Follow Up Friday – Gratitude Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Before we begin, here’s last year’s Black Friday post!

Our friend, Miss Jodi, Heart Like a Dog, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea and recently turned her wonderful idea into a new blog hop!  Check out her Dogs of Blogville Calendar and vote!  Proceeds from the upcoming sale will help 2 of our fellow bloggers hurt badly by Superstorm Sandy.

Saturday – A View from Above

After reading about the Puffster returning to drink from the “fountain of fresh water” otherwise known as Mom’s bathroom sink, many of you expressed your understanding and experiences when a loved one Crosses Over the Rainbow Bridge.  You see, ever since our Sweet Fluffy crossed in August, Puffy had not ascended (VBP – vocab builder project) to Mom’s sink, one of the places he and Fluffy visited together many times daily.

Thanks for the compliments on my wrestling move (the Disappearing Jetty), Little Miss Chewminator and I seem equally matched, I have more brawn, she has more strategic moves!  In the end, neither of us “win”, we enjoy the play.

Black & White Sunday – Greased Lightening 

When I posted about the appearance of my racing stripes which ultimately led Dr. Schaffer to determine I have hypothyroidism, a few of you asked to see the racing stripes Mom described in the post.  Since my coloring fits into the theme of the Sunday Blog hop, she tried to highlight each stripe on each of my front paws.  Oh did you guys (Mom’s NJ term of endearment) get a kick out of them!  You also enjoyed Mom’s reference to the car, Greased Lightening, from the play/movie GREASE.

Mischief Monday – Keyboard Woes

I personally want to express my gratitude for your caring and creative suggestions regarding Mom’s now wacky keyboard issues.  The poor woman is sprouting grey hairs by the millisecond!  Now, I cannot report any scientific evidence, however, I’m happy to share that since all of you sent your positive vibes our way… the keyboard has played nice for two whole days!!!

Tasty Tuesday – Green Cigars

Lots of positive feedback on Mom’s recipe brought big smiles to her face. JJ and I, Mom’s faithful Kitchen K-9s, continue to surprise and delight you with our ambitious palates!  You enjoyed seeing us chomp on our collard green stems.  A few humans and a few fellow K9s thought they might like to try their respective parts of the veggie!  My turtle friends at Underneath the Shell, had a great idea; they love the leaves and we love the stems so why not share?!

Wordless Wednesday – Turkey: The Money Shot

Oh we fooled some of you who thought that was me patiently waiting? for a proper serving of the yummy bird.  Nope, Mom had NO intention of cooking a turkey since she had plans to ABANDON Casa Jet for Thanksgiving dinner.  Hmpf.  She enjoyed turkey at Miss Mary Ann’s house where my friend, Dixie, had a proper seat at the table.  Double Hmpf.  Thank goodness Miss Mary Ann loves us enough to send a turkey tidbit doggie K9 bag home with Mom.  Considering Mom fed us 2.5 hours late for dinner, sharing the tidbits with us after setting her keys down was the LEAST she could do.  Ah, heck, we loved the tidbits, loved Mom for giving them to us, enjoyed our dinner, had a breezy constitutional and a swell evening with Mom afterward!

Thankful Thursday – Unexpected Appreciation

Lots of you expressed interest and excitement about Snoopy’s upcoming book which Mom recently edited.  Don’t forget to place it on your holiday lists; a portion of the proceeds will go to therapy dogs.

You agreed with Mom and I that Snoopy and his Mum sent such a thoughtful gift.  You also resonated (VBP) with Mom’s perspective on gratitude.

Another great gratitude filled FUF day.


Woofwide Wrestling Federation

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I first practiced wrestling with my sister, Koko.  Here are two pictures of Koko and I in outdoor action captured by my friend, Nancy’s, human Mom. You’ll note Nancy serving as ref in one frame. 


Koko and I looked like we belonged in the movie Jaws, when in reality, we almost never left a scratch.  I loved Koko and allowed her to win sometimes so that she would keep playing with me.

After two months observing JJ’s moves, Mom and I think she’s ready to train for WWF.  We offer up the following moniker, which has received pawsitive feedback – THE CHEWMINATOR.  Imagine if you will, JJ trots down the aisle sporting a bedazzled pink satin cape with the name THE CHEWMINATOR in rhinestones down her spine.  When JJ pulls the Velcro straps with her teeth, the cape slides off revealing … a hot pink boxing style outfit with the Chewminator logo.  (All you graphic designers out there submit your logo ideas!)

As her steady wrestling/sparring partner, I, Jet aka “Mr. Handsome” feel qualified to comment on her skills:

  • She’s got quick paws,
  • Unending endurance,
  • Spunky bounce to her step,
  • Good jaw reflexes,
  • Fearlessness,
  • Bounce back ability when she falls off the bed, couch, ottoman, etc…
  • Good Sportsmanship (she LOVES to shake paws)
  • Doesn’t hold a grudge,
  • Unafraid of larger K9s (like me),
  • Long, lean, athletic body shape.

Just like the WWF for humans, JJ has her Woofwide Wrestling Federation signature move – THE UNDERPASS.  She throws this move in to confuse her opponents (again, usually me.)  She’s jawing with me, jumping on me, beside me, grabbing a back paw and then all of a sudden, she sneaks right under my belly as if I were the Brooklyn Bridge.  JJ throws down her UNDERPASS move so fast; one minute you’re looking for her on the left and she’s already on your right!

Hey, London Olympics start this summer, think we still have time?

Another great and sporty day.

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