Tasty Tuesday – Sous Chef Neve

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our fifth participating post!

Last night as we exited the garage to meet Miss Mary Ann and Dixie on the corner for our evening constitutional, we heard the familiar bark slightly to the south from Neve.  We turned to see Miss Beverly holding Neve in her arms while speaking to the gentleman installing her new air conditioner.  (must be contagious in the neighborhood, read this.)

Anyway, Miss Mary Ann, Dixie, JJ, Mom and I went for a visit to see how Miss Beverly and Neve were doing.  After pleasantries, Miss Beverly asked Mom and Miss Mary Ann if they saw Neve’s FB pic.  Miss Mary Ann laughed as she replied in the positive and Mom apologized for not having time to look yet.  Miss Mary Ann pulled the pic up on her trusty IPhone.

Miss Beverly said Neve wanted an authentic Italian cooking class from her dad, Giovanni.  Miss Beverly made a comfy perch for Neve to watch my Manly Man friend, Giovanni, prepare his famous Bolognese sauce.  Mom asked for the recipe to share with you, however, it seems that Giovanni is such a smart chef, he does not use a recipe!

Mom, aka The Kitchen Counselor, didn’t want to leave you hanging on Tasty Tuesday, so, here are a few choices.

Another great, saucy, day!


Kitchen K9s at Sunrise

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Oh, what a great week to be Mom’s Kitchen K9s.  First we had Prep Day and today Mom awoke poised and ready to cook and prep for herself.  By 5:30 a.m.:

  • Turkey burgers hit the Forman,
  • An array of veggies lined the counter,
  • Five bowls arced around her bamboo cutting board,
  • Her favorite knife and peeler rested on the board,
  • Three tiny Tupperware and 2 metal prep bowls arranged like soldiers flanked the spice area, and
  • The cabinet holding our garbage/recycling cans slid open a few inches ready to receive items before the garbage pickup at 9:00.

JJ continued her Sous Chef course, jumping up on the counter to learn how to: peel carrots and cucumbers, wash peppers, cherry tomatoes and lettuce (from Miss Mary Ann’s garden by the way), season ground turkey (today Mom combined salt free poultry and Mediterranean seasonings) and make salad dressing.  I have to check her Scooby Doo Academy schedule; seems like she’s working towards a home economics degree.

As mentioned Tuesday, JJ and I revel in our QC (quality control) responsibilities.  We confirmed that the carrots, celery, radishes, red peppers, (we refrain from lettuce, and can’t have scallions) and cucumbers passed muster.  Our daily 6:00 a.m. belly alarms quietly sounded, however, we gladly turned them off, enjoying tidbits until Mom had time to pause and serve us breakfast.

By 6:24 a.m. the eight turkey burgers looked like a pancake tower in a container, four of the five salads lined one shelf in the fridge, (one stayed out for Mom’s breakfast,) four of the five dressings stored on the door shelf ready for grabbing (one stayed out for Mom’s breakfast,) and the drip tray from the burgers, hey… where did it go?  Sometimes, I jump up and find a way to either lick it or tip it over onto the floor.  JJ showed promise last week by directly jumping up and pawing it over onto the floor.  Today, Mom made the tray disappear.  Little did we know…

She intended to let it cool down and use it as a surprise gravy on our kibble.  Gotta love Mom.  She scooped our kibble the normal way and then brought our bowls out to the kitchen where she would normally top JJ’s dish with gently warmed chicken stock.  Instead, she lovingly spooned the drip pan goodness onto BOTH our food bowls.  Scrumptious I say, Scrumptious.  Gotta make sure Mom does that again.

Another scrumptious (can’t say this enough) day.