Two Step Back, One Step Forward

Hey It’s Jet Here.

So yesterday I caught you up on Tuesday night.  Well, I thought Mom was this thing called rehabilitated and understood that she acted stingy with all the food in the house.  Nope, here’s what happened next.

Wednesday – Auntie Liz arrived in the afternoon because my human sister, Rachel, invited her to go to the school play, Hello Dolly.  Since Auntie Liz drove a long ways in traffic she told Mom either they could go for an early dinner or she would eat a banana.  BANANA??? JJ and I had to watch as she meticulously (vocabulary builder) peeled the yellow fruit and broke off chunks to eat.  Unlike Mom, Auntie Liz feels we need LOTS of treats and shared the last chunk of banana with JJ and me.  She teased Mom that she would give us the Kit Kat bar stashed in her backpack if Mom didn’t promise to give us fun treats.  Mom reminded Auntie Liz about the NO CHOCOLATE rule.  Auntie Liz gave JJ and I a little wink.

Thursday – After dropping Rachel at school, Mom hit the grocery store by 7:30.  She had four different groups to shop for:  UMiami class, Rachel’s play (Rachel volunteered Mom to cook for the restaurant scene), Rachel’s friends after school/before the play, and our house.   She returned with armfuls of bags filled with FOOD.  She quickly assembled the tomato mozzarella salad and cut the carrots for the play and headed out to the Asian market for her UMiami class (1/2 Saudi Arabian dishes – ½ Chinese dishes).

Within ten minutes of returning home, she had chicken on the grill, potatoes boiling and the carrots in the pan awaiting their honey/mustard sauce.  Did we get:

  • Carrots?  YES!
  • Chicken? NO!
  • Mashed potatoes? NO!
  • Tomatoes? NO!
  • Mozzarella? YES!

2 for 5 – You make the call.

A few hours later, Mom reloaded the majority of the groceries back into the car and whisked them off to UMiami.  Did she bring any stir-fried beef home for old Jetty boy?  UH UH… What am I, chopped liver???

On Friday, Mom’s schedule finally calmed down.  We kept our usual evening rhythm; dinner, walk, dental treat.  Mom surprised us with meaty bones.  She made salads and gave us tidbits of pepper and cucumber, while she boiled two eggs for herself and two for JJ and I to eat today.  Mom did all this as she spoke to my Nana.

Mom made one big mistake.  She left the eggs, egg slicer, and crackers on the table and returned to the fridge to get her water.  JJ inhaled 1 1/3 eggs in a nanosecond.  To stay fair, she gave me the remainder of the egg and she peeled and ate our eggs.

Conclusion:  Mom needs further treat giving rehab.

Another great and somewhat yummy day.

Thanks to Confessions of the PlumeLife With Dogs and Two Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. 



14 thoughts on “Two Step Back, One Step Forward

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Thanks, me too… have to treat rehab Mom little by little. She did give us treats today for our spa day shower!

      Have a great weekend, too… we will review blog hop a bit later… Mom’s off to some meeting.

  1. Hi Y’all,

    Been having a tough time leaving comments. Not just on your blog, but I’ve gone back and comment isn’t there. If I leave y’all two, please delete this one.

    Jet, we should send our humans to treat rehab together. You get more treats than me, but mine uses the old excuse of food allergies…now I ask you?

    Y’all come be now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hey Hawk, Jet here.

      Sorry about the commenting trouble, as your human knows, Mom has trouble on lots of Blogspot sites. Thanks for your persistence.

      Hey, Dude, think we could get a discount for sending 2 humans? hmmm… Mom and Rachel have food sensitivities, so, she said to let you know your human is looking out for you. There are LOTS of alternatives, though, so… treat rehab offer stnds!

      Hope your feeling A OK!

      • Hi Jet!

        Thanks for your reply. It must have been my day to have comments bouncing and disappearing. I like the idea of sending our two humans to rehab together.

        I’ve changed over to new updated blogspot and tested it on Explorer as well as Chrome. Chrome was never a problem and I understand neither is Firefox on blogspot. However new updates may have resolved the problem lots of y’all have been having. Hope, hope!

        Y’all come back now,
        Hawk aka BrownDog

      • Hey Hawk, Jet here.

        Oh dude, we know about tech issues BELIEVE ME! We switched over to Chrome a few months back and more than not like it better than Firefox. At work, Mom says they still use that Internet Explorer stuff. Sure hope it gets easier for you and your human. 🙂

        I know, that would be a sight, right? BOL!

        Take good care, Hawk.

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – glad you got some yummy treats! Silly JJ stealing Mom;s eggers!!

    ooohh and a spa day shower today!! bet you and JJ are soft and snuggly!

    sending goodnight hugs and lotsa kisses to you, JJ, Mom (hope she sleeps in tomorrow!!) Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Thanks Miss Wendy. I know, she was really fast though! Yes, we feel pretty fluffy; Mom brushed me out again last night. (Sunday… she didn’t see your comment until now!)

      Sending Jetty daytime kisses and JJ daytime hugs to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley! xoxoxoxoxo

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