The Hey, It’s Jet Here Poll

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I, Jet, student of politics at Scooby Doo Academy, selected taking a poll for my class project.  When I watch the news most mornings after my breakfast, waiting for Mom to hurry up and eat hers, those humans on TV mention lots of polls.  They use words like: Gallup, CNN,NYT,USAToday, ABC, CBS Tribune/WGN TV etc… so I figured, why not add a Hey, It’s Jet Here poll?

Lately, the political tracking of the Republican candidates hogs TV coverage week after week.  You humans take polls before the voting, during the voting, after the voting, don’t you guys get tired?  To maintain my integrity, I will remind you that I previously and continue to endorse Boozer for president.

I decided to track poles themselves with the following criteria:

  • How many poles exist on my weekend morning route? (Other routes will be added in the future.)
  • What type of pole is it?
  • What material did the humans use in construction?

I present to you… the results:

  • 19 poles in total.
  • 15 telephone poles, 4 traffic light poles.
  • 15 wooden poles, 4 metal poles.

Uh Jet?  Yes Mom.  Little problem.  What’s the problem Mom?  Polls and Poles are totally different.  Polls record opinions or votes whereas poles are  long, slender, rounded pieces of wood or metal with one end usually in the ground.  Poles support other items like wires, electrical circuitry, or tents.

Hmpf.  Mooommm, I know that, I wanted to see if you were paying attention!  Really Jet?  If you say so… 

Another great day of tabulations.