Mom Update with a Side of Superbowl

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom said I could share the scoop with you today. She’s been home from the hospital for eight days now. Little Miss Where Did Mom Go and I met Mom at the door. She quietly sat down and we met her energy level while showing her how much we missed her. We exchanged lovies for about 20 minutes, heaven I tell ya!

Mom had lots of funny smells on her which, I, Nurse/Detective Jetty insisted on investigating. Mom took me out for an empty the tank, while Angela took Little Miss Easy Peasy. Rachel helped Mom with our evening constitutional that first night and our next morning constitutional. She walked JJ while Mom walked me. After that, Mom felt strong enough to go back to our usual routine. She takes a lot more breaks for resting now, though.

3We’ve stuck close to Mom when she’s in the house. It doesn’t hurt that because of her new diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, she has lots of food experimentation to do. You know we, her faithful Kitchen K9s, will continue to serve as her QC (Quality Control) testers.

Because of her Crohn’s thingie, she has to pull way back on her activities for awhile. Mom sadly withdrew from two of her Kitchen Counselor commitments. Remember the new one? They graciously said they will hold her place for the fall. As for transcribing my posts, she asked if she could write directly to you… take it away, Mom.

thank you in many languatgesI cannot thank all of you enough for your kindness, support, love, healing wishes and concern these past few weeks. A special, immeasurable (VBP) quantity of gratitude goes out to Linda, Savannah’s Mom, who ran Jet’s blog for the week I was in the hospital. Please show her some love and appreciation. Snoopy and his Mum, Annette, texted and called me every day to make sure I was ok, as did Jodi, Sampson & Delilah’s Mom, from Heart of a Dog. My friendships with these women who I’ve never met in person, demonstrates the power of the pet blogging community to make connections I never anticipated. Rebecca and Wendy, my two dear friends from Golden Rescue South Florida, and diligent (VBP) commenters read Linda’s posts to me each day, because I did not have any device in the hospital where I could read posts, even if I wanted to. (Truthfully, I found myself staring out the window, around the room, at the ceiling, at the tv, at the parking garage, at my IV pole, at the door for days… it was weird.)

blog etiquetteI thought long and hard about what I could commit to and keep my recovery going forward. I always believed that I needed to reply to all those who took the time and care to comment on Jet’s post, visit that blog and comment. I know how hard we all work and I thought that was respectful. Right now, I do not feel I can expend (VBP) that amount of energy on Jetty’s blog. So, for awhile, I hope you will understand if I transcribe for Jetty a few times a week, answer your kind comments when I can, and know that I will visit your blogs as time permits, even if I do not leave a comment. I hope to teach what I learn about Inflamatory Bowel Disease eating styles to help others once I get the hang of it.  Gotta make lemonade out of the lemons! (except I cannot have lemons right now!)

Now for the side of Superbowl…

We’re a split home.  I’m rooting for the Ravens, with part of Mom (the colors work well for me!).  You see, Mr. Ray Lewis played college football at UMiami and… Mom read a great book about the Ravens from author Jon Feinstein many years ago. (Miss Linda taught Mom how to use PZap over the phone today!)


Little Miss I Left My Heart in San Francisco will root for the 49ers with the other half of Mom.  You see, Mom’s favorite place in the whole United States is the San Francisco area.  Plus, Little Miss Fashionista likes how the team colors highlight her fur.


Another great Yippee Yahoo Mom’s back day!

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Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Bet you thought the title would be Superbowl, huh? (Go Giants.  See yesterday’s post.)

Last night, JJ, Mom,Dixie, Miss Mary Ann and I headed out for a pack walk.  I’m still having residual boom issues causing a strange preference of altering Mom and Miss Mary Ann’s evening route. Dixie required a few rests in Miss Mary Ann’s arms as JJ and I stride at a ratio of probably 1:10 ish.  We try to walk at a leisurely pace to allow Dixie an easier way to keep up.  Her Mini-Dachshund paws are adorable to watch trot along.

Since JJ didn’t finish her ahem… solid business and I STRONGLY desired to return to the warmth of my hearth (the kitchen), Mom brought me inside and returned outside with JJ and the ladies.  Of course, Little Miss Easy Going, (Jet… Yes Mom? You know.) my sister finished her business quickly and the ladies hung out by our STOP sign chatting.

Soon thereafter, Miss Beverly and Neve joined them for more Girls’ Talk.  I heard through the windows lots of laughter, talking, and only a few barks from Dixie.  Mom says Dixie still needs final adjustments to JJ while Neve and JJ are already good friends.  I think Dixie just misses Koko a lot, which we totally understand.

Jet? Yes, Mom? Would you mind if I finish the story because I’m not sure you could hear what happened next. Sure Mom. You’re a sweetheart, Jetty.  Aw shucks, Mom.

Imagine a picture of JJ here.

Beverly, Mary Ann and I ended our conversation and as the custom goes said our goodbyes to each other’s dogs.  We try to pet them as we do so and try not to look like Twister with the leashes.  Mary Ann and I,  absorbed with our goodbyes, did not pay attention to Beverly petting JJ and wishing her a good evening.  Next thing we heard was a burping sound fit for a burly man at pub on St. Patrick’s Day!  The three of us burst into hysterical laughter realizing the sound emanated from my slender, feminine, sweet, girlie girl!   Mary Ann reminded JJ of her family’s motto… always let it out.  Mary Ann, clearly JJ has that covered!  Think I can teach her some movement for Excuse Me?  Back to you my boy.  Thanks Mom.

Another great (let it out?) day.