Mischief Monday – Uh, Mom… It Wasn’t Us

Hey It’s Jet Here.

You may recall from my Raindrop Gambling post Saturday that we received one of our first torrential rains of the season.   Sometime during the day, Mom walked into the kitchen and nearly took a slide into the laundry room.  She luckily caught herself, however, checked the floor to see why it was wet.

Possible causes of wet kitchen floor:

  • JJ slurped water from her dish and spilled some down her whiskers, jaw or chinny, chin, chin onto the floor.
  • I, Jet, the polite lap-style drinker, possibly deposited a drop or two that did not make it into my mouth.
  • When Mom transferred a wet pot from sink to counter onto towel to dry, drips may have hit the floor.
  • An errant ice cube shard may have fallen out of the dispenser.
  • A four legged family member had an empty the tank accident
  • A four legged family member had a throw up accident.


The naughty roof was playing the leak, leak game again.

Another great, but leaky, day.

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