The Owl and the … JJ?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last night’s thunderstorms, which kept Casa Jet awake into the wee hours, left many grey clouds in the sky this morning. On first blush, I could not muster up the courage to take my morning constitutional. Mom and JJ tried to encourage me; however, I made a U-turn back into the garage and subsequently (vocab builder), the kitchen. Mom took “Little Miss Hop, Skip and a Jump” for an exit right, sharp right route short walk, hoping to return and convince yours truly to try emptying the tank at least.

According to Mom, she and JJ heard lots of avian discussions taking place at the house next to Neve’s. They saw three typical birds and then noticed a wider bird on the lawn. As a result of my human sister, Rachel, having her 4th birthday at the Museum of Science, which has a wildlife rescue center, she recognized the creature as a baby screech owl. Mom and JJ stood stock still, watching little Screech take three mini-flights: two landing on the grass and the third placing the owl in the hedge. Mom’s heard owls in the trees, but, never saw one on the ground. She and JJ admired the owl and then went about their walk.  (She did not have her phone, so pics are as close as she can find.)

When they returned, I felt more confident and joined them for an abridged (vocab builder) exit left route. Well, wouldn’t you know, when we crossed the big street, we began hearing an odd, loud, dominant birdcall you could tell originated in a larger species. If you’ve been reading our posts lately, you’ll know where this is heading.

Yup! About two thirds through our route, we spotted Mr. Peacock perched high up in a tree. Not wanting to wake the neighbors (at 6:45 a.m.) Mom altered our route a little. JJ and I exhibited impressive, yet silent bird instincts. Mom praised us and we trotted home before the next band of storms passed through.

Another great, avian, day.