Inspired by Michael Phelps

Hey It’s Jet Here.

A few weeks ago, JJ, Mom and I watched the US Olympic Swim Trials from Omaha.  Miss Beverly actually attended one of the sessions during her vacation.  She told us that the venue where the event took place normally does not have a pool.  They showed how the pool was installed in a video which fascinated Mom.

Mr. Michael Phelps, along with dozens of other men and women, swam their hearts out for spots on our national Olympic team.  Three pairs of eyes at Casa Jet looked on with admiration. I thought about my adventures in the canal wistfully (vocab builder).

This past week, we visited Miss Beverly’s backyard twice.  Since she has a fence, we can run and explore untethered (vocab builder). I usually enter her pool on the first step to enjoy the largest of water bowls, to Mom’s chagrin (vocab builder). Last night, the water level equaled the 2nd step as a result of a new skimmer installation. I took advantage of the “water bowl” several times and slipped down to the third and final step a few times.

Miss Beverly, always quick with the iPhone, got a shot of my slightly ungraceful posture.  Mom thought I looked adorable.  (What can I say, once a Mom, always a Mom!)

I admit that with the soaring temperature and heat index, that water felt good on my paws and belly.  On the fourth or fifth visit to the water fountain, I actually paid attention to Mom asking if I wanted to try to swim.  Mom always swims with me on my leash in our pool since we do not have a fence or enclosure any more. (Thanks Hurricane Wilma (before my time.)) Mom used her happy, “Come on Jetty you can do it” voice.  I’m not sure what happened, but, there I was dog paddling once around the perimeter. Well Mom cheered, clapped, praised and told Miss Beverly how proud she was.  I exited the pool, ran around, re-entered and tried a shorter route one more time.  Mom responded the same way.

I had to endure the fresh water hose down by our front door, then the towel-off inside the kitchen, before receiving a big Hextra Chew for a treat. Miss Beverly texted Mom the two pictures and Mom in turn texted to Miss Mary Ann.

Thanks Mr. Phelps, maybe I’ll train for the doggie paddle event in the K9 Olympics!

Another great, swimming, day.