Moms Hands Were Busy

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, we’re late posting again and … well… uh… JJ and I must take responsibility.  Here’s what happened.

We’ve had naughty storms the last three days and you KNOW how we feel about storms.

  • Tuesday: I would not leave the edge of the garage to “empty the tank” or anything else from 2 p.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday.  Bless her heart, Mom tried everything and even whispered permission to “do what was necessary to be comfortable” in my ear.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday night: JJ barked, unmade Mom’s bed, whimpered and shook from about 1:30 a.m. until we don’t even remember when. I hunkered down in Mancave #2.
  • Wednesday morning: I made it one block for one quick “empty the tank” and then did a forceful U-turn right back to Casa Jetty as the booms began.  I really should be a Weather K9! (Note to self: look up meteorology at Scooby Doo Academy.)  I remained safely inside while Little Miss “I’ll take my constitutional like the mail carriers, through wind and rain and sleet and snow!” and Mom took an abbreviated walk in mild thunder and occasional lightening.
  • Wednesday afternoon: Ah… brief moment of sunshine, made up for some lost “emptying the tank opportunities.”
  • Wednesday evening: Repeat of Wednesday morning, more or less.
  • Wednesday late night: Desperation hit ‘ol Jetty boy and I allowed Mom to cajole (VBP) me into a super speedy side of the house major “empty the tank” visit after pacing for about five minutes while Mom said encouraging words.
  • Thursday morning: Woke Mom up at 5 a.m. and suggested an earlier than usual breakfast.  Mom gave in (15 min.) because she knew that this meant I was ready to take a walk and knew I had many missed elimination opportunities to make up for. Patient Mom.  I was this thingie called obstinate at the corner by Max’s house.  Mom allowed us to cross the street to see if she could distract me.  We crossed back 3 houses down in order to deliver Miss Mary Ann’s paper.  I planted myself like a sequoia and thought we would 180 back home.  Mom practiced distraction + patience and walked around the next house’s dumpster, and we took refocusing breaks when needed.  Two houses after, I was back to myself and we completed a most fruitful walk, if you know what I mean.

As soon as Mom went to transcribe my post, the sky opened up again.  JJ crawled on top of Mom, I climbed on the CPU and printer at equal intervals and well… Forget the possibility of Mom taking pictures! Mom’s hands were busy!

Another great, please make the weather better, day!