Friday Night Fun

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After a wacky week, tonight’s constitutional felt like a breath of fresh air.  Mom called Mary Ann to see if she and Dixie could join us.  We happily waited on their stoop for about 10 minutes until they finished dinner.  Miss Stephanie and Cody turned the corner just about the time we readied ourselves to go to the right, not my favorite evening direction.  Cody showed off his spiffy haircut, prancing with head held high.  We dropped Miss Stephanie and Cody off halfway around our oval route and continued towards our house.

We saw two women caring for Nate, Lola’s little human brother.  He made smiley faces, giggle noises and woof noises for a few minutes.  He wanted to touch us.  Mom recommended using his feet, as she used to in the hospital when babies wanted to touch Koko.  The ladies politely said no.

About 5 houses down, we saw Miss Beverly and Neve headed our way.  Miss Beverly, Miss Mary Ann and Mom chatted as JJ, Dixie and I visited with Neve, commenting on her snazzy haircut.  We looped around our short block and tolerated the Moms chatting while we sat down in the middle of the street in front of our house.

In the final moments of twighlight, we saw the front lights of a car slowly approaching.  Neve could barely hold herself in a sitting position.  Mom asked Miss Beverly if she thought Giovanni could be the driver.  Her smile answered the question while she began to unharness Neve.  The car stopped, the door opened and Neve flew down the length of our front yard like she was going for the game winning pass down the field.  We heard the dulcet tones of Giovanni speaking to her in Italian.

Of course, Giovanni came over to properly greet JJ, Dixie, and me in Italian too, asking if we were enjoying time with our friends.  (Miss Beverly translated.)  He almost forgot to greet Miss Beverly!  Giovanni permitted Neve to join him in the car for the 2 house ride.  While the ladies concluded their conversations, Mom noticed that Dixie, JJ and I all assumed the same angle sitting position facing Giovanni’s front door where he was disembarking.  Wishing they had more light to snap a photo, the women chuckled that Giovanni has magical powers that make all of us K9s forget our Moms!

Another great day in the neighborhood.

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Musical Hooves

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last night, right before our exceptional evening walk, (why exceptional in a moment), JJ rediscovered a hoof from some hidden corner in the house.  She jostled the hoof around her mouth like a human child clunkily rolls a giant jaw breaker around their mouth.  The cracking, gnawing noises emanating from her jaw got my attention as we both awaited our leashes at the kitchen/garage door.

The moment JJ dropped the hoof to regroup her positioning, I snapped it up.  Mom, ever the fair minded soul, immediately hunted, procured, unwrapped and provided a new hoof to JJ to keep things fair and square.  Giving us a moment to simultaneously enjoy our hooves, she readied herself and then us for the walk.  With confidence, she removed the hooves from our mouths, stating we would get them back post constitutional.

No one joined us for our “to the left, square route”.  Mom left messages for Miss Mary Ann and Miss Beverly just in case.  We met a dad and his two year old son, Daniel, along the way.  JJ politely shook paws and received pets.  Mom gave my head kisses while the Dad showed his son how fluffy my rear half was.

About three houses away from home, just like in Western movies such as Tombstone, a line of moving beings approached us.  Anthony, Sabrina, Miss Mary Ann and Dixie waved and wagged and we joined them for the full “to the right, loop route” walk.  Exceptional!

We quickly retrieved our hooves upon reentry into the kitchen and proceeded to play musical hooves for an hour in the family room and another hour in the office while Mom experimented with her technically updated Kitchen Counselor blog. (Improved, not quite there yet.)

For some reason, we got this thing called rambunctious and almost began fighting over the hooves.  Mom used her firm, “Uh Uh” voice and removed the hoof in question.  She said unless we each had a hoof to enjoy, no one would have a hoof.  She removed one hoof twice over the next while and we quickly got the message, settling back down with our hooves.  Mom cannot figure out why we like to switch hooves so often.  Mom, some behaviors must remain K9 mysteries!

Another great chewy day.

Most Inconvenient

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday morning, Mom and I set out for my morning constitutional on our weekend route.   Mom budgeted our usual time allotment keeping in mind she had to leave to pick up my Auntie Liz and set up for a holiday bazaar super early.  I leisurely emptied my tank in scenic spots along the way.  As we approached our corner, I pulled to signal Mom I wasn’t finished.  Mom succumbed, hoping I would feel more comfortable for the day if I got the job done (solid business).  Well, I sauntered through the extra mileage without completing the task.

Mom returned later than usual for my afternoon mini-walk.  I jumped and chatted and rolled over for a quick belly rub before allowing Mom to put on my harness.  A bit distracted, the tank emptying took longer than usual.

After dinner, I pulled, suggested we diverge from our recent evening route and took Mom to Mary Ann’s porch.  Mom said since Miss Dixie needed a bath, we weren’t walking together.  I sat gentlemanly like and wouldn’t move.  So, Mom rang the bell and Mary Ann and Dixie came out for a few minutes to share the day’s events.  I tried to listen, I really did, but, I pointed to the door and leaned in.  Mom figured out that Mr. Jim was on my mind.  Mary Ann called her dad, he came out, petted me, and shared a few male bonding minutes.  Satisfied all was well, I insisted on returning the way we came instead of walking around the block.

Even though Mom was something called exhausted, I thought she would benefit from the extra evening constitutional and took her on a 2nd route; I’m most considerate.

Jet, thanks for the extra exercise.  You reminded me of the early days of parenting.  Frequently, parents run late leaving their houses.  We must change diapers or encourage bathroom visits, dress or change clothes, and pack up all the necessary items for the excursion.  It never fails, you complete the “leaving the house checklist”, get in the car, and OH NO! they need another diaper change, or they have to go potty.  It’s like the children know just when parents feel pressure to adhere to a schedule.  MOST INCONVENIENT… and that’s the nicest way to express parental frustration at the moment… see the connection Jetty?  Uh, sort of Mom…

Another great and on my own timetable day.