Monday Mischief … JJ – Cauliflower Snatcher

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Last week, Mom purchased a bunch of veggies on sale at the grocery store.  She decided to roast the cauliflower, broccoli, red onion and sweet potato.  JJ and I, Mom’s Kitchen K9s extraordinaire, stood ready to tackle our kitchen’s QC, quality control.  Mom tossed us a few cauliflower and broccoli tidbits from the cutting board to assure the raw veggies met our level of satisfaction.  Hearing our two jaws snap like a University of Florida gator chomp, she knew so far, so good.

Since K9s cannot eat onions and raw sweet potatoes did not seem appealing, Mom went about putting the veggies on the roasting pans, drizzled oil, used the pepper mill and a teensy bit of Celtic sea salt.  The final step before the veggies go in for a tanning session?  Mom quickly massages the cruciferous, starchy and allium components making sure to coat the veggies with the oil mixture.

She turned to the sink to wash the slippery oil off her hands allowing her to transfer the pans to the oven and … SOMEONE, NOT MENTIONING NAMES, COUNTERSURFED AND SNATCHED A CORNER’S WORTH OF CAULIFLOWER!   Mom gave her the naughty speech, returned to washing her hands and SOMEONE, NOT MENTIONING NAMES, COUNTERSURFED AND SNATCHED A CORNER’S WORTH FROM THE 2ND TRAY OF CAULIFLOWER AND RAW SWEET POTATOES!  Oh, that someone received the “REALLY JJ? RAW SWEET POTATO” lecture after Mom grabbed her phone to snap a picture for Mischief Monday!

Another great, I’m not in trouble, day.

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