Our Eighteenth Black & White Sunday – Neve Makes Tracks!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Miss Beverly, Mr. Giovanni and Neve traveled a good bit over the holidays; I think Miss Beverly said Neve crossed 8 states in 12 days or 12 states in 8 days!  Even though the vehicle was full, my pack pal looks comfy cozy!

neve in packed car bw

Another great road trip day.

Thanks to My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

black and white sunday


Neighborhood Watch: Team JJ and Jetty

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Boy, Mom sure posts late sometimes.  I have to cut her a break since she had two big Kitchen Counselor events and needed to catch up on sleep today.

Of course, JJ and I insisted on our 6 a.m. breakfast first!  For some reason, I experienced bad mojo on my first walking attempt.  Maybe, like the Olympic long jump and triple jumpers, you have to feel the wind and decide if the timing’s right!  I did my “No Way, Jose” I’m not budging stance and then “u-turned” right back into the garage.  I sent JJ out as my emissary (vocab builder) to test the streets and report back.

Little Miss “Morning Regularity” did her business quickly and efficiently on our exit right, immediate right route.  When the ladies passed Simba’s house, they saw his human sister, Joana’s, white beetle bug car door wide open.  Mom thought Joana left something in the house and ran back to get it, except it was awfully early for her to be up and out.

The girls returned, JJ gave me the “all safe” sign and off we went on our morning “pick up Miss Mary Ann’s paper” route.  We passed Simba’s house again and the car door was still wide open.  When we returned home, Mom used that I-Phone thingie to do that text stuff to see if Miss Joana was ok.  She replied she had no idea the door was open, went out to close it and thanked us.

Another great, neighborhood watch day.