the rain pounded on our backs and head.  We looked like a soggy duck, superboy and purple thing making our way.  I froze and Mom realized I would not continue forward.  Luckily, we had a choice of a shorter version of the route, made a right and traipsed through the deepening puddles and flooding streets.  You can guess that solid waste elimination was absolutely out of the question; no sample for Mom!

The sound of the garage opening caused JJ and I to race for the kitchen door faster than Mom could keep up so she dropped the waterlogged leashes.  As soon as she entered the garage, she clicked the remote to close the door to keep out the pelting rain.  Mom had a lightbulb moment, realizing while her phone rested in the kitchen, her camera resided in the car.  She grabbed the camera, finally taking pictures of our sorry, soggy selves for you to see.

She cancelled Dr. Shaffer because his area floods worse than ours.  Mom dried us with the huge green towel, laughing at how wet all three of us were.  She told JJ and I we should have gone outside with a bar of soap, our shampoo and had spa day in nature!  I needed major recovery (nap) time after that adventure, yessirree!

Another great, waterlogged, day.

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

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29 thoughts on “Constitutional Aborted

  1. Hi Jet,,,,Thanks for coming by to visit. The way I look at it,,,so what if you all got soaked,,,you got to spend some time together, and still had a good time even with the rain falling. Time together,,,that’s what counts !

    • Hey Joke Puppy, Jet here. Hi Mr. Jack.

      True enough, except the part where I get really frightened. Mom asked me to share that once you realize the weather is such as it is, you prepare and then stay in the moment. We stretched our feelings a bit for our post… except for the part where I got scared… it’s just a part of nature and we dry… after a while!

  2. Sheesh that is a lot of rain, you are one wet dog. Mom has a confession, she loves the smell of wet dog. Its lie more doggy then regular dog and as she loves dogs she loves the smell of wet dog.

    urban hounds

    • Hey Urban Hounds, Jet here.

      No joke, the water reached up to my “knees” and I’m a mid-sized guy!

      Really? Well, please invite her to Casa Jet anytime during our 6 month rainy season and she can enjoy eau de wet dog aplenty!!!

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

      You would do that for me? You’re the sweetest feline. 🙂 Between you and me Savvy, JJ is a bit feisty with felines… can I have Mom deliver the smoochie? Mom asked me to share thanks for the paw pats, she was a mess!

  3. Hi sweet Jetty – OH NO – isn’t it the worst getting soaked in the pelting rain-it just tires you out so much! I;m so sorry that happened to JJ, you and Mom. I hope you had a nice, dry, relaxing day after that!

    sending rain free goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxox

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Yes, Miss Wendy, we did. Miss Mary Ann, our resident meteorologist, texted Mom that a big storm was headed our way after dinner. Mom got us out and back within literally 1 minute of the “sky opening up” stuff again.

      Hope Cassie made out alright. Sending quiet sky Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Hey Benny, Hey Lily, Jet here.

      Our mini-doxie friend, Dixie, is so low to the ground that she refuses to leave her house to empty the tank in inclement (vocab builder) weather. Miss Mary Ann must carry her to her special tree, which, due to the large canopy stays drier and allows her to do the bare minimum of business! Since JJ and I are a bit longer legged, we have more leeway!

    • Hey Sabre, Jetty here. Hi Miss Susan.

      We wrote a really long comment of thanks… how kind of you to already bestow an award on our blog. We deeply appreciate the acknowledgement (vocab builder) and support. Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you! 🙂

  4. Hi sweet jetty – I was up from 3:30 on with her – I did buy some natural calming chews and maybe they did help a little – we are thinking of trying the thundershirt, some have luck with it, some don’t but we might try it! it’s still raining here – where is the sun?? I have to work all day so I;ll send have a dry day wishes to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Mom suggested that you give her a call (she’ll send you an email with her # to discuss the thundershirt. I have the very handsome blue one! Yeah, we miss the big yellow circle thing, too… JJ was Miss Barkarooni at 3 something-ish this morning too… long night, we had to nap this afternoon a bit. Since you had a big workday, hope you get to go to sleep early… and that the night is more peaceful for all.

      Sending quiet night wishes to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hey Jetty, Jack here. I was thinking about you all day today. Between the storms and idiots setting off fireworks even I am getting a little nervous. Ginger and I drove Mom nuts today barking at the BOOMS, but it is our job to warn and protect. Somehow Mom doesn’t see it that way. Ginger is also refusing to go potty at night in the rain`and waking us all up at 3 to go outside. Mom said to send you and JJ belly rubs and hugs from her. Hang in the Bro.

    • Hey Jack, Jetty here. Hi Miss Rebecca.

      Thanks Dude, we are sympatico! (vocab builder) Turns out JJ is a Boom Barker extraordinaire… not so bad during the day, not so good at 3 a.m.! Yup, I do the same thing as Ginger, can’t help myself! Check out my post from this past Wednesday and let me know what you think bro…

      Mom asked me to share the same right back at ya. (and of course the lovely Ginger.)

  6. Hey Jetty, Jack here. One thing we do not do is bark at the Booms once we are in the bedroom tucked in. I will give a very low growl if I hear a strange noise but for some reason we do not find it necessary to bark at the Booms once we are there. A lot of dogs have had good luck with the thunder shirts and of course you and JJ would look stunning is just about anything. It might be worth a try. They have a money back guarantee. “But if for any reason Thundershirt isn’t the right solution for your dog, return it within 45 days for a full refund of your purchase price.” With the weather we are having 45 days would be more than enough to see if it works for you and JJ.

    • Hey Jack, Jetty here.

      Dude, I’ve had the handsome blue thundershirt for a few years now… we’re going to try it with Little Miss Boom Barker because truthfully, it didn’t do much for me!

    • Hey brown dawgs, Jet here. Hi Miss Linda.

      For sure! JJ doesn’t really get that part… Mom did a naughty thing called reschedule the appointment for tomorrow, poor baby!

  7. There’s nothing worse than that ‘soggy-doggy’ feel is there? I’m glad your Mum dried you off with the big green towel! Bad luck about the appointment being rescheduled though 🙂

    • Hey Solo, Jet here.

      Nope, and sometimes the aroma isn’t that hot either! Oh yes, she dries our paws off all the time and this time, we needed a super drying! Well, JJ went today and bad news/good news: bad news – ear still plugged with wax – good news – worms gone and I DO NOT HAVE ANY! (mom took sample triple wrapped!)

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