On Role Players and Rings

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Guess what?  Last night, JJ and I played our roles for the Miami Heat and they WON THE 2012 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!

Before going any further, all of us here at Casa Jet salute and honor what OKC, (the Oklahoma City Thunder),  brought to the finals: talent aplenty, great coaching by Mr. Scott, and best of all, awesome sportsmanship.  Our K9 pals and their Mom over at Dogs n Pawz have demonstrated an elite level of sportsmanship over the series, wishing us luck and respecting the play of our team as we have  theirs.  OKC retains a bright future bringing back a young team with a deeper perspective next season.  They honored themselves, their team, their owners, their fans and their city. 

Very few observers in the media or on the streets believed the HEATcould pull off this victory.  For those unfamiliar with basketball in this millennium, many professional teams amass two to three stars (like our big three: the King – Mr. Lebron (James), Flash or DWade – Mr. Dwayne (Wade) and CB – Mr.Chris (Bosh)) and then fill in their rosters with “role players.”  Role players sacrifice personal glory (scoring, star designations) and take on the jobs the team needs.  Last night, Mr. Mike (Miller), Mr. Mario (Chalmers), Mr. Shane (Battier) and Mr. Norris (Cole) executed their roles flawlessly.

Now, just for the record, in case you are unaware, JJ and I have executed our roles flawlessly too.  We:

  • Stayed awake for all the games during the playoff season, (ok, mostly…)
  • Held our “empty the tank requests” until after the game or until Mom felt comfortable “pausing” the action,
  • We barked in agreement with Mom’s cheering,
  • We gave Mom support on the couch when she worried about the close games,
  • We showed up on time and wearing colors, (on time being a BIG DEAL in Miami!)
  • During time outs or between quarters, we listened to Mom’s coaching (send the team your best good luck, guys, they need your help, you can do it, kiss, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, hug) and carried out her tasks.
  • Cuddled with Mom during close fourth quarters,
  • Let her bury her head in our fur and peak through to see how the team was doing.
  • Let Mom sleep a little later the morning after the games.

Mom, for playing our roles in superior fashion, like the guys on the team, do we get a championship ring, huh? Huh? A championship hat? A t-shirt? Something?  I’m working on it, Jetty, I’m working on it.

Another great, Congratulations to the Miami Heat, day.


30 thoughts on “On Role Players and Rings

  1. Oh yeah, I heard that news. I’m really not into basket balls… just tennis balls!

    We just dropped by to say hi and greet you a happy Friday.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. I’m not a basketball fan but I do say congratulations and I like that everyone showed magnificent sportsmanship! I think that is what sports should be about, gracious in victory and gracious in defeat.

    I bet mom’s working on something special for you and JJ Jetty!!

    • Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

      On behalf of our team, we say thank you. Mom especially agrees with your sportsmanship comment.

      I hope you’re right Miss Jodi, we have behaved VERY well. 🙂

  3. hey Jet,

    Pawsome job on your team! Congrats to them! And what a very nice tribute to OKC, congrats to their great playing as well!

    You and JJ should definitely get something “championship” for your perfectly played roles during the games! Such good pups you are and very well done! I say championship treats and championship meaty bones for the both of you! :->


    • Hey Suka, Jet here. Hi Miss K.

      OOOhhh I love how you think! Hey Mommmmmm…. did you hear that? Suka thinks we deserve some championship meaty bones! Jetty, I think that can be arranged on Saturday night. (Mom always plans spa day after meaty bone night!)

      Thanks, I’ll pass along your congrats to the team, since you know… I am a “role player.”

      Have a great day.

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

      Wow, we didn’t realize you were in South Africa… that’s football(soccer)country, right? and… rugby? Mom watched Invictus this year and learned a great deal. Thank you, JJ and I gave good, positive efforts for each game!

      • Yip, all the way down south. Great country to live in, no matter what news you may hear. I love it. Glad you watched Invictus. Mandela is the most remarkable man and role model for all mankind.

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

        Oh we’ve heard great things about your country as well… Media always has an agenda for transmitting what they do! Mom asked me to share that she agrees with your comment on Mr. Mandela, incredibly inspiring. 🙂

  4. Hey Jet there! Angel and Chaos here with mommies who are Miami fans too. we didn’t mind having to stay up late just to finish the game last night either coz then we get more cuddle time with the mommy. but Mamoy was different, she got her eyes so glued to the TV we thought she went blind!
    Glad to meet you and hope to get some play dates with you.

    Angel and Chaos

    • Hey Angel, Hey Chaos, Jet here.

      A pleasure to make your acquaintance! Yippee, you like the HEAT too?

      Yup, nothing beats cuddle time and cuddle time + hoops = 🙂

      Play dates? Oh we would LOVE playdates… Mom is about to gear us up for a rainy, muddy, yet so much fun to slosh in the puddles walk…

  5. Hi sweet Jetty – a big CONGRATULATIONS!! so happy the Heat Won! and I agree about the good sportmanship of the OKC – very well said! I know you and JJ enjoyed your time with Mom during the games! and I;m sure she’s thinking up a great treat for you and JJ to celebrate!

    Sending championship goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel and Pluffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thank you, thank you… JJ and I sure hope she’s thinking up a championship idea!

      Sending good sportsmanship Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley xoxoxoxo

  6. Hi Y’all,

    I say it’s only fitting that the Heat won.

    Just wanted to stop to see how your week went. Hope it’s great! Wishin’ y’all a great and a wonderful summer and a relaxing weekend! Stay cool!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. woo hoo…can u b elieve…Mom actually watched the exciting finish to that game! what a rush!! And you and JJ deserve extra cookies for having been such support for Mom during this whole playoff ordeal! paw pats guys

    • Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

      Oh it was a beautiful sight Savvy. Heat colored confetti and everything! Mom gave us meaty bones tonight, they were delish… and… we’re still waiting on HEAT gear! On behalf of our team, paw pats back and thank you. 🙂

  8. Mommy said…congratulation to Heat 🙂
    Unfortunately she was unable to see the finals due to her work…time difference is a bit troublesome for her.

    • Hey Papoe, Hey Kroten, Jet here.

      Well thanks so much for your congratulatory wishes… from so far away, that’s super cool. 🙂 Mom asked me to inquire what the time difference is??? We’re thinking 14 hours-ish… strictly a big, fat guess!

  9. Just catching up and had to comment…of course! Congratulations on your Heat’s win! They really were awesome and Lebron was spectacular! Maybe both teams will be back again next year…wouldn’t that be cool!

    Hey Jet…I’m sure the Heat couldn’t have done it without you, doh! Since basketball is over what’s next? We are big baseball fans–are you?

    Have a great week!

    • Hey it’s Jet here.

      Thanks so much, we hope so, too… the teams matched up well and again, the sportsmanship was stellar.

      Nah, Mom’s not so much a baseball fan, although some of Mom’s employers are HUGE Marlins’ fans. At Casa Jet, we’re watching Olympic trials, I’m learning about new sports… gearing up for London… Mom has to educate us in ways we can support TEAM USA! 🙂

      You too… 🙂

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