Tasty Tuesday – Tail-gating

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our tenth  participating post!

The NBA Championship begins tonight between our Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Here at Casa Jet, we will tail-gate… RIGHT MOM?  In case Mom needed some K9 inspiration, I shared the following link from Rodale for 5 healthy treats.  HINT, HINT!   What?  These require a dehydrator? Hmpf… this will not do… at least for tonight…

What Mom? … Mom asked me, one of her Kitchen K9s,  to share a human recipe capturing the Miami Heat theme as well as the backyard mangos which have started to drop. Then she requested a K9 recipe capturing the Miami Heat theme, however, with different fruit, since mangos are not the best for K9s. Scooby Doo Academy trained Investigator Jetty on the job!

Pineapple-Mango Chili Popsicles

Makes 6 popsicles

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 cup mango, chopped
  • 1 cup pineapple, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Start off by making simple syrup – bring water to a boil, add sugar and stir until completely dissolved.  Set aside to cool.
  • Add mango and pineapple to a blender or food processor and puree.  Mix in simple syrup, chili powder and cayenne pepper.
  • Pass the mixture through a strainer, and discard all solids.
  • Pour into Popsicle molds, and wait patiently while the freezer works its magic.  (Mom, The Kitchen Counselor, says you can make a granita if you do not have molds!)

Smoothie Dog Treat

  • 1 cup melon (no seeds) – (Jet: must be cantaloupe for Heat colors, unless you find a deep reddish color watermelon!)
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 banana


  • Puree the fruit together in a blender to make a smoothie.
  • Once you have made the smoothie, you can either serve it straight away, (freeze in ice cube trays – our idea!) or freeze in containers to make a special fruit Popsicle. .
  • Don’t forget that you can stir in applesauce instead of pureeing apples for your smoothie.

Another, Let’s Go Heat, Let’s Feed Jetty, day!


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After Mom’s Smoothie class on Tuesday, she returned with several bags of frozen fruit and three full big containers and one partial container of Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt.  We had our regular dinner/evening walk/dental treat routine and then Mom became this thing called a couch potato.  Apparently, JJ and I assume couch potato stature quite often.  If curling up on your favorite spot on the couch qualifies you as a potato, I’m all in!  I would post a picture of my potato position, however, our couch has a predominantly black background and aside from some indiscriminate wisps of handsome black fluff, whiskers and eyeballs, you probably would miss me!

I do digress often, don’t I?  Back to the important stuff!  Mom decided to enjoy the remaining Greek yogurt while stretched out on her potato spot.  JJ and I caught one whiff of the tart, yet vanilla aroma and decided to relocate closer to Mom.  We simply wanted to keep her company, like proper K9 companions.  Mom interpreted our relocation differently, she felt we invaded her personal space and almost achieved pest status.

JJ, ever the etiquette girl, backed off rather quickly; however, I could not shake the tropical vanilla scent calling to me like a siren.  I think Mom felt this thing called guilty for all the fabulous food she did NOT share with us this week and in her sleep deprived, weakened state, gave in.

To my utter surprise and delight, she cradled the yogurt container and offered it to me like manna from heaven.  Never one to dawdle, I began licking the sides, then edged a little deeper and deeper until my ENTIRE face was engulfed in Cabot yogurty goodness. Taking a moment to breathe, I retreated from the container.  Mom did this giggle, chuckle, guffaw thing because my formerly black nose, whiskers and snout up to my eyes turned white!  She said, “Jetty, Got Yogurt?” out loud, like this ad campaign for milk.  (Mom had to pick one of the milk ads with a Basketball player, (he’s retired NY Knick, Patrick Ewing, in case you don’t know him)) Oh I thoroughly cleaned that container until spic and span.

I decided to mostly forgive Mom at that moment for not sharing other tasty items from her classes.  Until… Wednesday and Thursday happened.  More on that tomorrow…

Another great vanilla bean yogurt day.

Mom’s At It Again

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I’m trying to practice understanding, really I am.  Of course, Scooby Doo Academy stresses good behavior.  Understanding remains as challenging as patience for a herding K9 like me.  Following Mom back and forth from the kitchen to the office to the kitchen to the garage freezer, to the kitchen to the car to the kitchen with these bag thingies, to the office, to the kitchen… you get the idea.

Mom shared with my human sister, Rachel, on Friday night that the next week will be something called insane.  She has four Kitchen Counselor classes, including one class where she will make smoothies for 500!  I scratched my ears to make sure I heard correctly.  500, Mom?  Yes Jetty, 500 people in 1 hour no less!  I will have two blenders going besides ours.  Phew, good to know Mom.  Hey Mom, is that the reason the machine which holds all of Ish’s delicious eggs looks like you cannot fit one more ounce of stuff in it?  Indeed.

Hey Mom, is that why JJ accompanied you to the outside freezer like 100 times?  Correct again.  Rachel did a fantastic job manipulating all of our personal items to fit everything in.  Did you listen to us giggle when chatting how we left the grocery store without any frozen fruit? Well almost no frozen fruit. 

Mom, why did you shop again today if you did all that last night?  Great question.  I have a class at University of Miami tomorrow and needed to purchase those ingredients today, since we did not have room last night because of the Farmers market ingredients.

Wow, no wonder we needed a nap this afternoon.  Hey Mom, one last question.  If the outside freezer and the inside freezer and the refrigerator cannot fit another thing, why can’t JJ and I help out?  We like fruit, yogurt, turkey, eggs, butter, veggies, etc… I know sweet boy, you two help so much, however, this food must feed others.  We’ll have special treats on Friday.  Ok, Mom… I guess…

Another great day… well actually night.

P.S. Mom, of the 45 bananas you purchased, ripened, peeled and froze tonight, would it have been too much to ask for a taste before you brought all 45 to Miss Mary Ann’s freezer?  Huh?