“Paw”dies for Miss Wet Paws

Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

Continuing my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation class has turned up another interesting mystery about JJ; her paws always seem to be wet.  Mom and my human sister, Rachel noticed this fact, too, and began to watch her habits more closely, as did I.  Our sequential theories: 

JJ stepped in “accidents” we did not know about in the house. Not true.  We scoured house, no wet spots found. When JJ does have an occasional accident, she does so in the same location. 

JJ’s paws stay wet abnormally long after walking outside in wet grass. Partially true; we collected evidence and determined that her paws remained wet for the same duration as mine. 

JJ drinks sloppily out of the water dish and then steps in the water on the floor. True; we believe this accounts for part of JJ’s constant “wet paw” condition. 

JJ has a “thing” about cleaning her paws. Ding, ding, ding, – we have a winner!  We carefully made observations and showed each other her frequent attention to her paws.  When she puts her back paws fully in her mouth, one at a time of course, she tends to lose her balance and either roll off the bed or into some humorous position.   

Last night, when we cuddled in bed with Mom to go to sleep, JJ’s paws perfectly aligned with my face.  I decided to give her a treat, a Jetty “Pawticure.”  I cleaned her paws meticulously to save her the trouble.  Mom’s eyes focused on her book, glancing subtly to see my technique yet not disturb the process.  Miss Wiggle Girl actually stayed put for the whole treatment.  When finished, we both fell quietly asleep, which Mom found charming.  

Another great day.